The Best Chillums in the World

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Chillums are a perfect go-between for those who want a little more than a one-hitter but not quite a full bowl.

The most significant difference between most chillums and pipes is the fact that chillums won't have a carb hole.

That’s what makes a chillum more like a one-hitter because there is no air flowing through to keep the smoke session rolling along.

However, the loading area of the chillum can range.

So, your piece really could be a one-hitter or end up being a five-hitter.

No matter how many hits you plan on taking, let’s take a look at the best chillum and the 9 chillums that fall just short.


Quick Top 5 Best Chillums:

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The Best Chillum

Grav Labs 9mm Taster Chillum

Right off the bat, the Grav Labs 9mm Taster Chillum is all about the graphics. 

They have everything from gas masks to cars that look like something Archer would drive.

This piece is small, making it easy to transport.

However, it is also durable.

Another excellent quality of this chillum is that the glass pipe has a little bubble at the bottom to prevent you from burning yourself.

While a minuscule touch, this perk goes a long way in making something as bare bones as a chillum feel more personalized.

Although this chillum lacks a carb hole, the Grav Labs 9mm Taster is still a pretty smooth hit.

American Helix Solo Chillum

Here's a chillum that allows for air intake. 

There’s a micro-hole next to the bubble on the glass.

When air enters the chillum, it flows through the venturi chamber.

Based on the scientific principle, the Venturi Effect, when smoke enters the helix-shaped chamber, the clouds of hot air will aerate, spin through the confined area, and eventually cool down.

Inside the chamber lies a funnel with three holes created where the curve is the widest.

As the smoke enters that area, it begins to travel toward the funnel’s tip.

Being pulled in three directions, the smoke is combined with a rush of air from the micro-hole to create a spinning cloud of smoke.

Not only does it look cool AF, but it creates smoke that is bursting with flavor.

This is without a doubt the smoothest hit you will get off a chillum.

Chameleon Dubdancer Glass Chillum

This piece looks like it would be in a blown glass exhibit at the Chihuly Garden in Seattle or something. 

Sporting rasta colors, this chillum will get you in the mood for a chill smoke session.

While the size of the bowl of some chillums may lean toward the one-hitter side of the spectrum, the Chameleon Dubdancer is no such chillum.

This piece comes with a really deep bowl that can fit two heads comfortably for a couple of puffs each.

On top of the camaraderie appeal, this chillum is also heavy-duty.

Lastly, the chillum is made up of thick borosilicate glass.

Therefore, you can get away with dropping this thing a time or two...I wouldn't make a habit out of it.

Glassheads Magic Mushroom Chillum

Now you can eat your shrooms...and smoke them too.

This chillum looks like it was plucked straight out of the ground!

Entering into a party atmosphere with a chillum looking like a magic mushroom will spark a conversation in a group.

As far as a smoking apparatus, that's where the frills end.

While this is a sufficient chillum, there’s nothing to brag about other than the fact that it looks like a psychedelic mushroom.

This piece has no carb hole, and its bowl size is nothing to write home (or scoff) about.

It works just as well as any other chillum that is probably half the price of this one.

However, for the novelty alone, this chillum may be worth it...especially if you are known to enjoy a trip or two.

BoroDirect Spiral Fumed Chillum

Prepare to amazed. 

This thing changes colors!

Within the chillum lies a spiral design that always remains white.

However, the rest of the apparatus is fumed.

That means the rest of the glass in this chillum has been created by heating metals such as silver or gold to a high temperature, near the glass.

When this happened, the metals released fumes that would then bind onto the glass surface.

Not in use, this chillum will look like a run-of-the-mill pipe.

However, under heat, the chillum produces a semi-transparent visual that beams with color.

On top of the beauty factor, this is a quality chillum.

The mouthpiece has a perfectly contoured opening for the mouth.

It is lightweight and discreet, making it easily portable.

Perhaps the only downside is that it doesn’t produce as nice of flavor as some of the other chillums on this list, but it’s hard to compare when the American Helix has a micro-hole and a venturi chamber.

Empire Glassworks Hootie the Owl Chillum

And now from the neat to the downright bizarre. 

This thing is...well it's a thing.

It's got an owl surrounded by shrooms sitting on what I think is supposed to be a sewer pipe but looks more like a megaphone.

Hootie the Owl is a busy chillum and is not for the discreet.

While the glass is thick, there are so many doodads coming off this thing, that it would be easy to lob the head of a shroom or the poor owl itself!

Proving to be more than just a chillum, there is also a loop at the end of this apparatus.

That’s right.

If you love your Hootie that much, you can run a chain through the loop and turn your chillum into a necklace.

On the positive side, this chillum does have a deep bowl so you can take quite a few hits in one sitting.

Other than that, I don’t see anything special about this piece...unless owls are your thing (and even if they are...this thing is a little too busy for being one of the best chillums).

Grav Arcline Chillum

This is said to be inspired by Tuscan columns, and I can see why.

The Grav Arcline Chillum looks like an architectural masterpiece.

Staying true to the column motif, this chillum is a hard pipe to crack.

It is extremely sturdy and dependable.

While a bit on the heavy side, it is not awkward to handle nor will it weigh down a bag or pocket.

In fact, at 3.5 inches, this is one of the smallest chillums on the list.

However, don’t let that turn you off.

Of the chillums on this list, this one probably holds the most bud in the bowl.

Being compact, extra durable, having a big bowl, and a unique design, the Grav Arcline is an ideal chillum for the everyday smoker.

Clay Chillum

The chillum has a rich history as a centerpiece for spiritual celebrations within the Hindu community.

Used for centuries, Hindu would smoke hashish or tobacco out of a clay chillum as a way to feel closer to Lord Shiva, the god responsible for the destruction and recreation of the planet earth.

As old folklore goes, Shiva fell asleep in a cannabis field after a fight with his family.

Once stressed, he was suddenly relaxed and began having visions telling him what to do.

Following the realization that the field he was in had some magical powers, cannabis became the god's food of choice.

Those who follow Hindu practices smoke hashish to get closer to their Lord Shiva on a spiritual level.

Long before marijuana paraphernalia companies perfected fumed glass, venturi chambers, or owls sitting on a pipe, a stone was placed inside the clay structure to create a filter for the hashish or tobacco.

Nowadays, chillums can still be made out of clay, but metal mesh has replaced stone as an effective screen for these smoking apparatuses.

Seeing as this piece is made from clay, it naturally cools down the heated smoke entering the chillum, making for a more refreshing smoke.

While it has a modernized twist in filtration, the engravings and overall aesthetic on this piece give a sophisticated vibe to this chillum.

Small Plain Stone Chillum

This is much like the Clay Stone, except it is made out of stone.

While this chillum is made out of stone, the filter inside is once again not.

These too take the same metal mesh screens as the Clay Stone.

Honestly, the only difference between the two is truly the appearance.

The Plain Stone Chillum is just stone, with no engravings or extra detail.

However, it looks more polished and less worn than the engraved clay.

So, it all comes down to a matter of preference.

Dankstop 1 Hit Chillum with Rubber Mouthpiece

These little chillums look like Christmas light replacements. 

One of the biggest selling points of these Dankstop 1 Hit Chillums is the rubber mouthpiece.

Since it doesn't conduct heat in the same manner as glass, there are no concerns about burning the ends of your lips as you pull.

The top of the chillum is removable, revealing where the bud goes.

Another nice little perk hides under this cover as the bowl is threaded.

That means your weed won’t fall out, as the threads will herd the bud back into place.


The best chillum is easy to take with you on the go, gives you a smooth hit or two and looks cool as heck.

The chillums on this list fit at least 2 out of 3, and if you come across one that doesn't it's best to try one of these on this list instead.

Most of these are so popular they are sold at just about every headshop that you will come across! Want to know exactly which headshops? You can read more in this THCoverdose Review Guide.

What's the best chillum you've every smoked out of?

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