The Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Treat Your Dog to a Better Life

CBD oil is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to solution for many illnesses such as stress and anxiety.

Naturally, many people wonder if CBD oil can help their dogs too.

After all, our pet friends suffer from multiple issues including seizures, so CBD seems like a perfect choice.

There are many varieties of CBD oil available, but not all of them are pure.

It’s extremely important to choose pure CBD oil, especially when it concerns your pooch.

So, today, I’ll explain the benefits of some of the best CBD oil for dogs to help you make the best choice.

Quick Top 5 CBD Oils for Dogs:

What is CBD oil?

For the uninitiated, CBD oil is nothing but an oil derived from cannabis plants.

The cannabis plant contains several cannabinoids.

Out of the 60 plus cannabinoids, CBD is one of them.

Until now, THC – the psychoactive ingredient – was most popular.

But, over time, CBD oil seems to be attracting more attention from a medical perspective.

CBD oil is extracted from the same plant, but it doesn’t produce a “high” like THC.

THC is produced by processing the buds and flowers of the plant.

CBD is taken from mainly from hemp that’s not processed a lot—but there are some cannabis strains bred specifically for high levels of CBD.

Since CBD offers many medicinal benefits without making the user high, it’s recommended to treat many ailments.

Can You Use CBD Oil for Pets?

The short answer—yes, of course!

There’s no long answer, really, because CBD is safe for both humans and pets.

THC is also beneficial to treat or manage many diseases.

However, since many people are not comfortable with its psychoactive effects, they avoid it.

For pets, it’s crucial that you use only pure CBD oil that doesn’t contain any traces of THC.

How Does CBD Oil work on animals?

Like humans, animals are also equipped with cannabinoid receptors.

These receptors are found in many parts of the body.

The endocannabinoid system, or the ECS system, contains endocannabinoids that bind to the receptors.

Similarly, animals also possess the endocannabinoid system that plays an important role in their bodies.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids are very beneficial to help with pain and several other illnesses.

For dogs, CBD is known to have helped with arthritis, stress and other issues related to digestion.

To get your pet comfortable with CBD, you can start by using it as an aid to alleviate the side effects caused by other drugs (if you’re using any).

Best CBD Oil for Pets

Many companies are manufacturing CBD oil today.

But, it’s necessary to mention that you need to buy products only from manufacturers with a good reputation.

Your pets cannot overdose or even get high on CBD.

To understand more about dosage, watch this video

Here’s a list of CBD oils that can help your pets…

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Innovet PurCBD+ For Pets

PurCBD+ is an organic phytocannabinoid or CBD oil that can assist your pets.

You need very small doses of CBD for you pets.

Therefore, the oil is diluted with hemp oil.

From small dogs to horses, Innovet has a variety of CBD products in different doses.

The products are all tested by a third-party lab to ensure that it’s safe and efficient.

As the oil is obtained through CO2 extraction, it’s cold-pressed and extremely pure.

In fact, PurCBD+ is great even for us humans.

But since human-grade products need extra liability, the company states that it’s meant for pets.

This full spectrum oil contains absolutely no pesticides.

Tested and bottled in the USA, you can be sure that it contains no contaminants.

CBD oil is known to help with bone pain.

If you sense that your pet is in distress, you can administer CBD oil with no side effects.

It can also help with vomiting and nausea.

Pet owners that are worried about a loss of appetite can also use PurCBD+.

Many dogs such as Labradors often suffer from seizures.

So, a good dose of CBD oil will certainly help them.

Generally, it takes about twenty minutes for the product to work.

But, if you don’t see any benefit from PurCBD+ even after 30 days, you can request your money back!

Cannapet CBD

Cannapet offers CBD products in the form of both capsules and liquid.

It’s pretty easy to feed the oil to your cat.

The best way to use it is to pour a few drops right under the tongue.

Or, you can add the oil to the food.

For capsules, break them open and mix it into the food.

Or, hide the capsules in a treat!

Cannapet also offers CBD biscuits!

From peanut to banana, apple, turkey dinner and a delicious bacon flavor, you can rest assured that your sweet one will love it.

Cannapet contains 0% THC.

If you start with small doses with only 2-3ml every day, a 10 ml bottle will last for a month.

Cannapet suggests that CBD oil works better than other forms.

Make sure that you feed your pet about 3-4 times with a small dose every time so that he can adjust to it.


CBDistillery is a company from Colorado that takes quality very seriously.

All the products are lab-tested to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

Unlike human CBD tinctures, this CBD tincture for pets is manufactured using pure cold-pressed hemp oil.

A 15 ml container has at least 10 mg CBD per ml, making it a total of 150 mg.

Whether you mix it in food or drop it under your furry friend’s tongue, you’ll see a spring in her step soon!

Pet CBD Food

Pet CBD Food is CBD oil that’s derived from organic hemp.

Most companies manufacture CBD oil for pets whether it’s a cat, a horse or a dog.

But, Pet CBD food believes that each animal is different.

Therefore, if you purchase Pet CBD Food for dogs, for instance, you can only feed it to your dogs.

Cat owners need not feel left out since they have treats and oil for cats too.

They also have variations for small and large dogs.

Based on an estimate of the average age, weight, and requirements of dogs and cats, Pet CBD Food has managed to come up with medicines that are tailored for your pets.

If your pet is suffering from illnesses including aggressive behavior, CBD oil can help.

Use only ten drops per serving by mixing the oil in your pet's food.

Or, you can drop the liquid directly under your best friend’s tongue.

Pet CBD oil is concentrated, so a 50 mg bottle with yield 50 mg CBD.

This is just perfect for medium dogs, and you need not worry about the dosage.

You can also feed this to other dogs that are ill or elderly.

However, note that 50mg Pet CBD food will work effectively only on dogs that range from 10 to 40 lbs.

Pet Health CBD

Pet Health Daily Wellness CBD capsules are simple and easy to use.

With thirty capsules in each bottle, you can feed one capsule every day.

Each capsule contains about 25 mg of CBD, making a total of 750 mg per bottle.

This CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp.

The oil is then dried before it’s mixed with other essential oils, terpenoids, and cannabinoids.

Since the oil is dried beforehand, it aids in digesting food easily.

You can tear the capsules and mix the oil in your pets’ food.

Or, you can hide the capsules in treats, and your dog won't even notice!

This full-spectrum CBD extract contains only ingredients that are plant-based.

Also, this CBD oil contains 0% THC, so you can be completely sure that your beloved pet will not experience any psychoactive effects.


The best CBD oil for dogs can have you pet signing a new lease on life.

Your once lively pup can get his step back thanks to the many medicinal benefits from CBD.

The best part about CBD for dogs is you don't have to feel guilty about getting them high, because CBD is completely non-psychoactive!

Have you tried giving CBD to your pets?

If so, did you see a noticeable improvement in their health?

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