The Best Bong Brands: Name Brand Glass Worth Your Money

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When we first start smoking, we usually smoke out of whatever we can get our hands on.

As the years go on, though, we are always looking to level up.

That’s where the best bong brands come in.

Today, we’ll look at the bong brands worth your money, what you should look for in a brand and where your bong probably comes from (it’s China).


Where to Buy Glass Bongs

Usually, when you’re shopping for a new bong, you head out to your local headshop and browse what they’re offering.

I’m all for supporting local business, but this limits your options way too much. Plus, chances are you’ll be paying way too much for unbranded glass.

I buy most of my glass online now.

If you can’t find the glass you’re looking for at one of the top online headshops, chances are it doesn't exist.

You can also find the best glass at trade shows like the infamous, CHAMPS, that's held yearly in Las Vegas. At trade shows, all of the best glass blowers in America will have their best stuff front and center.

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What to Look for in a Name Brand

A brand is nothing but its reputation. If you’ve been involved in cannabis culture for long, you’ve heard a thing or two about these brands.

Maybe like a certain brand is now outsourcing their glass to China. Or, if a brand is known to blow thin glass. So, how do you look past the noise to see which bong brand you can trust?

This is what I look for:

  • Innovative designs that make smoking smoother
  • Glass is blown in America where quality control is known to be closely monitored
  • My fellow smokers all agree that they're one of the best bong companies

China vs. American Made

Does this really even matter?Let me say something that will piss a lot of people off, but, no. It’s not hard to comprehend why glass gets outsourced—it’s simple math.

If a company can provide the same quality glass at a larger scale by outsourcing, then so be it. Most of what makes a brand is their designs anyways.

Now, what I don’t appreciate is the companies that steal other peoples designs and have them mass produced in China, slap their name on it and call it their own.

That’s not cool, man.

And, as you'll see later, it's not that Chinese blown glass is inherently bad (in fact, some of the best bongs are outsourced there), it's cheap knock offs that you really need to look out for.

Now, I know Grav Labs catches a lot of flack for outsourcing their glass to places like China. At the end of the day, though, they still put out great glass and at a price that’s more reasonable than most high-quality brands.

Plus, very soon they hope to offer tours of their South Austin warehouse facility. Imagine, driving around in a golf court with a stoner tour guide!

They are one of the few brands which demonstrate their gratitude to certain customers, through what they have called their Superhero discount.

For veterans, active service members, firefighters, teachers, and other real-life superheroes - they offer a discount code. A superhero discount is a way they give back to some of the hardest working members of our society.

What other bong company gives back to teachers?

Beyond their community service, they have built out a multiple brand company. Grav isn’t just Grav either. They host a whole line of badass glass like Helix and Jane West.

Based out of Austin, Texas Grav Labs signature pieces include their cup bubbler and their upline water pipes. They are known for their quality feel, thick hits and ability to withstand a fall (it’s some pretty thick glass).

Illadelph Glass

You can’t talk about the best water pipe brands without starting with Illadeph Glass. I mean, good god is this stuff good. They started up in 2002, and have since dominated on their path to becoming the best.

They only blow high-end borosilicate glass art, and they’re constantly innovating and bringing new stuff to the table like coil condensers, disc percs, up stem ash catchers, multi-hole bowls and pyramid percs.

Their dedication to continually transforming glassware technology is what sets them apart. Some of the glass tech they have pioneered includes a pyramid percolator, which creates more percolation within a beaker then any others on the market today.

They’ve also designed an adaptor for the Volcano vaporizer, which lets users transition from smoking to vaping while still using the glassware they love. Few glassware brands are pushing their designs into the electronic vaporizer market.

It’s a smart move considering the rising of vaping technology these days. This brand is a unique mix of scientific glassware innovation, and the artistic, creative glass designs everyone loves.  Be Careful, though.

Like you’ll find with a lot of these top brands, there are tons of counterfeits out there. Illadelph is not cheap. But, none of the best bongs are.

So, If you come across what seems like a deal to good to be true, or the bong doesn’t feel like the best bong you’ve ever held, run.

If you want to be sure you’re getting an authentic Illadelph, make sure to look through their authorized dealer's page here.

RooR Bongs

Since ROOR was started in 1995 by Martin Brizzle, they have been known as world-renowned glass. Often imitated, but never replicated, ROOR is a four-time winner of the High Times Cup.

Their glass is thick and flawless. Most of their designs build of a straight tube and are pretty simple, but the way they hit is almost heavenly.

But they do have an extensive collection filled with heady pieces.

Martin is extremely anti-mass produced glass. And you can see it come through in the quality of the glass.

They are so against mass-production and large scale poor quality products, they’ve given their customers a task:

With a pipe created by RooR, you comprehend smoking as a culture, not as a mere way of consumption.

Some of their customers who follow this brand mandate might be familiar, including System of a Down and Howard Marks. Part of the appeal of a Special Roor piece, and which has lead to their massive following, is the sheer number of options.

Each piece can be customized, through the modular design. Add different bowls, bubblers, mouthpieces - all into variations which fit your personality and smoking style.

We are willing to bet that modular designs are going to take off with over brands as well because it lets the end user perfect their smoking experience.

This is another brand that is notoriously counterfeited.

Here are a couple of quick tips to spot a counterfeit:

  • Check the logo to make sure it has the registered trademark symbol.
  • All RooRs have a signature, and If you see a three dot signature, it’s most likely fake.
  • RooRs only have three ice pinches, and, if it has a perc, it will have a splashguard.

If you spot any of these, don’t buy. For a trusted RooR dealer I suggest Grasscity, you can browse the best bongs RooR offers here.

Mathematix Glass

Mathematix is known for their unique designs and putting out some of the ​best pipes for weed, but they kill it with bongs too.

They blow dab rigs shaped like gumball machines and a duck.

Yeah, it’s really a duck.

Their beaker bongs kill it too, though

And you’ll love the six arm downstems that create such a smooth smoke.

They have glass that’s pretty affordable, and even their most unique pieces are no more than a few hundred dollars.

Considering all their glass in blown in the US, their prices are very reasonable.

They call Los Angeles, California home and despite the growing competition they continue to produce fascinating and eye-catching designs.

Of course, if you like the basic models, they’ve got many products for the traditionalist.

But, if you love a conversation starter - check out their Munchies line of pipes.

Smoke out of ice cream cones, lollipops, and pizza slices.

Or, the Diva lineup, which includes everything in a makeup kit and more!

Lipsticks, compacts, and nail polishes.

Empire Glassworks

Empire actually happens to be my second favorite glass company, right behind Illadelph.

I just love the art aspect of glass—often more than I do the functionality.

And the art is where Empire is almost untouchable.

They have bongs that are shaped like a dragon ball with Shenron wrapped around the stem, or their popular Pokemon dab rig.

All they do is headdy glass, but they’re able to do it all while still being affordable.

Although, sometimes I feel they sacrifice the hit for the show.

Some of their pieces can be hard to hold, but they’ll be sure to impress your friends!

Empire has only been around since 2015, but the artists and owners are not new to glass blowing.

The company relies on nearly 40 years of combined experience to influence their design and quality.

They also make sure they cater to both the smoking and vaping enthusiasts, which not all companies do.

They use a traditional lampworking process, using imported glass from Europe and some from the US.

They’ve also started incorporating dichroic glass, a technology from the aerospace industry, into their designs.

Most of the colors you see in their pieces are custom mixed, making their designs stand out from much of the glassware competition.

Sesh Supply

Sesh Supply prides themselves on being a premium glass blowing company.

With a focus on scientific bongs, their catalog includes a ton of brilliant looking glass pieces with a sexy array of percolators.

They’ve come along way in only a few short years, as it may surprise you to find out their parent company, Smoke Cartel only began designing and producing under this brand in 2014.

Some companies have been around for decades, and wish they have the same customer following as Sesh Supply.

All of the glass work is clean and well done.

Plus, they are widely sold at online head shops as well as local head shops.

One look at the map of distributors on their website, and you’ll be blown away with their distribution network.

They work hard to keep prices lower than other specialty glass companies because they want to spread the love around.

They keep prices low through driving a hard bargain with their suppliers.

All of the glass work is clean and well done.

The prices tend to scale on the more expensive side, but as a plus, they are widely held at online headshops and local headshops.

My only problem with them is I don’t feel they are transparent with where their glass comes from.

Their distributor's sites say that the bongs are proudly “Designed in America.”

Now, I don’t know about you but designing something in America and blowing something in America are two different things.

China Glass

Most companies try as hard as they can to avoid telling you their glass is blown in China.

This company, however, owns it.

China Glass features bongs with traditional Chinese designs that are hand blown in the Hebei province of China.

These gorgeous bongs are blown with the finest borosilicate glass into thick, well-hitting pieces of artwork that look like they belong on the dinner table.

All of their glass has a unique vase type shape that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even if you’re anti-china glass, I think you should give these guys a chance.

After all, they blow real China glass, not American (China) glass.

Its blown by artisans in the Hebei province of Northern China, who are masters in their craft.

They style their designs after pieces of ancient Chinese art, something you won’t see done by anyone else in the industry.

Each piece incorporates traditional blue designs, on white glass, with a red stamp.  

China Glass pulls all their designs from the history of ceramics in the region, and China has a serious culture of ceramics.

China glass has lines mimicking these traditions for beautiful effects, like the Liao Dynasty and the Kublai lines.

Their bongs and pipes look ideally suited to your mother’s mantle place; even she doesn’t smoke weed.

Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass is a company based out of So-Cal that blows high-quality scientific glass bongs.

They feature unique combinations of percolators offering a smooth smoke.

If you love to imagine yourself a high mad-scientist, smoking your way through a lab experiment, Diamond Glass is an excellent go-to style.

They feature unique combinations of percolators offering smooth pulls.

They have many wacky and weird pieces, with a very science-fiction vibe, especially under their ICON line of glass pieces.

But they also carry the go-to standards you expect to see from a company producing beaker-esque glassware.

Only made in America, you can trust that your Diamond bong will be extremely high-quality.

They also boast a large catalog with most of their bongs coming in at under a couple hundred bucks, and even quite a few under a hundred.

All of the scientific glass is extremely clear so you can see the smoke milk up.

Pulse Glass

Bursting on to the scene in 2012, Pulse Glass is revolutionizing the scientific glass bong.

Their glass has taken first place for Best Glass, Best Bubbler and Best Tube and the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Kush Cup.

This alone should tell you how good their stuff is, after all, it’s no easy task to win awards at these award shows where the competition is insanely fierce.

All their glass is hand-blown in California, with extra thick glass (5 mm stems and 7mm bases).

And you’ll love their barrel perc downstem.

As a bonus, which demonstrates how strongly they stand behind their craftsmanship, they offer a full one-year limited warranty.

Did you hear that?

Even if your glassware breaks on-route thanks to a clumsy mail carrier, they will repair or replace the piece.

Few, if any, other glass companies are as committed to customer satisfaction as to cover their glass up until it reaches your post box.

Looking for a variety?

They carry a wide range of products including pipes, tubes and full dab rigs.

Or if you are looking for an accessory, check out their complete lineup for whatever your smoking needs: mouthpieces, k-clips, downpipes, slide bowls, bangers, droppers, and ash catchers.

Truly your one-stop shop, especially for the dab lover.

Do you care where your glass comes from?

If you want to support a business based in the United States of America, then look no further than American Made Glass company - AMG.

Based in California, like many of the best bong companies, they sell to head shops all over the country.

Not to mention the fact you can find everything online, either directly from their site or the site of one of their partners.

Each piece of AMG glass is better than the last, as they use artistic techniques often missing from the commercial glass industry.

These folks stand out because they bring the passion and creativity of the small scale artistic blower, into the mainstream.

They layer, spin, and imagine designs far beyond the standard run-of-the-mill glass from China.

Their products include steam rollers, nug jars, bowls, bubblers, pipes and more.

They are most well known for their large assortment of water pipes, with beaker bases and long-mouthpieces.

For folks who prefer a smooth inhale, look for their water bongs with an ice catcher.

The beaker-bong styles typically incorporate a thick glass plate on the bottom of each piece.

For clumsy smokers who tend to smash through bongs like they are going out of style, you’ll always want a heavier base to prevent accidents.

They make their products from high-grade borosilicate glass.

It's thick, it's sturdy, and can handle everyday wear and tear.

A lot of their glassware caters to the classic stoner personality, including tie-dye, Rastafarian, and army fatigues.

Their aesthetic also usually means slapping their logo in big bold letters across everything they do.

Not everyone's cup of tea, if you prefer subtle finishes, but for some, it's exactly the style you're looking for.

Maybe you are passionate about American made products, and want to advertise the fact to all your friends?

Stick with AMG for the long hall.

If something does happen, the good news is AMG also has an associated arm of their brand working to solve your broken glass issues.

Contact them with the details of your broken bong, and they may be able to bring it back to life.

Not all bongs are salvageable, but if it's your favorite piece - it’s worth contacting AMG, the experts in bong repair.

As the name may suggest, this is yet another company leaning towards the crystal clear, scientific laboratory side of the bong community.

Other brands throw on color, layer in metallics, and cloud the design with unnecessary features.

Nucleus glassware is clean.

It's crisp.

It would be equally at home in a medical experiment, as on your coffee table puffing out smoke.

If they do choose to work in a hit of colored glass, they do so very tastefully.

Only one or two colors per piece, usually avoiding swirls or complicated designs.

Most of their designs incorporate complicated percolation features.

Some percolators are specific to the brand, while others are more familiar.

Nucleus is yet another all-American brand, this time hailing out of New Jersey.

The East coast isn’t where you traditionally expect to find a high-quality glass but don’t be fooled.

This brand knows precisely the features you are looking for and incorporates them into a scientific piece.

They know what features are useless show features, and which a real cannabis enthusiast will enjoy.

As with most of the best brands on this list, they stick to creating water bongs out of thick, quality borosilicate glass.

Sturdy pieces, which stand up to constant use and handling.

They also have designed a lineup of silicone accessories, including rolling mats, ashtrays, and even a handful of dishwasher safe bongs.

All their pieces are affordable, even on a tight budget.

Their affordability is thanks to their production process and simple, sleek designs.

Again, they don’t work in useless features to jack up the price.

Nucleus also doesn’t source imported glass, colors or metallic features which other brands brag about.

They want to get their top-of-the-line products into the hands of the smokers who want them.

But that's okay because not everyone wants a fire breathing water-bong dragon.

Or a handheld ice cream cone pipe.

Their pieces are focused on super-functionality, instead of kookie designs and features.

Remember, Nucleus is focused on clean designs, mostly water pipes, and all affordable to the average consumer.

If they had a motto it would like to be “Keep is simply stupid, and keep it affordable.”

Ronin Glass

If you thought New Jersey was too small for more than one glass-blowing company…. You might want to think again.

Ronin Glass is another high-quality glassware designer and supplier on the east coast.

You might be curious about their name.

Where does it come from?

What does it mean?

Ronin is a tradition from ancient Japanese culture.

They were a class of Samurai, who didn’t follow the rules.

They wandered from state to state, providing their warrior services to those who needed them.

But they didn’t stick to one thing for long.

Ronin Glass follows this practice of bucking tradition while maintaining a dedication to their craft.

Just like the Ronin class of samurai warriors who didn’t want to stick with only one option, neither does Ronin glass.

They continue to deliver phenomenally, yet highly functional styled pieces.

In their commitment to developing a variety of options, they focus on expanding the options of a percolator.

Some of their percolator features include the UFO, the Shower transitioning into a Honeycomb, and the Matrix perc.

Some of the most exciting pieces they produce incorporate multiple layers of percolators, delivering an even smoother smoke than expected.

What we like about their style is simplicity.

They don’t cover their glass with ugly stickers or use loud colors.

They stick to simple logos, and perfectly placed subtle design features.

Often the only other colors they work with are the black and red glass work which compliment their logo.

Ronin incorporate black (or red) glass into the mouthpiece and the base, without overdoing it on an otherwise scientifically styled piece of glassware.

What would happen if you combined the perfect medical grade bong with a thoughtful, artistic touch?

You’d very likely end up with something very similar to the aesthetic of Medicali.

Their name says it all about their glassware style.

It's "Medi" for medical glassware, and "Cali," or California for where they are based.

They work in original shapes to the standard the scientific bong.

It takes the boring and played out beaker shape to the next level.

Its blown out curves and inverted double-cones, all with the percs, ice pinches, splash guards and more.

You don’t need to sacrifice a smooth smoking experience for an aesthetically pleasing one.

All their bongs and rigs are produced right in California, out of minimum 5mm glass.

They are sturdy, and well designed, focused on a pleasing smoking experience.

Medicali handcrafts each piece, out of a facility lovingly called the Medicali Flame factory.

Their team is continuously developing new experimental bubblers and accessories.

One of the newest pieces is a revolver bowl, designed for serious hitters only.

It fits into most water bongs, and just like the spinning mid-section of a revolver, holds up to 8 bowls of weed at once.

Light them all in one big puff, or one at a time to avoid the hassle of refilling.

Got eight friends?

The perfect bowl for everyone.

Other innovations focus on the percolator.

The Tornado, the Spin Doctor and other designs all use feats of engineering to make sure your water bong doesn’t just bubble.

The force of the water drawn through the mouthpiece creates literal whirlwinds, which should make the experience smooth, fresh, and delicious.

If glassware engineering is what you are into, check out their Wagon Wheel, the Upside Down Showerhead, the Sandwich Honeycomb Turbine, and a dozen more.

Like most bong companies, they always produce the essential long-neck pieces, but it's their wild- engineering experiments which demonstrate their expertise.

If you have a Sandwich Honeycomb Turbine on your countertop, and your friends come over for a smoke session, it's surely going to turn some heads.

If you haven’t heard of Leafly, you must have been living under a rock in the last five years.

Leafy is many things to many stoners.

It's a dispensary MapQuest, helping you locate your favorite strain at a dispensary near you, or a new storefront while you are traveling.

It's a strain information and review encyclopedia.

Helping smokers everywhere learn about strain genetics, flavors, and potencies.

For example, if you want to find out how useful Bubba Kush is for your back pain, head over to the Leafy strain page.

Leafly is a hub of information on cannabis.

From tutorials on how to smoke to the laws on where to smoke and everything in between.

They have recently partnered with Smoke Cartel (see their details below), to launch their very own line of sleek, and simple bongs.

The Leafly brand of glassware keeps it very simple, but sometimes that's all you need when you're smoking the good stuff.

Their glassware is a robust beaker - no fuss and no muss in the design.

Each piece has a Leafly logo near the mouthpiece, plus you can choose to label the bottom of the beaker with one of three delicious strain decals.

These include Og Kush in green, Maui Wowie in red, or Granddaddy Purp in purple.

This collaboration between Smoke Cartel and Leafly is extremely recent, only happening in the Summer of 2018.

The Leafly tiled bongs are a hot ticket item right now, and often in short supply.

Leafly chose the right brand to partner with, as you’ll find out below, Smoke Cartel produces outstanding in-house bongs.

Plus, Smoke Cartel is just an all-around upstanding company from their mandate to create American jobs, to their focus on the arts.

They started just like every stoner college kid, but now they are selling millions in smoke supplies and partnering with some of the biggest names in the business - including Leafly.

If you haven't noticed already, there are a few brands of bongs on this list which started as independent companies but which have slowly joined forces with the Smoke Cartel family of brands.

UPC, or Until Prohibition Ceases, is one of these brands.

Over the years they made a name for themselves, both in their home of Southern California and across the country.

They are one of the most recognized bong brands on the market today, making them a valuable acquisition for Smoke Cartel.

You may have also noticed while browsing this list of the top bong brands, that the best ones are often scientifically minded.

UPC does carry many basic beaker bongs and long-neck clear water bongs; they also carry color glassware.

Color glassware can often be a bit garish, as brands try to make their pieces stand out above the rest on a head shop shelf.

Thankfully UPC sticks to simple color designs, which feel much more modern than many of their competitors.

Picture a beautiful light pink bubbler, or an orange cream pipe.

If they are going to use Rastafarian colors, they have enough style sense to use them beautifully - as the feature on a bowl.

When in doubt, UPC is a reliable brand and one now backed by the customer service of Smoke Cartel.

Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel may be one of the most beloved head shops on the internet.

But they don’t just sell high-quality products; they also make them.

They are one of the premier bong businesses on the world wide web, and they have many top-quality in-house brands of glassware you may not have realized are related.

For one, they have Sesh Supply, a premium glass company designed by some of the brightest minds in glassware.

Recently their Sesh Supply Nymph Propeller Perc, which recently came away with a “Best Glass” award from the Cannabis Cup.

They also have other in-house brands, which they have either brought on over the years or developed themselves - these include Kraken Glass and China Glass (which we mentioned in great detail above!).

Part of what makes Smoke Cartel so great is their back story.

Did you know they started as just an idea in a living room and $600 in the bank?

Now they are pulling in more than $6 million, after only a few short years.

The founders, Darby Cox, and Sean Geng were in college when they launched Smoke Cartel.

They decided to start it based on their own negative experiences with online headshops.

Mostly the experience was not customer friendly, it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, and it wasn’t very trustworthy.

With that in mind and a little knowledge about coding, they decided that the online headshop world needed a makeover.

It didn’t take them long for their simple idea about selling bongs to launch them into instant stoner-success.

Plus, they are focused on creating jobs for Americans and working with local artists for the design and artistic components of everything they do.

They are not afraid to continue to push the boundaries of what a typical headshop should be either.

In 2017 they became the first bong wholesaler to go public!

They trade on the OTC, under the perfectly named ticker SMKC.

Now you can put your money where your mouth is, as you smoke from their products and reap the rewards of their stocks.

With such success, the founders have long since dropped out of college to pursue their dreams of running one of the most successful bong wholesalers in the world.

Another Southern California brand, ZOB has branded itself as the “What the F*ck company.”

As in, “What the F*ck is a perc?” and “What the F*ck is a Tree Perc?”

They have launched headfirst into a campaign of information to help the everyday smoker like you, learn about all the benefits of the ZOB brand of bongs and pipes.

Most of their collection falls into one of two categories:

Beaker bongs with a long neck

Scientific pieces

They don’t branch out, as they stick to what they know to keep up the high standards their customers have come to expect.

All pieces are made from high-quality clear borosilicate glass and have very little in terms of additional colors or decals.

ZOB bongs are clear, with a logo placed here or there.

Did you know that ZOB uses the same borosilicate glass used for medical grade equipment and nuclear waste storage?

It's such a durable material it can withstand operating temperatures of 515 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plus, it's the best glass for withstanding massive changes in temperatures, like when you put it in the freezer or add ice before your smoke session.

Over the years they have come up with some experimental designs, which are now unique to their brand of bongs.

These include the Wubbler, a name we love, and the Zobello percolator.

Everyone wants a TAG.

Everyone wants Thick Ass Glass, the brand of bongs specifically focusing on quality and durability.

Routinely they produce bongs, rigs, and glassware with minimum 9mm thickness.

Their bases, which is the part of the bong most susceptible to damage, are even thicker - up to 11 mm.

An overly aggressive smoker, who bangs their bong on the coffee table after the smoke session is less likely to destroy it.

They are also one of the only bong companies to offer a warranty service on their beakers, water pipes, and rigs.

If you purchase the warranty along with the rig, you’ll rest easy knowing that if you happen to break the bong (no questions asked) in the next two years, they’ll replace it for free.

While this doesn’t include shipping, it still is worthwhile if your bongs tend to get smashed within two years of purchase.

Just make sure to grab a few pictures of the disaster before throwing it away, as you’ll need the photo evidence to claim the warranty coverage.

Most of TAG's designs keep it simple, as a way to reduce the risk of damage.

They produce glass for just about any style of cannabis lover but don’t expect extraordinary features.

They stick to the basics like water bongs, beakers, and straight tubes.

Most of the time, they also stick with clear class and little decoration.

Which, if we are honest is how we like our scientific glassware anyway.

TAG makes sure their logo doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of the piece.

If you ask HiSI what they bring to the glassware market that other brands don’t, they’ll probably point you to their four-part mission statement.

First, they deliver possibly the cleanest scientific designs on the market today.

Most even have the laboratory measurements on the side of the beaker to put you in the scientific mood.

They make sure nothing gets in the way of design, including any unnecessary features or their branding.

Second, they focus on providing functionality for value.

Ever have a bong that had a perc on top of perc on top of perc for no reason?

If HiSI included a feature into their product, it's for a good reason.

They don’t just keep adding accessories and unnecessary components to make it more expensive for the end user.

Third, they test every design before approval, meaning there is maximum diffusion of smoke without any drag.

Their bongs deliver possibly the cleanest smoking experience on the market.

And fourth, their products are hefting in the best way possible, to make them durable for long term use.

The folks behind HiSI are one of the few companies working towards finding new ways to smoke that prevent unhealthy smoke particles from entering into your lungs.

Their scientific approach eliminates some of the health concerns associated with vaping and smoking cannabis.

Primarily, this improved inhalation is thanks to the unique percolator which boosts the moisture content and lowers the hot temperatures.

With over 40 years of bong design in their history, it's not surprising this Northern California company knows what it's doing.


Bong brands are always innovating and have strict quality control that they live by.

They stand behind their product, and you can tell once you have one of their bongs in your hands why their bongs are well loved.

Illadelph, ROOR, Pulse, Empire or Grav Labs.

All of the brands here put out nothing but grade A bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes and even gas mask bongs.

But what’s your favorite bong brand?

After you pick up your new bong, make sure to check out our guide on the best bong attachments to make it even smoother.

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