The Best Blunt Roller: Roll Perfect Blunts Every Time

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Smoking a terribly rolled blunt sucks. Period.

If you are tired of lighting up loose, uneven blunts, blunt rolling machines can be a godsend.

Today, I'll show you why a blunt roller might work for you, how to use a blunt roller and, of course, the best blunt roller reviews.


Quick Top 5 Blunt Rollers:

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Which Size Should Your Go With?

The maximum width of the blunt roller will impact what kind of blunts you can use with it.

Keep in mind, a blunt roller that is too long for your preferred blunt type can be just as much of a pain as a blunt roller that is too short.

Moreover, manual blunt rolling machines follow a sizing category designed for tobacco use—of course, right?

As such, the thumb roller varieties may differ slightly regarding the width of the rolled blunt.

This can be a blessing and a curse.

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Plenty of thumb rollers allow you to roll a much thicker blunt compared to an automatic blunt roller.

This also mean, however, that rolling a thinner blunt can require more skill and patience.

Unfortunately, thumb rollers don't often provide their maximum circumference, so figuring out the general width requires getting your hands on the roller.

Different Types of Blunt Rollers

The different types of blunt rollers fall into two general categories: manual and automatic.

Each has their advantages, but depending on your wrapping material, you may only find manual blunt rollers to be a more viable option.

All of the blunt rollers in our list are manual—just a personal preference for rolling up cannabis cigars.

They require you to roll and seal the blunt physically, while automatic rollers work either by pressing a button or turning a lever.

Automatic blunt rollers can come in mechanical or electronic varieties.

Mechanical blunt rollers involve filling a chamber, positioning the empty blunt tube, then stuffing the tube with a pull of a lever.

Electronic automatic blunt rollers function similarly, except all you have to do is load the tube and the bud into the chambers.

The main problem with either of the automatic varieties is that requires a specialized “cigar tube.”

If you are using a loose wrap or a “gutted cigar,” neither automatic varieties will work for you.

How to Use a Blunt Roller

Using a rolling machine to roll a blunt will work similarly to using a rolling machine to roll a cigarette or a joint.

The first thing you're going to need to do is to prepare your materials.

This involves grinding your cannabis if needed and “gutting the cigar” if you are not using a prepackaged blunt wrap. If you don't have a grinder, click here to check out our buying guide.

You may also need to trim the edges of your blunt wrap if it extends beyond the ends of the rolling machine.

Once you have prepared the materials, you'll place the filling in the blunt roller.

Keep in mind, if you are using a gutted cigar, you will have to work a bit quicker to prevent the wrap from drying out.

At this point, you will take the two rollers and lock the one on the track by pushing it forward.

This should create a pinched “barrel” with the bud in between a folded cylinder of the apron.

Then, you will roll the apron along the plastic wheels until the barrel of filling forms a tight pack.

Place the end of the blunt wrap at the opening on the pinched apron, and continue rolling.

Once you have rolled the blunt all the way around until the edge of the inside is visible, lick the blunt wrap so it seals as it rolls.

Conversely, you can also simply roll it all the way around, keeping track of the inside edge, and lick it after opening the wheels—just be careful you don't spill open the rolled blunt when doing so.

Be careful to remember that the roller will need to be fed “upside down” for the inner edge to be aligned when you are finished rolling.

Otherwise, you may end up rolling the blunt inside out.

Though, this is less of an issue for a prepackaged blunt wrap than a gutted cigar paper.

The Best Blunt Roller

Kingpin Blunt Cigar Roller Rolling Machine

Kingpin Blunt Cigar Roller, Rolling Machine, Black, 120 MM

The Kingpin blunt roller presents an interesting contrast of advantages and disadvantages.

However, it ultimately doesn't do anything the best and often finds itself in a position of being good, but not great, in every area.

For one, this is a good sized blunt roller, coming in at 120 mm.

This makes it large enough to handle most gutted cigars and all but the biggest of the prepackaged cigar wraps.

Moreover, this blunt roller also features an apron that grips the blunt paper better than some of the slicker models on our list.

The apron also provides more surface for rolling thicker blunts than some smaller models.

However, this means that you need to roll thick blunts, or the blunt may be a bit looser than you prefer.

The apron can also be a bit harder to use since its grip on the blunt paper may cause it to bunch up when rolling.


  • Provides a decent 120 mm maximum blunt length
  • Apron grips the wrap better than most
  • Can roll a thicker blunt than some other rolling machines


  • Not as easy to use as some other blunt rollers
  • Does not roll as tight as some other blunt rollers
  • Not as durable as some other blunt rollers

Raw Hemp Plastic King Size Rolling Machine

Raw Hemp Plastic King Size 110mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Raw is a brand that specializes in being an eco-friendly entry in the rolling market.

However, this is not simply limited to blunt rolling machines.

In fact, the Raw brand offers a full suite of products to be used together including papers and filters.

Of course, this can present its issues when using blunt papers that are not RAWs.

For those sustainably-minded, the Raw blunt roller uses both and apron and hard plastic pieces made out of hemp.

Moreover, the Raw blunt roller is also one of the few products on our list that offer a replacement apron should yours get damaged.

The Raw blunt roller, however, is also tied for the smallest on our list.

While this will not affect every type of blunt paper, some will ultimately be too long and need to be trimmed if you want to roll a proper blunt.


  • Uses eco-friendly hemp-based plastic
  • Designed for use with Raw brand wraps
  • Easy to replace the apron is damaged


  • Tied for the smallest blunt roller on our list
  • The apron does not grab the wrap as well as with some rollers
  • The apron is tighter than with most other rolling machines

Juicy Jay's Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine

Juicy Jay's 120mm (4 ¾ inch) Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine

Juicy Jay's blunt roller is more in line with Kingpin’s, though it does provide a few differences which can make it more versatile and easier to use.

However, it also comes with its own disadvantages that may make it more trouble than it is worth.

First, this is the second blunt roller on our list to feature a solid 120 mm length rolling chamber.

This is long enough for all but the longest of blunt wraps—of which, those wraps are often novelty in nature.

Moreover, this blunt roller can roll the second thickest blunts on our list—even thicker than the other blunt roller that is 120 mm in length.

Even better, the Juicy Jay's is easier to roll thinner blunts than its similarly large competitors.

However, the Juicy Jay's blunt roller has a couple design flaws, like a seam in the apron and a chamber opening into the locking mechanism that can make using it a real pain.

Moreover, the roll itself has a tendency to come out a bit tighter than expected which can make pulling more difficult.


  • Provides a decent 120 mm maximum blunt length
  • Rolls the second thickest blunts on our list
  • Can roll thick or thin blunts with practice


  • Rolls a little tight compared to other blunt rollers
  • Lock design allows filling to fall out while rolling
  • Apron seam will sometimes snag when rolling

RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2 Way Rolling Machine

RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2 Way Adjustable 110mm King Size Rolling...

Our second Raw blunt roller is almost identical to the first is most features that matter. 

For one, it features the same size limitations that, while standard for pure tobacco rolling purposes, it doesn't always properly align with every brand of wrap on the market.

Still, those with a sustainable intent will appreciate that this Raw is also made out of hemp-based plastic and biodegradable.

Of course, you may not need to throw your Raw blunt roller out since the same replacement aprons work for both this and the previous model.

In fact, the main difference between this and its cousin blunt roller is a single switch.

With the flick of a switch on the side of the rolling machine, this blunt roller can be set to roll thick or thin blunts as desired.

Of course, this blunt roller still features a somewhat slick apron that does not grab the blunt paper as well as others.

Moreover, the apron itself is tighter and will require more finesse to use than some of the blunt rollers that roll thicker blunts.


  • Uses eco-friendly hemp-based plastic
  • Designed for use with Raw brand wraps
  • Can be used to roll different sized blunts


  • Tied for the smallest blunt roller on our list
  • The apron does not grab the wrap as well as with some rollers
  • The apron is tighter than with most other rolling machines

Zen Super Blunt Rolling Machine

Zen 5' Inch Super Blunt Cigar Rolling Machine Roller

The Zen blunt roller offers one of the better rolling machines on our list. 

However, this is not to suggest that it does not also come with its own pitfalls—simply, your skill level will take you as far as you can go.

Basically, the Zen combines the largest size with a solid, but tricky, apron to allow every different type of roll available. 

You can roll thick or thin blunts with this monster, and few blunt wraps are too large for its 127 mm length.

However, the apron itself is fairly tacky and large. 

This creates a situation where the wheels simply want to compress the filling rather than roll it. As such, you will need to figure out the delicate balance between too tight and too loose.

As such, you will need to figure out the delicate balance between too tight and too loose.

Still, once you do, you will be delighted with how the Zen has a tendency to Goldilocks blunts—not too loose, not too tight.

Moreover, this blunt rolling machine can roll the thickest blunts out of any product on our list.


  • Provides the largest sized blunt length on our list
  • Rolls thicker blunts than other rolling machines
  • Provides a solid tight roll without being too tight


  • More difficult to use than smaller blunt rollers
  • Does not roll thinner blunts that well
  • The apron can actually grip too well without finesse


Blunt rollers are one of the less utilized stoner tools, but if you've been trying to roll blunts with no success you can't go wrong with any of these blunt rollers.

Word to the wise when using any tools to roll blunts or joints: you can easily roll it too tight to smoke.

Which do you think is the best blunt roller? We'd love to hear about it in the comments!

If you don't want to roll blunts any more, you can pick up a glass blunt. Read about them here in this EPIC buying guide.

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