The Best Bubble Hash Bags are an Easy Way to Great Hash

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DId you know that there is an incredibly easy to make hash?

And it’s as easy as throwing some stuff in a bag?

When you’re handling a lot of cannabis, kief and trimmings will naturally build up over time.

Much like we all should compost our scraps to make more fertile soil for fresher fruits and veggies, we should take our weed scraps and make some bubble hash.

Bubble hash is a simple way to use the extras, and the process uses no solvents or flames.

All you need are the best bubble hash bags, so keep reading to find out more.


Quick Top 5 Bubble Hash Bags

What is a Bubble Bag?

To make bubble hash, you’re going to need a bubble bag...or two...or three...or eight.

When you buy bubble bags, you typically don’t buy them individually (although you can if they become damaged).

Essentially, bubble bags are mesh bags.

The mesh holes on each bubble bag differs in size, causing each bag to yield different results.

Different mesh hole sizes allow for stricter screenings on the trimmings, resulting in finer results.

Finer results=less plant matter.

The Difference in Mesh Sizes

You can identify the mesh sizes by the number indicated on them.

These numbers are called micron numbers.

Depending on how many times you want to filter the cannabis, you start with the smallest micron bag and place it in a bucket.

From there, you proceed using the higher number microns, stacking one inside of another like they’re Russian dolls.

220 is the highest number and goes on last.

It’s known as the “Worker Bag,” because it collects all the junk leftover from all the other filtered bags.

The smallest bag will go on the inside to yield the most bubble hash.

How to Make Bubble Hash

Place a 5-gallon bucket on the ground.

Grab the smallest micron bubble bag and put it around the opening of the bucket.

From there, place the next size up that you plan on using.

How many bags you use is your preference, but here are the yields that you can expect from each bag:

  • 220: All the throwaways, barely smokeable

  • 120-160: Hash good enough for cooking or to gift your friends

  • 90: Some of the strongest flavor and vapor, full melt

  • 73: Almost full melt, a little less potent than 90

  • 25-45: Good enough to mix up with flower in a bowl or joint

Combining the Trim with Ice Water

Once you’ve stacked your bubble bags, grab 200 to 400 grams of trimmings.

The rule of thumb is that 10 grams of trimmings will create 1 gram of bubble hash.

Mix these trimmings with two bags of ice and five gallons of water.

Doing this will help maintain the integrity of the terpenes, which are the chemical compounds responsible for the aromatic molecules within marijuana.

This will help save flavor as well as therapeutic properties of the hash.

Take this mixture and pour it into the stacked bubble bags.

From there, pull out the bags one by one.

Take your yields and place them on a surface so that they can dry out.

Be sure to keep the hash produced by each bag separate so you can compare and contrast the results.

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How to Make Bubble Hash with Dry Ice

Whenever working with such cold temperatures as dry ice, be sure to put on gloves first.

It’s important that dry ice does not come into contact with your skin.

Otherwise, you’ll look like the kid who licked the pole in A Christmas Story.

Grab your kief and trimmings and pour into a 5-gallon bucket.

From there, pour 3 pounds worth of dry ice over the trimmings.

Next, take a 73-micron bubble bag and place it over the opening of the bucket.

Shake the mixture for around 4 minutes.

Then flip the bucket upside down so that all of the plant material makes its way to the mesh part of the bag.

Take the bag off of the bucket and continue shaking until the plant matter stops falling.

When this happens, put your yield onto a clean surface so that it can dry.

Once dried, use an ice scraper to collect the bubble hash.

While it would be less potent in flavor and THC, you can continue this process with bigger size bags to make bubble hash suitable for different situations such as cooking or beginner smokers.

How to Clean Your Bubble Bag

Anytime you use a bubble bag it's a good habit to clean immediately afterward.

A couple of things to keep in mind when you clean it out is to not use warm to hot water.

Adding heat to the remaining plant material in the microns will only cause them to melt.

In turn, you will have trichomes and wax stuck within your microns, causing them to clog in future bubble hash making sessions.

If the microns do become clogged, clean them gently with a microfiber cloth and 99% isopropyl alcohol.

When you clean, rinse with cold water.

After you’ re done cleaning, hang them out to dry.

Before storing the bubble bags, make sure that they’re completely dry.

Rolling up microns filled with moisture will lead to cases of mold or rot.

Now that you have the 411 on using bubble bags let's look over some of the most popular bubble bags on the market and weigh their pros and cons.

What Makes for a Good Bubble Bag?

A lot of bubble bags on the market at the same.

They’re the same colors and the same material.

What you’re looking for above all is durability.

Bubble bags can take a beating.

This is especially true if you do the dry ice method.

You’re taking bubble bags and throwing them upside down.

From there, you shake them around.

As Missy Elliott would say, you put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it.  

This can easily cause seams to rip.

So, you want a durable bubble bag that fits snuggly around the mouth of the bucket you’re using.

Other than that, there are a few nuanced characteristics that separate bubble bags from one another.

The Best Bubble Hash Bags

Bubble ​​​​Bag Dude

BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags 5 Gallon 5 Bag Set Herbal Ice Essence...

The original.

Often imitated, and almost easily duplicated, the Bubble Bag Dude started it all.

This set comes with five bubble bags that break down as followed:

  • Blue - 220 microns

  • Red - 160 microns

  • Orange - 120 microns

  • Yellow - 73 microns

  • Purple - 25 microns

These bags fit perfectly in the bucket.

As they should, seeing as this company has a head start on everyone else.

Obviously, the biggest drawback is the number of bags.

Some of the other sets on this list have up to 8 bags, making for a more personalized filtering process.

However, this set still has the essentials that you need to make top-of-the-line bubble hash.

Of the other bubble bags, these are the most durable, but they won’t last forever.

I suspect a shelf life of 10 runs for these bags, with the bigger sizes starting to unravel a little sooner.

After a handful of uses, the 220 and 160 can see some wear-and-tear around the hemlines.

Ipomelo Essence Extractor

IPOMELO 5 Gallon 8-Bag Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag with Handle Essence...

These do the trick and are machine washable (just be sure to use COLD water).

Not to mention, the Ipomelo Essence Extractor bags come with eight bags:

  • Blue: 220 microns
  • Red: 160 microns
  • Orange: 120 microns
  • Black: 90 microns
  • Yellow: 73 microns
  • White: 45 microns
  • Purple: 25 microns

Like some others, this one is a bit smaller around the mouth of the bucket.

However, what gives it a step up is that this material is washing machine compatible.

Taking on such a beating (and not to mention dry ice bubble hash shaking), these bags seem to be the second most resilient...just behind old faithful, Bubble Bag Dude.

iPower 5 Gallon Extractor

iPower GLBBAG5X8 5 Gallon 8 Set Herbal Ice Essence Extraction Bubble...

As I mentioned above, some kits come with up to 8 bubble bags.

This is one.

The iPower 5 Gallon Extractor bubble bags break down as followed:

  • Blue: 220 microns

  • Green: 190 microns

  • Red: 160 microns

  • Orange: 120 microns

  • Black: 90 microns

  • Yellow: 73 microns

  • Silver: 45 microns

  • Dark Blue: 25 microns

What’s particularly nice about this set is that it comes with a black carrier bag that you can place all of the other bubble bags into.

The carrier bag comes with a drawstring, making for easy portability of this set of bubble bags. Speaking of drawstrings, while these bags don’t fit perfectly around the mouth of the bucket, they do come with drawstrings.

That makes these bags easier to fasten around the bucket, making it almost a guarantee of one-size-fits-all.

While this may sound like these are a better deal than the original, Bubble Bag Dude, these bags aren’t known to feel as sturdy.

Also, cleaning them out isn’t as easy.

The canvas material is a little thicker in texture, making it harder to hold them down to clean out properly after use.

Gotham Hydroponics Extractor

Earth Start 5 Gallon 3 Bubble Bag Herbal Oil Extraction Kit with...

This bubble bag set only comes with three bags.

They are:

  • Blue: 220 microns

  • Yellow: 73 microns

  • Purple: 25 microns

This kit is ideal for those who know what they like for their bubble hash results and aren’t looking to experiment at all.

While these bubble bags are limited, they do come with a pressing screen.

Of the other bags on this list, this brand has the hardest time fitting around the opening of a bucket.

While it does come with a drawstring to make it fit more snug, it can feel like it’s for naught.

Whereas most of the bags seem to be a bit too big to fit around the top, the mouths of these are a little bit smaller than the rest.

Growson Extractor

Growsun 5 gallon 8-bag Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Essence Extractor...

This set contains eight bubble bags, with the micron sizes breaking down as:

  • Purple: 220 microns

  • White: 190 microns

  • Yellow: 160 microns

  • Black: 90 microns

  • Orange: 73 microns

  • Red: 45 microns

  • Green: 45 microns

  • Blue: 25 microns

The biggest difference between these bubble bags and the rest is the material that they’re made out of.

These bubble bags are made out of nylon, which some users report as giving them an awkward smell.

Growson Extractor bubble bags have a plastic scent that slowly fades away with washes.

Unfortunately, by the time the smell is completely gone, these bags will might have outlived their usefulness, and it will be time to replenish.

Smell aside these bubble bags do the trick.


If you grow and have a ton a trimmings laying around, or if you just want to experiment with new ways of making hash, bubble hash is a great route.

It’s one of the easiest ways to make hash and one of the only that doesn’t use a solvent like butane or alcohol.

If you pick up one of the best bubble hash bags you’ll be rolling in bubble hash in no time.

Have you ever made bubble hash?

We’d love to hear how it turned out!

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