Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil When Growing Cannabis

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There comes the point in every grower's life where they need to give their plants an additional boost of nutrients.

With medical and recreational marijuana becoming increasingly legal across state lines, the marijuana industry has gotten busy formulating fertilizers to ensure faster growth and larger yields.

One of the brands at the forefront of the cannabis fertilizer revolution is Advanced Nutrients.

Let’s take a look at the best Advanced Nutrients for soil and help you decide which one is right for your growing needs.


Quick Top 5 Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers:

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A Brief History of Advanced Nutrients

Long before medical marijuana became all the rage across the United States, Advanced Nutrients came to fruition in 1996.

First developed the year that medical marijuana originally became legal in California, Advanced Nutrients is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Michael Straumietis.

In the two-plus decades since the company's inception, they've ridden the wave of medical marijuana legalization and have enjoyed the rollout of recreational legalization as well.

Since its first formula, Advanced Nutrients has worked tirelessly to formulate fertilizers unique the marijuana plants that growers are specifically cultivating.

Thanks to these personalized efforts, Advanced Nutrients has a long line of fertilizers that are tailor-made for cannabis plants.

Let’s examine the best Advanced Nutrients for soil.

What Makes for Good Cannabis Soil?

Before you start forking any money out for any soil fertilizer (cannabis or not), you are going to want to look on the label for three key ingredients—nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Typically labeled on a bag by the chemical symbols, N-P-K, each nutrient works with nutrients provided by the air such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Together, all six chemicals work in unison to facilitate optimal growth from your cannabis plants.

How Do These Elements Improve Soil Conditions?

Nitrogen is essential for plants to flower because it generates chlorophyll during photosynthesis.

During this process, chlorophyll converts carbon from the air into sugar to spur rapid growth.

When the plant blooms, phosphorus aids in volume and plant density. Make sure you are adding bloom nutrients like we talk about in this guide.

As an alkali metal, potassium improves the plant’s immune system, making it stronger to outside conditions ruining the plant’s growth.

Taking these factors into consideration, Advanced Nutrients has come up with formulas for fertilizers guaranteed to make your cannabis plants flourish.

Now that you know what nutrients can improve the overall quality of soil let's take a look at how Advanced Nutrients has improved upon these formulas to make fertilizer that's ideal for cannabis soil

The Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro, and Grow Pack

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each

One of the most important parts of keeping your cannabis plant alive is to ensure that the pH levels remain out of dangerous territories.

With the Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro and Grow Pack, you don’t have to keep as keen of an eye on the acidity of your soil.

That’s because these three individual fertilizers work collectively to provide the correct amount of nutrients necessary.

Using them, your soil never reaches those unfavorable pH levels.

All you need to do is follow the directions on the label, mixing in all three Advanced Nutrients products into the soil.

While this is an effective system, these bottles are only 1 liter each.

Seeing as you are using a good amount of all three each time you feed your cannabis plants, you may find yourself going through these bottles considerably fast.

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Bloom

Advanced Nutrients 6101-14AB pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Part A+B, 1 Liter,...

The pH Perfect Sensi Bloom is another one of Advanced Nutrients' brainchildren formulated to simplify the pH process.

Unlike the Bloom, Micro and Grow Pack, this is a two-part system instead of three.

One of the ways this product speeds up growth efficiency comes in the form of L-form amino acids.

L-Form amino acids are superior to D-Form amino acids common in many fertilizers.

That’s because L-Form aminos are catalysts for protein synthesis.

That makes them responsible for the production of the plant’s DNA, including cannabinoids.

The pH Perfect Sensi Bloom contains 19 L-Form amino acids including L-Tryptophan, which is the amino acid associated the most with rapid growth.

Advanced Nutrients Perfect Connoisseur

Advanced Nutrients 1660-15AB pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom Part A+B, 4...

This fertilizer is not for beginners growing cannabis.

The Perfect Connoisseur was created with the highest possible yield in mind.

To achieve this, Advanced Nutrients looked at plant nutrition much like we look at human nutrition.

We cannot absorb all of the nutrients from supplements and vitamins just by ingesting them.

Other factors come into play that may hinder or help the process.

Therefore, some supplements come with chelation.

Using organic chemicals (namely amino acids), heavy metals within the soil are broken down, allowing the nutrients present in the fertilizer to be more readily available for the roots of the cannabis plant.

Due to the chelation involved in the Perfect Connoisseur, you no longer need to monitor pH levels.

The microorganisms within the fertilizer, as well as the ones growing in the soil because you are using this fertilizer, will survive a pH balance that lands anywhere from 1 to 10.

Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower Bundle Piranha, Bud Candy, Flawless...

This kit is great for beginners because it walks you through all the essential steps to growing strong cannabis plants.

Starting off the with Piranha, your roots instantly become stronger from this fertilizer.

To achieve these results, Advanced Nutrients uses naturally grown fungi.

The fungi (Ectomycorrhizal) infiltrates the roots, adding to their length, and creates sheaths, so they remain sturdy in the ground.

Follow up the growth with Bud Candy.

As the name implies, this supplies the plants with glucose that causes them to grow bigger and produce a larger yield.

Lastly, the Flawless Finish acts as a flusher.

While your plants grow, they will consume sugars and release harmful byproducts.

The Flawless Finish removes all of these materials that may taint the quality of your final product, ensuring you have a... Flawless Finish.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Rhino Skin

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Rhino Skin with Conversion Chart and...

This combo will have your plants bigger and stronger than anything else on this list.

With Big Bud, the formula has a heavy emphasis on amino acids.

To further drive home the strength and durability of the plants, supplement your soil with Rhino Skin.

Rhino Skin is formulated with silica.

Silica is the second most abundant element within the earth’s crust.

Most hydroponic formulas don't have this pivotal compound.

When silica is introduced to plant soil, it becomes one with its cell walls.

In turns, silica gives everything from the plant’s leaves, stems, and roots their structure.

If you grow hydroponically, click here to see the the nutrients for you


If you are looking for a new brand of fertilizer, Advance Nutrients is one of the best out there.

Nothing wrong with trying and testing new nutrients, but the best Advanced Nutrients for soil will generally get the job done every time.

Remember to take the time to learn about the nutrients you give your plants.

Don't just blindly feed them.

Find out what you are feeding them and why you are feeding to them and you're bound to have success!

Have you used Advanced Nutrients before? 

Don't be afraid to tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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