Are Wooden Pipes Good for Weed? Should You Avoid a Wooden Weed Pipe?

Smoking out of a hand-carved wooden pipe is one of the most customary methods of smoking weed.

Many cannabis consumers, even those that now smoke out of expensive glassware, got their start smoking marijuana through wood pipes.

Wood is 100% all-natural, and it's very satisfying to take a big toke out of a well crafted wooden pipe.

But are wooden pipes GOOD for weed?

Keep reading to learn if you should take another puff, or put that wooden pipe down.

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Are Wooden Pipes Good For Weed?

Wooden pipes make excellent additions to any cannabis pipe collection. 

Not only are wooden pipes made from a safe all natural material, but they are also budget friendly as well.

In fact, if you are a bit crafty, you can carve one yourself out of just about any type of wood you have handy.

While some people are concerned about the health effects of smoking weed out of a wooden pipe, the risks are no different than any other material.

Wooden pipes are a great conversation piece (especially if you've carved it) and they are an excellent gateway to the world of pipe collecting.

They make a perfect first purchase for the first time smoker as well.

If you think you'd prefer a glass pipe, then read this.

What to Look for in a Quality Wooden Pipe?

A good pipe, no matter the material, should feel comfortable in your hand and your pocket.

While you can technically smoke a wooden pipe without a metal bowl, eventually the wood itself will burn.

Therefore, it pays to buy a wooden pipe already outfitted with a custom metal bowl or screen.

This will keep the ashes out of your mouth, and the surrounding wood protected against the flame.

You’ll also want to look for pipes varnished with a quality, non-toxic compound or wood rub.

Wood rubs and varnishes protect the wood against the oils in your hand and the resin leftover after a session.

Are There Any Problems with Wooden Pipes?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to smoking cannabis with a wooden pipe.

While a wooden pipe is obviously less breakable than a glass one, wood does age, and it won't last forever.

A glass pipe doesn’t have an age limit, but a wooden one will likely only last a handful of years with heavy use.

Wood is a porous material and unlike glass picks up more oils, dirt and resin.

With proper care, you can extend the life of a wooden pipe.

But if you don't clean your pipe on a regular basis, it's going to start tasting pretty bad.

How to Keep a Wooden Pipe Clean?

Wooden pipes require much more cleaning than their glass pipe counterparts.

If you don’t clean a wooden pipe frequently, the build-up of natural organic plant materials is going to start rotting inside.

The rotting resin will eventually start to damage the wood.

There are many ways to clean out glass pipes, but not all of them are suitable for wooden pipes.

Thankfully, people have been smoking tobacco out of wooden pipes for centuries, and they have mastered the art of cleaning wooden pipes even if you've smoked marijuana with them.

Most experts recommend cleaning daily with 100 proof alcohol, and a pipe cleaner to get deep down the channel.

What Type of Pipe is More Popular?

There is a long debate among cannabis smokers about what makes the best pipe.

Is it wood? Is it glass? Is it stone?

There isn’t any right or wrong way to smoke cannabis, and neither is there a right or wrong tool to use.

Every material comes with pros and cons, including wood.

While wood pipes are popular for those on a budget, and people who enjoy carving unique smoke pieces, glass pipes are perhaps the all-time favorite.

Glass pipes are generally easier to clean, and they don't eventually break down like wood pipes do.

But ultimately the decision is left up to the individual.

How to Make Your Own Wooden Pipe

A wooden pipe is just the next logical step after you’ve mastered the apple pipe and a carrot pipe.

Even if you don’t normally work with wood, a pipe is one of the easiest objects to carve.

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a pipe in five minutes or less with only three tools: clamps, a drill and a hand saw.

The basic technique is simple but lends itself to getting creative with the final product.

What Are Other Good Options for Pipes?

Maybe you’ve tried smoking out of a wooden pipe, and it's just not for you.

You don’t like cleaning it daily; you don’t like the taste it develops; it just isn’t what you are looking for in a pipe.

There are many other materials used to make pipes, including the ever popular hand blown glass, carved stone, or even do-it-yourself vegetable pipes.

So long as it stands up to heat, and is non-toxic, almost anything can make a good pipe.


So, are wooden pipes good for weed?

The answer is YES!

They are durable and easy to take with you on the go.

Plus, they don't alter the flavor of your favorite cannabis strain!

So, pick up a wooden pipe at your local antique store, online or even carve on yourself and enjoy the high-class puffs.

Do you use a wooden pipe to smoke?

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