The Best Bubble Hash Machine for Sale in 2019

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Who doesn’t love bubbles?

Or hash?

So, together, who on earth wouldn’t show some love for bubble hash?

With its high potency and solvent-free means of extraction, bubble hash is the easiest hash to make with the best return on investment.

More THC and more flavor?

While easy, making bubble hash can be a bit labor intensive.

Thankfully, bubble hash machines have made the job easier.

Let me help you find the best bubble hash machine for your needs.


Quick Top 5 Best Bubble Hash Machine:

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What is Bubble Hash?

Before you go off buying the best bubble hash machine 2018 has to offer, you should probably learn what is bubble hash in the first place.

Bubble hash derives from cannabis plant trimmings.

Cannabinoids from the cuttings are extracted by applying pressure onto the cannabis with cold water and ice.

Seeing these are natural extracting tools, the quality and taste of your bubble hash will not be compromised.

What Do You Need to Make Bubble Hash?

Making DIY bubble hash requires only a few things.

You will need water, ice, something to stir, and a 5-gallon bucket.

Most importantly, to make bubble hash, you will need to invest in bubble bags.

What Are Bubble Bags?

Nuts and bolts, bubble bags are canvas mesh bags that have different sized holes than the other bags they come with.

Each mesh hole creates their yield sizes that vary in potency.

The bags are differentiated by their micron size.

Typically, the highest number is 220.

Known as the worker bag, the 220-bag goes on last to collect the most plant material waste.

Best bubble hash yields end up in the smallest bag placed on the inside of the bags.

Starting to Make Bubble Hash

Now that you know the tools necessary to make the best bubble hash let's get these trimmings ready.

Start off with a 5-gallon bucket and place it on the ground.

Take the largest micron bag and put it around the bucket’s mouth.

Keep following with the next size down, depending on the flavor profiles and yields you are looking for.

What Does Each Bubble Hash Bag Usually Yield?

Starting with the smallest bags and working up:

  • 25-45: Not the highest quality, but good enough to mix up in a jay

  • 73: Second best quality

  • 90: The strongest of the bunch

  • 120-160: Good for cooking

  • 220: Hot garbage

How to Make Bubble Hash

10 grams of trim will produce a gram of the best bubble hash.

With that being said, you need to use a lot of trim for it to be worth the effort it takes to make bubble hash in the first.

Grab anywhere from 400 to 600 grams of trimmings for this project.

Pour 5-gallons of water into the bucket lined with bubble bags.

Then place your trimmings in.

Top off with two bags of ice.

With the ice sitting on the trim, use a stick or oar to stir slowly for 15 minutes.

Once a quarter hour is up, leave the ice-hash mixture to sit for about a half hour.

Collecting Your Bubble Hash

Take each bubble bag out one-by-one.

Strain or scrape off any bubble hash onto parchment paper.

Be sure to keep each bag’s yield separate so you can taste the differences.

Once dried, the best bubble hash is ready to consume.

For most potent grades, dab your bubble hash for best results.

Good to middle-of-the-road bubble hash is ideal for joints, bowls, and bongs.

Lower quality grades of bubble hash are best served for baking...or gifting your frenemies.

Why Get a Commercial Bubble Hash Machine?

While making bubble hash is a pretty easy concept, it can be a bit tiring.

Stirring slowly for 15 minutes can cause you to grow impatient or arms to get tired.

In turn, it may ruin the quality of your bubble hash.

For consistency and convenience, it’s wise to invest in the best bubble hash machine to get a quality product.

Making Bubble Hash with Washing Machine

Seeing as the agitation process is so important, many people turn to their washing machine as their bubble hash extractor.

Washing machine hash is a common practice that is fairly easy to do.

Just fill with ice and cold water.

Put the trimmings in large silkscreen bags that you can zipper shut.

Place one bag on each side of the washing machine to avoid shaking.

Warnings About Making Bubble Hash with Washing Machine

Run the washing machine on a low setting, so it aggregates for ten to twelve minutes.

Make sure the hose drain is set up to empty hash water into a sieve-covered bucket.

When making bubble hash with washing machine, make sure the machine itself is well-cleaned.

Ideally, you’d use a washing machine that’s never had any harsh chemicals or detergents in it. Otherwise, you run the risk of contaminating your bubble hash.

How to Pick Out the Best Bubble Hash Machine 2018

So that you know, it is possible to do your laundry and make bubble hash at the same time.

You can also make bubble hash with remnants of bleach in it!

Yeah, no bueno.

All you need is to find yourself the best bubble hash machine.

Let’s take a look at some of the top bubble hash machines out there. 

The Best Bubble Hash Machine for Sale in 2018

These are the originators of the Bubble Bag so that you can expect quality with the BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bag Machine.

Their bubble bags tend to give the biggest yields of bubble hash compared to other micron bags on the market.

This bubble machine aggregates your bubble hash for the 15 minutes necessary to make the best product.

With the BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bag Machine, you can fit up to a quarter pound of shake.

On top of supplying the bags and bubble machine, this kit comes with a lot of freebies.

You can expect a 25-micron pressing screen for collecting your bubble hash.

It also comes with a worker bag and a large storage bag to keep all of your bubble bags together.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with the 5-gallon bucket as pictured.

Just be warned, the bubble hash machine tends to leak at the top.

Usually, these leaks happen around where the hinges are located.

While it’s not too bad of a spill, it’s enough to make you have to grab a towel and sop up the mess.

This bubble hash machine looks like a distant cousin of R2-D2.

Concerning energy and water efficiency, this might be the best bubble hash machine for that criteria.

The 20 Gallon Bubble Magic comes with all of the extra bells and whistles that the BUBBLEBAGDUDE does minus the carrier bag.

However, it does have one neat feature that the bubble bag innovators were missing.

Like BUBBLEBAGDUDE, the Bubble Magic Washing Machine comes with a 15 minute timer...that you can set in three-minute intervals.

This is handy if you are doing other errands around the house and want to keep track of where your bubble hash machine might be in the process.

That’s where the advantages end.

The Gro1 bags supplied with this bubble hash machine does not hold a candle to the machine itself.

These bags are stitched in a way where the bags overlap the screen.

You are missing out on microns.

Plus, the stitches start to give after a couple uses.

With that being said, the company does offer customers a one-year warranty for any product defects that are the manufacturer’s fault.

We go from looking like R2-D2 to resembling a paper shredder.

While compact, this Bubble Magic Extraction Machine can hold up to 5-gallons.

That makes this the best bubble machine in terms of taking up space in your house while not comprising the bubble hash yield.

With that being said, don’t overfill this machine.

Doing so will cause it to leak.

Also, its tiny build makes this bubble hash machine a bit on the fragile side.

Be careful when handling because it can break easily.

The only perk to purchasing the 5-gallon Bubble Magic Extraction Machine is you get a 220-micron bag.

So unless you in the business in collecting garbage, you are going to need to get yourself some bubble bags.

Also, if there are any problems with the machine, you will not get a replacement.

Instead, parts will be sent to you from the manufacturer.From there, you can try to remedy the issue on your own.

When it comes to customer service, this product downgrades from the best bubble hash machine to the worst bubble hash machine.

Continuing on the doppelganger game, this bubble hash machine looks a lot like a Waterpik Flosser.

Looks aside, the COSTWAY Mini Portable Washing Machine does it all.

In fact, you can make your bubble hash or wash your baby’s clothes in this machine.

Actually, that was this was intended for.

Either way, the COSTWAY still does the trick.

This compact washer is only seven pounds, making it easily portable.

Other than not being intended to make bubble hash, the only downside to this product is the instructions.

They are a bit hard to follow for those who are looking to wash clothes.

I’d imagine the same issues would be present for those who are trying to make bubble hash.

The originators are closing out the best bubble hash machine reviews with another game-changer in the bubble hash world.

This is more bare-bones than original offering as this system includes the bubble hash machine and a worker bag.

The biggest complaint about the BUBBLEGRADE is the same one that hits all the other best bubble machines on this list.

There tends to be a frequent leak problem with this bubble hash machine.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can stop the leak on this particular compact washer.

All you need to do is take the four screws off the top.

You’ll notice some material that resembles mylar tape around the lip.

The water is leaking past this tape-like material.

Use some white silicone sealant around the area.

This should fix all future leaks.

While some of the other bubble hash machines on this may be a bit noisy, the BUBBLEBAGDUDE runs quietly.

You will hardly hear it on as you go about your business.

Due to the brand’s consistency, next to the BUBBLEBAGDUDE that has all the add-ons, in the beginning, this is perhaps the best bubble hash machine.

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