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How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car 2018

We love weed, but man it is stinky. Often compared to skunks, pot leaves a scent that lingers for days, even weeks on end. This is especially true in small spaces…like your car. Whether you lit up and toked or just picked up a fresh batch, the next person to get in your car knows what you’ve been […]

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The Best Clear Rolling Papers

If there’s one thing about the human race, we’re a curious bunch. We like to see how everything works and experience everything as up-close-and-personally as possible. This sort of wonder has bled over to the marijuana industry and led to a growth in the popularity of clear rolling papers. Gone are the days of rolling up non-transparent jays. Now […]

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The Best Humidifier for Small Grow Rooms

Depending on the set up of your grow room, you can face one of two problems with humidity. You either will have too much humidity or not enough. Here we are going to work on how to handle the latter situation, the one of too little moisture in the environment. Unlike some other situations, you might encounter while […]

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The Best Boveda for Weed for Dry Weed

Nobody likes dried up bud that barely gets you blazed. Just like when your car depreciates the minute it leaves the lot, cannabis loses its potency as soon as you open the baggy. Thankfully, Boveda packs have changed the cannabis storage game. These unique packets help maintain potent-smelling cannabis buds chock full of cannabinoids and fresh with flavor. Let’s […]

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The Best Peanut Butter for Firecrackers

Always want to try your hand at edibles but a little worried about screwing it up? Then break your edible cherry by making firecrackers. Firecrackers are perhaps the easiest edible to make. These treats are like s’mores meets grilled cheese meets peanut butter and jelly. Except instead of jelly, it’s weed. So, let’s go over how to make firecrackers and […]

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The Best Drink for Cottonmouth After Smoking

Smoking weed doesn’t come with any horrendous side effects. However, cottonmouth sure is a pesky one. Why do we get such a nasty case of cottonmouth after sparking up? To learn the answer to that as well as how to prevent cotton mouth after smoking, read on. I’ll help you pick out the best drink for cottonmouth.What is Cottonmouth?Besides […]

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The Best Hemp Wraps Reviews in 2018

There are many ways to roll up your weed, but one of the best options if using hemp wraps. Wapping cannabis up in hemp might seem like a weed-on-weed crime. However, it’s one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis. Not to mention hemp contains beneficial cannabinoids as well. With the marijuana industry growing by leaps and bounds, consequently, […]

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed from Seed to Harvest

It’s one of the first questions a grower asks when he thinks of growing cannabis. Honestly, there’s no perfect answer to this question. Growing the herb is pretty straightforward. However, the amount of time it takes depends on several factors. The average time to grow cannabis will range anywhere from 4-5 months. But, to get an exact answer, you’ll need to […]

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