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The Best Growing Medium for Weed

When you want to grow cannabis, deciding the growing medium should be one of the first decisions you make. Your growing medium is the foundation of your garden.  It goes far in determining what nutrients you feed your plants, how and when you feed them and affects both your yield’s quality and quantity. When you’re first designing your […]

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The Best Outdoor Strain For High Yield

When you want to grow cannabis plants that tower over you like trees with colas the size of your arms, this article is where you should start. Growing cannabis outside is a blast, and not simply because you can grow a mini-forest with pounds and pounds of weed. However, growing enormous cannabis plants has to do with […]

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How to Read Third-Party Cannabis Lab Reports

Don’t Get Scammed with Weak, Toxic Cannabis. The cannabis industry is in the process of exploding, but are all cannabis products the same? This article reveals how you can use third-party lab reports to avoid being scammed. According to a new report by Grand View Research, globally legal marijuana sales is expected to gain massive […]

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