The Best Bowl for Weed Reviews 2019

Most bongs today come off shelf pretty kick ass already.

But, you can easily upgrade your bong by picking up the best bowl for weed!

You can grab a bowl that cools your hit down, keeps your bong cleaner and some that just look cool as hell.

Keep reading to see the bong bowls that will instantly take your bong to the next level.

Quick Top 5 Best Bowl for Weed:

The Best Bowl for Weed

Dankstop 8-Arm Taster Bowl

The more, the merrier with the Dankstop 8-Arm Taster Bowl.

This is like a veggie tray at a party where each section has someone's favorite and in the middle lies the delicious dip that everyone is craving...but way better!

Having eight arms allows for complete personalization of all your guests at your smoke-a-thon.

That way if someone with more experienced lungs wants to fill the bad boy to the top, they can do so without causing a THC overdose for the newbie.

Also, having eight arms makes it so that no one is left sucking up ash at the end of the session.

Honeycomb Bowl

This bowl is extremely effective at making sure ash and loose bits of flower don't make their way into your mouth.

The honeycombs that lie underneath the basin work as a built-in screen.

These honeycombs have tiny little mesh holes on them that save your weed from attacking your tongue during a puff.

Also, there is plenty of room for airflow throughout this bowl, allowing for smooth hits.

While the little holes are undoubtedly the best feature, it's also the Honeycomb Bowl's most significant detriment.

Having these holes makes it hard to get in there to do a thorough cleaning.

Other than that drawback, this is a reliable piece that makes for a sweet smoke session.

Dankstop 14mm Bowl with Drip Accents

This bowl's got me feeling some way.

With the illusion of melting glass exhibited along the outside, this hand blown glass bowl is a work of art.  

Sitting at 14mm, this bowl can fit a nice chunk of bud.

With that being said, keep an eye that this bowl doesn’t toss your weed out.

The stem isn't very thick, and when placed in a pipe, the Dankstop 14mm may not stay in place.

Pulse Glass Female Bowl

This is a unique looking bowl as the side is reminiscent of a unicorn horn.

The unicorn horn is quite handy as it is a 1-inch twist meant to handle the bowl so that you don't burn your fingers as you clear your pipe.

Inside the Pulse Glass Female Bowl lies a screen that helps prolong the cleaning of your piece.

This bowl fits almost all male smoking apparatuses to a tee.

Empire Glassworks Avocado Bowl

This is ideal for all guac lovers.

It's avocado, but it's a bowl!

While most gimmicks look shoddy, this is well-crafted.

The basin where you put your weed lies where the pit of the avocado would be.

Unlike many other gimmicks, this Avocado Bowl is the real deal.

It hits like a charm and makes for a great conversation starter within the smoker’s circle.

Dankstop Ash Catcher Bowl

This product marries the best of two worlds—an ash catcher and a bowl!

Due to its fixed downstem, the Dankstop Ash Catcher Bowl cleans your smoke while simultaneously protecting your bong from gunky build-up.

If the Ash Catcher itself isn’t enough to satisfy your cleaning needs, Dankstop also provides a pack of silver mesh screens to add to your fixtures.

What's nice about this particular bowl model is that it comes in both male and female form so that you can choose a piece compatible with any water pipe on the market.

Dankstop Male Slide with Built-In Screen

This is the perfect slide companion for any bong enthusiast.

For one, the Dankstop Male Slide has a very deep bowl, ideal for a relaxing bong session.

The glass that comprises this bowl is thick, making it dependable in times of travel or for anyone with butterfingers.

Also, the slide comes with a thick-handled knob, making it easy to grab.

Good slide grip makes the process of clearing the bong simpler because you can do so without having to look around the chamber at the bowl.

Lastly, this piece comes with a built-in screen.

Having a screen ensures that your bong stays clean longer, which means you will spend less time scrubbing your apparatus out.

Empire Glassworks Jake the Dog Bowl

Smoking with Jake the Dog gives a whole new meaning to Adventure Time.

If you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network show, then this is the bowl for you.

Jake the Dog holds a decent amount of bud and is made out of sturdy glass.

Other than that, there’s not much functionality to this piece.

It’s biggest draw is the novelty of a well-known cartoon character.

So, if you are a fan of the show, it won't hurt to own this.

However, if you have no clue who Jake is, save your money for a cheaper bowl.

Diamond Bowl

Smokers, meet your new best 

The Diamond Bowl looks like a Ring Pop...on top of a bong.

While this may be a bit on the tacky side, this bowl does have depth.

It’s one of the deepest on this list for packing a considerable amount of bud.

The Diamond Bowl comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to customize this bowl to your personal preferences.

Dankstop Spiral Bowl

Life spirals out of control?

Then turn to the Dankstop Spiral Bowl.

This piece is the most stunning on this list.

Flawlessly weaving in and out of one another, the smoke dances along the glass inside the bowl as it reaches the chamber.

For an even better show, smoke your bowl facing light!

All of the aeration going on inside this mechanism makes for a well-filtered, hard hit.

If you are looking for a chic bowl that packs a mean hit, this is an excellent option for you.

However, the bowl itself doesn’t hold as much bud as others on this list, so be advised that you might be packing a bit more.


What did you think of the top 10 best bowls for weed?

Do you feel we missed some that should be added to the list?

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