The Best Blunt Wraps for Weed: Step Up From Gas Station Blunts

As long as I can remember my favorite way to smoke cannabis was blunts.

They work great for parties, you can use them for multiple smoke sessions (or just one 😏) and they are easy to take with you on the go.

There is more to the world of blunts then the ones you’ve been getting at your gas station, and today we're going to be taking a peek inside that world.

We’ll be looking at the best blunt wraps, and, if you make it all the way to the end before you need to satisfy your need for a blunt, you can see the bonus section on the best blunt wrap flavors!

Quick Top 5 Blunt Wraps:

The Best Blunt Wraps for Weed

King Palms Natural Burning Pre-Rolled

King Palm Mini Size Leafs | 20 Pack | Natural Slow Burning Pre-Rolled...

These aren’t you high school blunts, kids.

This is a new era.

Free of any tobacco or additives, these wraps are hand rolled leaves that create an incredibly slow smoking blunt.

The wraps are pre-rolled, so you’ll just have to grind up your weed and stuff them.

You don’t have to worry about getting anything in your mouth with these wraps thanks to the filter tip.

There are no artificial preservatives, glue or any added flavors making them the best tasting blunt wraps.

If you want a huge wrap that'll let you roll up gram blunts, then you need to try these out.


  • No tobacco or additives
  • Wraps are already pre-rolled, just add weed
  • Big wraps that can accommodate a gram


  • As they’re pre-rolled, there’s no customization


High Hemp Wraps have quickly become the favorite of just about every blunt smoker I know.

And they are by far the best flavored blunt wraps.

All their wraps are organic and free of any fertilizers, antibiotics or pesticides.

I’m sure you could guess that they were not only tobacco-free but GMO-free too.

No? Don’t worry, me either.

High Hemp wraps come in a bunch of different flavors.

All the packs I have ever gotten have been fresh, and they rolled easily too.

But my favorite part of these wraps is this:

They are CBD positive.

So, they give you a little more chill than any other wrap would.

While I wish they were actually infused with CBD, they only test positive for CBD.

Subtle difference, but if it was the former instead of the ladder, you'd be able to get wraps with the CBD cranked up to the max.

Don’t expect the training wheels (adhesive) you get with joint papers; these are just pure wrap.

I will admit they aren’t the slowest burning wrap, but their flavor, cleanness and them being CBD+ make them some of my favorite blunt wraps.


  • Great flavor
  • Sustainable choice in hemp to smoke weed
  • All organic
  • Wraps test positive for CBD


  • Not infused with CBD, so while nice perk might not add as much of a perk as you think

Juicy Wraps Natural Packs

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps Natural (10 Packs, 2 Wraps Per Pack) Total 20...

Hemp wraps are just better than old-fashioned tobacco wraps.

There, I said it.

And now you have big paper brands like Juicy starting to notice it too.

This is their spin on the Hemp Wrap.

Seeing as Juicy as long been held as the Flavor King, you know you can get these wraps in just about any flavor imaginable.

Juicy also has a slower burn then High Hemp.

And, while these might not have any tobacco, they aren’t organic.

The wraps are easy to roll with and come sealed in airtight bags to keep them fresh.


  • Has a slow burn
  • Very good flavor that Juicy is famous for


  • Not all organic materials are used in making this wrap

Shine Gold King Pre-Rolled Paper

Shine 24K Gold King Cone Pre-Rolled Paper

You’re probably thinking wtf.

And, listen, I get it.

This is more a cone than blunt, and it’s made out of gold.

All of this is true, but considering you can stuff this with a couple of grams, and it’s a slow burning hemp paper, I had to include it.

It’s coated with a 24 karat edible gold that’s sure to impress just about anyone.

This can make anyone feel like a king or queen.

Sometimes you can get one that’s a little fragile, but otherwise these pre-rolled smoke exceptionally well.


  • Coated with 24K gold
  • Already wrapped, so just need to throw in the weed


  • Some pre-rolls are a bit fragile, which is alarming for the price of these wraps

Kingpin Blunt Wraps

Bundle - 7 Items - Kingpin Flavored Hemp Wraps Sampler (6 Flavors, 1...

Okay, a break from the madness and back to the wraps.

The pure hemp wraps from Kingpin are easy to roll thanks to their perfect fold technology, but what’s cool is the sampler pack even comes with a free Kewl Tube.

The wraps come in resealable bags and come four wraps to a pack.

Most other wraps only give you two per pack, so this is a plus.

The smell of the flavors can be a little intense, but they smoke slow.


  • Four wraps in a pack
  • Burns slow
  • Comes with a free Kewl Tube


  • Flavors are a bit intense, may overshadow the weed

Cyclones XTRASLOW Pre-Rolled Flavored

Cyclones Sugar Cane XTRASLOW Pre-Rolled Flavored Hemp Wraps with Dank...

Cyclones was a brand I was recently turned on to during our quest to find the best stoner box, and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve smoked so far.

These are pre-rolled hemp cones that have a flavor soaked wooden tip.

The coolest part of the wooden tip is that it’s reusable.

Just throw it on the end of the next blunt you roll.

I also love the packaging!

Each wrap comes in a little carrying case (think dubetube) that fits perfectly into your pocket.

Cyclones make these pre-rolled blunts in a few different flavors, and their prices are pretty good for what you’re getting.


  • Pre-rolled hemp cones that hold more bud
  • Wooden tip is soaked in flavor that makes for a nice pull
  • Each wrap has own carrying case


  • Not most durable wraps

Zig-Zag Wraps Variety Pack


You just knew that Zig Zag was going to find it’s way on to this list.

A lot of people swear by these wraps, but mainly because you can pick them up at just about any gas station.

I’d venture to say that, besides busting up cigarillos, Zig Zag wraps are the most used wraps.

You can get them in just about any flavor, and I’ve never gotten a pack that wasn’t fresh.

These kind of wraps aren’t as clean as a hemp wrap, but they roll easy and smoke slow.


  • Abundance of different flavors
  • Conveniently at almost every gas station


  • Not as clean of additives and artificial flavors as hemp wraps


Bundle - 7 Items - Twisted Hemp Flavored Hemp Wraps Sampler (6...

Twisted Hemp wraps are worth a blunt or two of your time.

The flavor and scent can come on strong for some people, but if you’re a big fan of flavors, you will really enjoy them.

If you get the sampler pack from them, they even throw in a Kewl Tube!

You can get them in six different flavors ranging from sweet to tropical breeze—don’t worry, they have plain ol’ grape too.

Twisted Hemp also gives you four warps per pack for about what the other guys charge for two.

However you feel about their smell, you’ll love the way they burn.


  • Sampler pack comes with Kewl Tube
  • Has many popular flavors
  • Four wraps in a pack


  • Flavor may be way too strong for some

King Palm Natural Minis

Organic Pre Rolls, Tobacco & Chemical Free, Super Slow Burning, 100%...

If you like to smoke blunts to yourself, then these are your wraps.

Same quality as the wraps that topped our list, but on a smaller scale.

These “mini” wraps are perfect for a personal blunt, and at 50 per pack, they could last you all year!

Funny I say that.

King Palm guarantees that they’ll remain fresh for a whole year!

The wraps have a mild and earthy taste, and the corn husk filter keeps your mouth free of cannabis.

They offer a complete kit where you get 50 Rolls, 1 Boveda humidity control packet and two packing sticks.

These sticks make it easy to pack the blunt just tight enough for a perfect smoke.


  • Smaller, perfect for a solo smoke sesh
  • Comes with 50 wraps, 2 pokers, and a Boveda humidity control pack
  • Stays fresh up to one year


  • Not good for groups

Double Platinum Wraps

Double Platinum Wrap Purple Box

You’ve probably never heard of Double Platinum, but they need to be on everyone’s radar.

The wraps are known to come fresh and taste excellent.

Available in quite a few different flavors, and they come two to a pack.

They are closer to a Zig Zag wrap then a High Hemp.

They have a slow burn, and you don’t have to worry about a harsh throat burn.


  • Burns slowly
  • Pulls smooth, no harsh inhales or coughing fits


  • Only two wraps per pack and not many flavors to choose from

The Best Blunt Wrap Flavors: Vote!

Now, let’s be honest, your favorite flavor is going to be entirely subjective.

So, let’s take a look at the most common flavors, and a few exotic ones, then we all can vote on our favorites!

Common Blunt Wrap Flavors:

  • Grape
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Whine
  • Original

Exotic Flavors:

  • Sour Apple
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Chocolate

And, one trip to your local headshop will show you that the choice of flavors goes on and on.

Vote on your favorite in the comments section below!


Most of us prefer to keep tobacco out of our blunts, so getting a tobacco-free wrap is essential.

You can also get wraps that are GMO-free or 100% organic (if that matters to you).

Once you find a wrap you love, it will be hard to try new ones, but I challenge you to keep trying new wraps!

They all burn differently, roll differently and have different tastes.

Which wraps do you think are the best blunt wraps?

We'd love to hear about it below, and don't forget to vote on your favorite wrap!

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