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The Best Bongs Under $100 [Updated 2019]

There are many options available these days for smoking cannabis. There are pipes, joints, blunts, and the ever-popular bong. With so many bong options to choose from, how do you know which is the best to use for you? Below you will find our top ten best bongs under $100.Quick Top 5 Bongs Under $100:RankProductRatingPriceGrav – Beaker Check […]

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The Best Chillums in the World

Chillums are a perfect go-between for those who want a little more than a one-hitter but not quite a full bowl. The most significant difference between most chillums and pipes is the fact that chillums won’t have a carb hole. That’s what makes a chillum more like a one-hitter because there is no air flowing through to […]

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The Best Dab Rigs Under $100 [Updated 2019]

Wax has quickly grown to be the favorite way to consume cannabis by many. And, while it does have its upsides (cleaner, more intense high), it has one pretty big downside. You need a dab rig if you want to smoke it. Glass isn’t cheap, but you should be able to get high without breaking the bank. Thankfully, online […]

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The Best Wax Atomizer for Box Mod 2019

Replacement atomizers can save you money and provide you with vaping upgrades and customization. Most atomizers come with a 510-thread connector, so it can fit almost any model vaporizer, giving you more options to mix and match with different brands, materials, and coils without purchasing an entirely new vape. Today, we’ll teach you how to pick and […]

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Weed Measurements and Prices: Know What to Expect from Your Dispensary

Thankfully, weed measurements aren’t all that complicated. Once you get a handle on the basic terminology, the rest will come naturally. No more looking confused at the dispensary counter when they ask you how much you want. You’ll know exactly how much, and how long it will last. Considering the entire industry relies on the same measurements, you’ll be […]

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