The Best Bong Accessories: Stems, Bowls & K-Clips Oh My!

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There are so many ways to switch up an everyday bong hit.

Countless accessories behind smoke shop counters and their websites make for a better bong hit, cooler smoke temp, or cooler look.

Keep reading to see some of the best bong accessories you can find.


Quick Top 5 Best Bong Accessories:

The Best Bong Accessories

Water Pipe Expanding Water Beads

Water Pipe Expanding Water Beads - for a Cooler, Smoother Draw and...

One of the worst aspects of a bong is trying to clean the thing.

Leave it to these colorful beads to make your life a lot easier.

Acting sort of like activated charcoal in an air purifier, these beads are placed inside of your bong to collect resin and ash that lead to clogged stems and gross bong water.

To activate these packets, they must be hydrated first.

For an even cooler experience, be sure to freeze these bad boys before use.

Being as they are inside the bong and filtering through all the smoke, they will also cool down the heated inhale, making for a much easier draw on the lungs.


  • Works like activated charcoal, bringing down cleaning time
  • Can freeze prior to smoking to make rips less harsh


  • Might not last as long as you would hope

Keck Clip 18 MM ​​​​Multiple Colors

12-Pack Keck Clips for 24/40 Standard Taper Joints

Keck clips are an excellent accessory for your accessories.

Their major purpose is to attach ash catchers, dropdowns or adapters.

Dropdowns and adapters are useful in protecting your bong from damage caused by being placed under extreme heat.

Picking up bongs, especially when high, can cause your attachments to come detached from your bong.

These keck clips are heavy-duty, with a strong grip.

Therefore, they ensure that anything you attach to your bong will remain stable making them easily one of the best bong accessories.


  • Best accessory for all your other bong accessories
  • Strong grip, doesn’t lose hold of bong


  • Says multiple colors but only comes in blue

SMOKESAFE Airtight Container

Cloudten Slim Airtight Smell Proof Case Container for 12 Inch Hookah...

Smoking a bong is a dream. Storing it can be a nightmare.

Being so big and bulky, they don’t just fit anywhere.

Then there’s the smell...

Anyone who has whiffed something that’s been smoked out of can attest to that familiar scent of long enjoyed marijuana.

This heavy-duty storage container helps mask the smell of anything you smoke out of, including decently sized bongs.

The SMOKESAFE comes with pad foaming inside that makes for a nice cushioned bed for your piece.

On top of that, the outside is solid as a rock.

Therefore, banging around the SMOKESAFE will most likely not do much damage to the safe itself, let alone the good stuff inside.


  • No odors will escape at all
  • Extremely durable
  • Padding for all paraphernalia


  • Very big and bulky, can’t just put anywhere

Piece Water Solution

Speaking of the smell, nothing stinks up a bong worse than water.

A breeding ground for bacteria, tap water tends to aid in the growth of resin that clogs up your glass, making the piece harder to clean.

For more tips on avoiding dirty bongs, check out this guide on the best way to clean a bong.

Using Piece Water will help create a coating inside your chamber that will combat the gunky growths that spawn from lighting up over tap water.

Made up of fruit and vegetable extracts, you can use this all-natural solution instead of water, or to cut down the amount of water that you use.

Put this solution in the refrigerator before use for an even cooler smoking experience.


  • Putting in fridge prior to smoking enhances smoking experience
  • Very easy to use
  • All-natural ingredients you feel safe inhaling


  • More expensive than just using water

Grav Labs 90 Degrees Phoenix Ash Catcher

If you don’t want to clean your piece each time you use it, you might want to invest in the Grav Labs Phoenix Ash Catcher.

By attaching this pipe-like apparatus, the filter inside of the Ash Catcher will trap debris that would otherwise end up inside of the water chamber of the pipe or stuck onto surfaces around the bong.

While it conveniently collects ash, the Phoenix Ash Catcher will also make for a smoother hit.

If you are attaching to a bong with a percolator, the smoke will run through the water and then the Ash Catcher before hitting your lips.

This extra step makes an already cooled down puff much easier on the lungs.

This ash catcher pairs perfectly with the Grav Beaker found a top our list of top bongs under $100 that you can check out here.


  • Filters out ash
  • Beautiful glass piece
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Really smooth pulls


  • Need to clean joint very often

Dankstop 18 mm to 14mm Tree Perc Downstem

Tree percs are great accessories for bongs.

However, we are accustomed to using them in the chamber only.

Now, you can get things percolating even sooner, by using the Dankstop Tree Perc in the downstem!

With the filtering process happening before the smoke even reaches the chamber, you are guaranteed to get a rich, flavorful, and smooth cloud of smoke with each puff.

This tree perc comes with six arms instead of the typical eight.

However, you will not notice a difference in quality.

The only true downside to this tree perc is just how fragile the glass pieces are.

So, if you’re a klutz, you might want to order a backup to have on hand just in case.


  • Smooth cloud of smoke each time
  • Creates highest flavor quality
  • A tree perc for the downstem


  • Glass is extremely fragile

Rezblock Concentrate 420 Science Cleaner

'RezBlock Concentrate by 420 Science - 15ml - Pipe Glass Cleaner '

While cleaning your piece is inevitable, you can put off the process with products like Rezblock.

By just adding a few drops to your water before smoking, this formula takes care of molecules that lead to building up.

Don’t be sketched out by the fact that your water may turn a reddish hue.

All of the ingredients in this concentrate are 100% natural and safe for human consumption.

This product will cut down the amount of cleaning time in your chamber, but it doesn’t mean your bowl is going to be shining too.

Rezblock only cleans areas that come into contact with the water inside the chamber.


  • All 100% natural ingredients, safe for consumption
  • Cuts down on cleaning time
  • Turns water red


  • Only cleans wherever the solution touches

ResOlution Universal Cleaning Caps

ResOlution Caps Universal Caps for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor...

No, these aren’t Mickey Mouse ears.

These are the answers to all your leaking woes.

Traveling about with a bong already full of water?

Want to clean your bong with a nice vigorous shake?

The ResOlution Universal Cleaning Caps hold onto the openings of your bong tightly to ensure no liquids creep out.

An extra perk of the ResOlution is that you don’t need liquid inside for this accessory to be useful.

Seeing as it has such a tight grip and nothing can get out of the bong, that means odors will also remain put.

So, if you're stashing your bong in your house and don’t want to stink the place out, place ResOlution Caps over the openings to keep your place smelling so fresh and so clean.


  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Traps odors in
  • Ensures you don’t spill


  • Have a tendency to break with wear and tear

Bong Buddy

With a name like Bong Buddy, this best be a great bong accessory.

This attachment is ideal for those who misplace their lighters often.

That’s because there is a retractable leash attached to the Bong Buddy that allows you to store your lighter for easy access.

These accessories fit almost every bong imaginable.

They are small enough not to be bothersome on the bong and come in many colors that you can mix and match to go along with your piece.


  • Have a tendency to break with wear and tear
  • Fits almost every bong
  • Mix and match colors to accessorize your bong


  • Really easy to lose

Grav Standard Ash Catcher 90 Degree

When we first buy a bong, we fall in love with the beauty of the glass.

However, three weeks in, the once shiny piece of art is now looking like a sludgy mess.

Caring for your bong can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

While you’ll always have to cave in and clean, you can prolong the process with an ash catcher.

Grav Labs 90 Degree Standard comes with a showerhead diffuser downstem.

Due to these slits at the bottom, it allows for finer bubbling and a smoother pull.

The biggest drawback of this piece is the length of this downstem.

You might have to replace it for a longer one to get the most out of this attachment.

Otherwise, cleaning the Ash Catcher is simple and it certainly does buy you time in between bong washing sessions.

This is what makes any ash catcher one of the best bong attachments you can invest in.

Dankstop 4-Arm Taster Bowl

Friends that smoke together, stay together.

A 4-arm bowl is perfect for a small gathering of friends because it allows you to customize how much each person gets.

That way a beginner doesn’t feel the pressure to smoke as much as the pro in the group.

Also, it ensures that no one gets the ashy remains...unless it’s their own!

However, loner stoners aren’t left in the dust with this one.

Play roulette with a mixture of buds all by yourself if you’d like.

The Dankstop 4-Arm Taster Bowl is sleek and durable.

It’s the perfect party companion...or Netflix and chill pal.

Dankstop 18mm to 14mm Tree Perc Downstem

Tree percs are common and come standard in a lot of bongs nowadays. 

Having a tree perc in place helps create a cleaner rip for the smoker because the air and water rise through multiple slats, dispersing it throughout the cloud through the chamber.

This helps filter the smoke for a fresher hit.

The more arms on a tree perc, the more your hit will be filtered.

Dankstop’s Tree Perc has six arms, making for a real clean pull.

While tree percs are great for getting a mouthful of flavor, they must remain clean to maintain that reputation.

Seeing as there are six different arms to this thing (not to mention they’re crammed pretty close together), it makes for cleaning this piece a bit difficult. 

The only other complaint is the opposite problem of the last Dankstop product.

Not to be all Goldilocks, but this downstem could be a bit too long for many bongs, but it does work with most of the best beaker bongs we looked at here.

Barrel Honeycomb Perc Ash Catcher

Honeycombs pack a serious percolation punch.

Having so many holes for the air and water to flow about, there isn’t much of a drag fighting back on your inhale.

Not to mention that the honeycomb is like a jewel sitting in your bong.

Coming in two vibrant colors, blue or green, having this beautiful honeycomb is the icing on top of the strong filtering cake.

Having so many holes may seem like a cleaning nightmare, but this piece is rather simple.

It is easy to take apart and put back together.

Using the Barrel Honeycomb Perc Ash Catcher will save you time cleaning your bong.

Dankstop Step Up 90 Degree Male to Male Adapter

Smoking is a science.

Everything from how it is grown to the apparatuses used to smoke it, there is always a little more than meets the eye with Mary Jane.

For one, your pieces have genders.

You don’t have to worry much about this when you start using bongs, but as your experiences become personalized and you add things like dabs into the mix, then gender of the joint begins to matter.

There are instances where you are going to need an adapter to meet your smoking needs.

Like if you have a bong that is female and needs to use a female jointed dome or bowl, you would need a male piece to insert.

Another instance for male bong owners, if they find a female bowl that they would want to use, they too would need an adapter.

This male to male adapter is an easy solution.

The piece is durable and easily portable and can be thrown into any bag discreetly.

Dankstop 90 Inset Perc Ash Catcher

Inset percs work a lot like tree percs.

These ash catchers sit inside the chamber.

Unlike the tree perc with arms, the inset is sort of like a dome.

It has a slight curvature that the rising smoke inevitably collides with.

As the dome collects the smoke, it is forced out through numerous slits around the circumference.

This pushes the smoke out to the stem, making this ash catcher an effective filter.

The only major step that the Dankstop 90 Inset Perc Ash Catcher has over the Dankstop Tree Perc is that it’s much easier to clean.

With the Tree Perc, you have a bunch of fragile, thin pieces at play.

Whereas, the majority of the Inset is an open area that you have easy access into.  

Empire Glassworks Avocado Bowl

Holy guacamole!

On looks alone, this is the best bong attachment that money can buy.

This lifelike avocado is actually a bowl that sits in the downstem of your bong.

Conveniently enough, this avocado comes pitted.

Which, that is a good thing because your weed goes where the seed used to sit.

What makes this bowl a true winner is that it is a great conversation piece.

Anyone lighting up is going to light up when they unexpectedly see an avocado sitting on the bong...and then realize they get to smoke out of it!

While most gimmicks are cute but fall flat on the quality, this Avocado Bowl hits quite nicely.

This is a rare occasion where the gimmick doesn’t get in the way of the overall experience.


Cleaning your bong, getting better hits, or even storing your bong.

The best bong accessories come in all shapes and sizes!

What's great is you can have them all!

Piece by piece you can create a better bong.

Do you have any favorite bong accessories that we didn't mention here?

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