The Best Airtight Cases for Weed: Keep Your Weed Fresh!

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The first whiff of a fresh batch of weed is one that you wish could last forever.

However, all good things must come to an end.

From the moment your bud is picked from its mother plant, it starts the process of dying.

This happens because the bud starts to oxidize, causing the plant to lose its potency, smell, and flavor.

Therefore you need to starve the plant of oxygen as well as other pollutants like mold and mildew.

That’s why you need one of the best airtight cases for weed.


Quick Top 5 Best Airtight Cases:

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The Best Airtight Cases for Weed

Mast​​​​erdam Jars

Masterdam Jars 250ml StashShield UV Glass Jar - Smell-Proof...

What makes Masterdam Jams the best airtight cases for weed is not just that this product is airtight, but it is formulated with ultraviolet glass.

This is important for two reasons.

One, glass is a far better way to store bud than plastic.

That’s because glass doesn’t have a porous surface so it can’t hold onto liquids that can fester into molds and mildews that alter the genetic profile of your cannabis.

While better than plastic, the biggest drawback of glass is that it’s see-through.

Just as you’ve noticed on a light blocking container of milk, sunlight can kill off Vitamin D...or in the instance of cannabis, cannabinoids.

As nice as all these freshness-guaranteed sounds, one drawback to the Masterdam Jars is that the lid is made out of plastic.

The screw-on lid that ensures freshness is comprised of synthetic BPA-free material.

Although it's a plus that the Masterdam Jam lids don't contain that potentially hazardous substance, it is still full of human-made ingredients.

So keep in mind, especially for those who need marijuana for medicinal purposes, that the bud coming into contact with these foreign compounds may potentially alter the intended effects of your smoke session.

While the Masterdam Jam is extremely convenient, this particular model will only hold around ½ ounce of dry herb.

Therefore, one Masterdam Jar might not suffice for your weed case needs.

If you’re looking for a little more room for your stash, then maybe this 1 ounce Herb Guard will do the trick for you!

The Herb Guard is the gift that keeps on giving.

For one, it comes with a Boveda humidor bag.

These are little silica beads inside of a pouch that works in many ways like the little packets you see strewn about the bottom of a brand new box of shoes.

Its purpose is to draw moisture out of the air that can become a breeding ground for diseases on your bud.

Secondly, the Herb Guard comes with a smell-proof resealable baggy so you can quickly take a few nugs with you on-the-go.

Also, this stash box comes in a very attractive jar made out of UV glass to stash the Herb Guard...that’s stashing your weed!

Much like my gripe with the Masterdam Jar, this airtight case for weed also comes with a plastic, BPA-free top.

Canniloq Premium Stash Jar

Canniloq - 120cc Onyx Black - Aircraft Grade Aluminum Odor Smell Proof...

Concerning looking conspicuous, this one has the other two beat.

It sort of looks like it belongs somewhere in your tool shed, complete with directions labeled on top to explain how to twist off the top.

This all fits in perfectly with the heavy duty charm of this particular airtight case for weed.

The Canniloq Premium Stash Jar is made out of stainless steel and 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

That's right, and this metal gets everyone to the Mile High Club!

Seeing as it's made out of metal, this product contains all odors but doesn't hold onto them.

Just like the UV glass containers, metal cannot be permeated by sunlight.

However, unlike the glass container, it is also unbreakable.

This airtight case was built with the long-term in mind.

Its caps were created to resist corrosion, rust, or scratches.

If you are looking for the prettiest airtight cases for weed, then the Canniloq Premium Stash Jar might not be the one for you.

However, if you are looking for the most effective, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better.

2 Aluminum Herb Stash Jars

Herb Stash Jars | 2 Solid Aluminum Airtight Smell Proof Containers #1...

Double the stash, double the fun.

These jars are also made out of aircraft aluminum that blocks out UV light while maintaining flavor, potency, and smell.

These 2 Aluminum Herb Stash Jars don’t have the plastic lids like the first couple airtight cases for weed.

It’s aluminum on aluminum with freshness guaranteed by a thick O-ring that seals the screw top shut.

With that being said, these are small.

They are about the size of a metal tin of lip gloss.

So, they're ideal for cramming a few buds into and traveling about with.

Tightvac Vacuum Seal Container

Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable...

The greatest way to ensure freshness of anything is to vacuum seal it.

When you envision a vacuum seal, you probably think of setting up some hose-like mechanism to something that will wrap your herbs in plastic.

However, the Tightvac is much easier to use.

All you need to do is push down the top and hit the “Press” button.

From there, it naturally creates a partial vacuum that will keep moisture and oxygen away from your stash.

This container achieves this feat thanks to a 2-way valve attached the "Press" button.

How the valve works is that it allows gas built up inside the container your stash is in to escape the space without letting oxygen back inside during the process.

The 6 ounce is big enough to hold a small bowl, lighter, grinder, and some plant matter.

This is ideal because previously smoked bowls can be even more pungent than the actual marijuana itself.

Tightvac containers tend to hold onto the smells of marijuana more than some of the other airtight cases for weed on this list.

Therefore, they recommend keeping your "medical herbs" in a Ziploc bag before putting in the Tightvac.

However, packing plastic so tight to weed may alter some of the chemical makeup of the bud.

What’s great about Tightvacs is they have products of all sizes to fit your needs.


The best airtight cases for weed can help keep your cannabis fresh for what seems like forever.

A lot of jars claims to be airtight, but they won't keep your cannabis safe from drying out.

You need to make sure to search through reviews to see how customers are saying to make sure you don't get burned by a bad container.

But you also need to know that they aren't perfect.

While they will keep your cannabis fresher for longer, your cannabis will still dry out after too long!

What's been the best airtight case you've ever had?

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  1. Hey Tony
    I use quart and pint mason jars. Amazon sells a inexpensive vacuum sealer for wide mouth jars. I kept buds in the jar for a year without any change. Kept in a closed cardboard box no light can get either. Easy to open and reseal. I also use a rechargeable battery vac pump that is sold on Amazon.


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