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CBD Oil vs Tincture: Which One is Right for You

What makes CBD so great is there are numerous ways to consume it. However, these different options may cause choosing which form of CBD is best for your needs a bit overwhelming. Two of the most popular ways to take CBD is an oil or a tincture. While they both are effective for therapeutic uses, both are consumed […]

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The Best Bubble Hash Machine for Sale in 2018

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Or hash? So, together, who on earth wouldn’t show some love for bubble hash? With its high potency and solvent-free means of extraction, bubble hash is the easiest hash to make with the best return on investment. More THC and more flavor? While easy, making bubble hash can be a bit labor intensive. Thankfully, bubble hash machines have made […]

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The Best Grow Light Reflector on the Market

When you’re growing weed indoors, you will want to invest in a grow light reflector. These go a long way in saving your buds and improving your yield. That’s because reflectors take the light emitted from a grow light that would be pointing directly on one plant and shine it elsewhere. This saves some plants from burning while […]

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