The Best Bong Brands: Name Brand Glass Bongs Worth Your Money

When we first start smoking, we usually smoke out of whatever we can get our hands on.

As the years go on, though, we are always looking to level up.

That’s where the best bong brands come in.

Today, we’ll look at the best bong brands on the market, what you should look for in a brand and where your bong probably comes from (it’s China).

Quick Top 5 Bong Brands 2019:

Where to Find the Top Bong Brands

Usually, when you’re shopping for a new bong, you head out to your local headshop and browse what they’re offering.

I’m all for supporting local business, but this limits your options way too much.

Plus, chances are you’ll be paying way too much for unbranded glass.

I buy most of my glass online now.

If you can’t find the glass you’re looking for at one of the top online headshops, chances are it doesn't exist.

You can also find the best glass at trade shows like the infamous, CHAMPS, that's held yearly in Las Vegas.

At trade shows, all of the best glass blowers in America will have their best stuff front and center.

What to Look for in a Name Brand Bong

A brand is nothing but its reputation.

If you’ve been involved in cannabis culture for long, you’ve heard a thing or two about these brands.

Maybe like a certain brand is now outsourcing their glass to China.

Or, if a brand is known to blow thin glass.

So, how do you look past the noise to see which bong brand you can trust?

This is what I look for:

  • Innovative designs that make smoking smoother
  • Glass is blown in America where quality control is known to be closely monitored
  • My fellow smokers all agree that they're one of the best bong companies

China vs. American Made

Does this really even matter?

Let me say something that will piss a lot of people off, but, no.

It’s not hard to comprehend why glass gets outsourced—it’s simple math.

If a company can provide the same quality glass at a larger scale by outsourcing, then so be it.

Most of what makes a brand is their designs anyways.

Now, what I don’t appreciate is the companies that steal other peoples designs and have them mass produced in China, slap their name on it and call it their own.

That’s not cool, man.

And, as you'll see later, it's not that Chinese blown glass is inherently bad, it's cheap knock offs that you really need to look out for.

The Best Bong Brands

Illadelph Glass

You can’t talk about the best water pipe brands without starting with Illadeph Glass.

I mean, good god is this stuff good.

They started up in 2002, and have since dominated on their path to becoming the best.

They only blow high-end borosilicate glass art, and they’re constantly innovating and bringing new stuff to the table like coil condensers, disc percs, up stem ash catchers, multi-hole bowls and pyramid percs.

Be Careful, though.

Like you’ll find with a lot of these top brands, there are tons of counterfeits out there.

Illadelph is not cheap.

So, If you come across what seems like a deal to good to be true, or the bong doesn’t feel like the best bong you’ve ever held, run.

If you want to be sure you’re getting an authentic Illadelph, make sure to look through their authorized dealer's page here.

Since ROOR was started in 1995 by Martin Brizzle, they have been known as world-renowned glass.

Often imitated, but never replicated, ROOR is a four-time winner of the High Times Cup.

Their glass is thick and flawless.

Most of their designs build of a straight tube and are pretty simple, but the way they hit is almost heavenly.

But they do have an extensive collection filled with heady pieces.

Martin is extremely anti-mass produced glass.

And you can see it come through in the quality of the glass.

This is another brand that is notoriously counterfeited.

Here are a couple of quick tips to spot a counterfeit:

  • Check the logo to make sure it has the registered trademark symbol.
  • All RooRs have a signature, and If you see a three dot signature, it’s most likely fake.
  • RooRs only have three ice pinches, and, if it has a perc, it will have a splashguard.

If you spot any of these, don’t buy.

For a trusted RooR dealer I suggest Grasscity, you can browse their RooR selection here.

Now, I know Grav Labs catches a lot of flack for outsourcing their glass to places like China.

At the end of the day, though, they still put out great glass and at a price that’s more reasonable than most high-quality brands.

Grav isn’t just Grav either.

They host a whole line of badass glass like Helix and Jane West.

Based out of Austin, Texas Grav Labs signature pieces include their cup bubbler and their upline water pipes.

They are known for their quality feel, thick hits and ability to withstand a fall (it’s some pretty thick glass).


Mathematix is known for their unique designs and their hand pipes, but they kill it with bongs too.

They blow dab rigs shaped like gumball machines and a duck.

Yeah, it’s really a duck.

Their beaker bongs kill it too, though

And you’ll love the six arm downstems that create such a smooth smoke.

They have glass that’s pretty affordable, and even their most unique pieces are no more than a few hundred dollars.

Empire Glassworks

Empire actually happens to be my second favorite glass company, right behind Illadelph.

I just love the art aspect of glass—often more than I do the functionality.

And the art is where Empire is almost untouchable.

They have bongs that are shaped like a dragon ball with Shenron wrapped around the stem, or their popular Pokemon dab rig.

All they do is headdy glass, but they’re able to do it all while still being affordable.

Although, sometimes I feel they sacrifice the hit for the show.

Some of their pieces can be hard to hold, but they’ll be sure to impress your friends!

Sesh Supply

Sesh Supply prides themselves on being a premium glass blowing company.

With a focus on scientific bongs, their catalog includes a ton of brilliant looking glass pieces with a sexy array of percolators.

All of the glass work is clean and well done.

The prices tend to scale on the more expensive side, but as a plus, they are widely held at online headshops and local headshops.

My only problem with them is I don’t feel they are transparent with where their glass comes from.

Their distributor's sites say that the bongs are proudly “Designed in America.”

Now, I don’t know about you but designing something in America and blowing something in America are two different things.

China Glass

Most companies try as hard as they can to avoid telling you their glass is blown in China.

This company, however, owns it.

China Glass features bongs with traditional Chinese designs that are hand blown in the Hebei province of China.

These gorgeous bongs are blown with the finest borosilicate glass into thick, well-hitting pieces of artwork that look like they belong on the dinner table.

All of their glass has a unique vase type shape that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even if you’re anti-china glass, I think you should give these guys a chance.

After all, they blow real China glass, not American (China) glass.

Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass is a company based out of So-Cal that blows high-quality scientific glass bongs.

They feature unique combinations of percolators offering a smooth smoke.

Only made in America, you can trust that your Diamond bong will be extremely high-quality.

They also boast a large catalog with most of their bongs coming in at under a couple hundred bucks, and even quite a few under a hundred.

All of the scientific glass is extremely clear so you can see the smoke milk up.

Pulse Glass

Bursting on to the scene in 2012, Pulse Glass is revolutionizing the scientific glass bong.

Their glass has taken first place for Best Glass, Best Bubbler and Best Tube and the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Kush Cup.

This alone should tell you how good their stuff is, after all, it’s no easy task to win awards at these award shows where the competition is insanely fierce.

All their glass is hand-blown in California, with extra thick glass (5 mm stems and 7mm bases).

And you’ll love their barrel perc downstem.


The best bong brands are always innovating and have strict quality control that they live by.

They stand behind their product, and you can tell once you have one of their bongs in your hands why their bongs are well loved.

Illadelph, ROOR, Pulse, Empire or Grav Labs.

All of the brands here put out nothing but grade A bongs, dab rigs and hand pipes.

But what’s your favorite bong brand?

Let us know in the comments below!

Tony Hand Jr

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