The Best Butane for Dab Torches in 2019

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Cannabis dabs are everyone's favorite nowadays.

Not only are the dabs much more powerful than your regular joints, but the experience is different as well.

Your brain experiences a sudden and intense high.

Even people trying to relieve their illnesses have from to love dabs.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably using a dab torch already.

But, did you know that the Butane you use could make the final output significantly different?

Butane of higher quality ensures a cleaner, refined smoke whereas cheap fuel could do more harm than good.

You’re dabbing for a purpose, so don’t skimp on the type of fuel you use, because it really matters.

So, keep reading if you want to learn about the best butane for dab torches.


Quick Top 5 Butane Brands:

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How to Choose Butane

Not all butane is made the same.

Premium quality butane can transform your experience with dabs.

There are plenty of butane fuel suppliers on the market, but which one are you going to choose?

I’ll show you how to choose the best butane for dab torches, so don't worry if you have no idea.

The Best Butane for Dab Torches

Ronson Butane Refill Fuel

Ronson 99146 2 Large Lighter Butane Refill 78 Grams 2.75 Ounce (Pack...

Ronson is an old player in this field.

The company was named “The Art Metal Works” way back in 1897 and was based in New Jersey, USA.

Ronson was famous for its lighters even then when most companies were still struggling.

Today, Ronson is a part of many brands in the Zippo Manufacturing Company.

Ronson doesn't need an introduction due to the standard they have maintained over the years.

The first thing you’d notice about Ronson is that it’s very affordable compared to other brands.

Most customers praise the product because the fuel burns clean without any residue.

It also doesn’t clog any of your lighters, so you can use it without worrying about your expensive dab torches.

Butane refills last long when it’s packed well in a container that doesn’t rust.

Ronson comes in an Aluminum pressure vessel that’s very strong and prevents rust.

What makes Ronson such a hit among customers is the quality and affordable price that’s far superior to most companies.

Colibri Premium Butane Fuel

Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Lighter 3 Small Cans

Anyone who dabs will tell you that butane is not something to be messed with.

It can misfire, or explode, and a lot can go wrong.

Even butane lighters malfunction due to the quality of the butane.

Therefore, it’s important for you to choose a manufacturer offering the highest-quality butane.

Colibri offers Butane that is 99.99% pure.

With no effect on the taste of the smoke, Colibri is exceptional because of its 5x refined fuel that prevents misfires or malfunctions.

A 3-pack fuel consists of three cans that total up to 90 ml.

You don’t have to refill frequently since the fuel lasts a long time.

The fuel burns clean and strong with no residue, and there’s no risk of ruining your lighters.

Last but not the least, the refills are affordable and won’t burn a hole through your wallet.

Zippo Butane Fuel

Zippo Butane Fuel, 42 gram Packaging may vary.

Made in the USA, Zippo is synonymous with anything that has to do with a lighter.

Whether you’re camping or lighting a candle or a dab torch, Zippo is a perfect choice.

The refills come with a universal tip that can be used to refill most lighters.

With premium quality butane, the manufacturer assures that the flame will burn strong and clean without any mishaps.

The refills are available in different sizes including 1.48 oz (42 grams), 2.75 oz (78 grams) and 5.82 oz (165 grams).

The 5.82 oz refill is perhaps the best option because it lasts for a long time.

Plus, it’s one of the cheapest butanes available today.

Neon 7x Butane Fuel

Neon 7X Butane 300ML - New Fuel - Metal Refill Tip - Additional 5...

Quality Butane is always refined several times to get to the final product.

This process ensures that the fuel burns clean without ruining the lighters or torches.

Neon fuel is refined seven times.

And the result is butane that's extremely pure.

7x Refined Butane also contains fewer particles than regular butane.

In fact, the manufacturer is confident that Neon 7x performs better than Zippo at a lower cost.

Neon Butane Fuel is tested by butane experts to ensure that the performance is superior to most brands.

Also, the refills come with five different metal tips to suit a variety of lighters.

The metal tips are better than most refills that are equipped with plastic nozzles.

If the nozzles don’t work well, you simply waste the fluid.

Neon metal tips are easy to use, and you can fill your dab torch or lighter to its maximum capacity without wastage.

The large size lasts a long, long time while saving you more money in the meantime.

Blazer Butane

Blazer Butane Refill - 6 canisters

When you buy a torch that’s expensive and made with superior materials, it’s your responsibility to buy butane that’s equally impressive.

The type of butane you use is very important to preserve the shelf life of your torch.

Most people don’t even realize it's available in different grades and often make the mistake of buying poor-quality butane.

If your butane is unrefined, it might cause the grime and dirt in your torch or lighter to build up, thereby rendering it useless.

You can even fix your torch by just using premium quality butane.

To protect your torch, make sure that you buy fuel like Blazer that’s triple refined.

Blazer is pure and works exceptionally well with Blazer products.

However, you can use the fuel to refill lighters or torches of other brands too.

Xikar Premium Butane

Xikar Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Lighters - 2 Pack

Xikar Premium is one of the best butane fuels available.

Xikar Premium is even better than Xikar because it is refined many more times.

After so many filtrations, the butane is pure with almost zero impurities.

100% pure butane is a rare find, but Xikar Premium fuel is almost there with its top-notch performance.

Xikar assures that the fuel contains fewer than 30 parts per million, which means that it’s incredibly pure.

Vector Quintuple Refined Butane

Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Gas Fuel Refill 2 Cans

As the name states, Vector Quintuple Butane is refined five times.

Cheap quality butane comes with several problems.

Not only will your dab torches and lighters suffer, but it’s a struggle to keep the torch lit even for a few seconds.

Vector has no such issues.

Using pure butane is very important to ensure that you don’t have an accident.

And, judging by Vector’s popularity, you can rest assured that you'll get a great butane.

Whether you’re using a jet torch or a simple lighter, the butane works efficiently without you having to fight to smoke your herb.

The fuel burns ultra clean with absolutely no residue.

The canister comes with six different nozzles that can be used to refill most of your torches, even if they are from other brands.

If you’re having trouble with a torch that somehow refuses to work, you can purge it and refill it with Vector to experience how incredibly it performs.

Fasfil Refined Butane Fuel

Fasfil 5 Times Refined Butane Fuel (10.15 oz)

Fasfil is a favorite among many consumers, thanks to its clean fuel.

Manufactured in Korea and England, this premium butane is exported to California and shipped to other parts of the world.

Fasfil 5 Times Refined Fuel is exactly that, refined five times.

Creating and refining butane is a complex process, so it makes sense to purchase it from someone with years of experience.

The canister comes with six different tips that allow you to refill many of your torches and lighters.

If you’re looking for affordable fuel to dab your concentrates, Fasfill is certainly worth a try.

A 10.15 oz (300 ml) canister is a tad more expensive than other top brands out there.

Jetline Premium Butane

Jetline Premium Butane 5 Times Refined 5x Filtered Refill 300ml 10oz 3...

Jetline is most famous for its lighters.

Since 1991, the company has focused on manufacturing lighters that have become very popular.

Right from its cigar lighter with a quadruple flame to its sextuple-flame lighter, Jetline is known to design innovative products that offer a great experience to its customers.

Apart from its other smoking accessories, Jetline also manufactures premium butane that is refined five times.

The fuel is so pure and clean that it unclogs torches that have been clogged due to grime.

Jetline is more expensive than other brands, but the quality is second to none.

Lotus Butane

Lotus Butane - 400ml

Lotus comes in a huge 400 ml can.

It’s very popular among many communities that specialize in the extraction of Butane Hash Oil.

First off, it’s inexpensive.

And secondly, the fuel is refined thrice to produce butane that has very fewer impurities.

Furthermore, the butane undergoes a 6-stage filtration process to weed out any remaining particles.

Lotus comes with an adaptor cap that has five nozzles to fill any of your lighters.

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap refill, look no further than Lotus.


As you can see, there are a TON of options when it comes to getting your torch refilled. 

Going with the best butane for dab torches will save you a ton of headaches.

If you've ever bought that cheap stuff from the gas station, then you know just how bad crappy butane can suck!

Don't buy that stuff.

It sucks.

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