The Best Clear Rolling Papers

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If there’s one thing about the human race, we’re a curious bunch.

We like to see how everything works and experience everything as up-close-and-personally as possible.

This sort of wonder has bled over to the marijuana industry and led to a growth in the popularity of clear rolling papers.

Gone are the days of rolling up non-transparent jays.

Now you can watch your flower dance in the kindle as you draw.

Read on all about the best clear rolling papers.


Quick Top 5 Best Clear Rolling Papers:

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What Are Clear Rolling Papers Made Of?

Growing up in generations accustomed to cigarettes, cigars, blunts, and joints, we aren’t used to seeing through what our herbs are rolled in.

When most people think of seeing through surfaces, they tend to conjure up images of either glass or plastic.

While glass can’t be burned down, plastic can be.

So, when I tell you that clear rolling papers are made out of cellulose, you might be a bit apprehensive.

Clear Rolling Papers Are They Highly Toxic?

Finishing off the sequence of events, when you think of cellulose, you probably think of cellophane.

There are two types of cellophane.

The common cellophane that you’re thinking of is the food storage product, Saran Wrap.

You don’t want to smoke this type of cellophane (nor should you use it to heat up your food).

Instead, the cellophane used in the best clear rolling papers are plant-derived.

How Are Clearing Rolling Papers Made?

Cellulose is a long chain of sugar molecule links.

These links are what form the cell walls of plants.

Don’t fall for any product that says they are 100% Vegetable Cellulose.

I can almost guarantee it doesn’t exist and I would question the validity of the company’s claim.

Clear rolling paper manufacturers typically extract these compounds from tree bark or cotton.

In some instances, they take from them hemp as well.

Once extracted, the long-chain sugar molecules are molded and flattened into a cellulose film.

This film is the sheets you get when you purchase the best clear rolling papers.

Benefits of Clear Rolling Papers

There are many reasons why clear rolling papers are a great choice for your smoke session.

Cellulose kind of compacts itself around the herb each time you inhale.

This makes for a more even burn than white rolling papers.

Also, glycerine is usually added to the final product to give the clear rolling papers a bit of a sweet taste.

This lipid also slows down the burn of your clear rolling paper, making for a longer smoking experience.

Seeing that all of the products are plant-derived and natural, clear rolling papers are 100% biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice.

Dangers of Clear Rolling Papers

One thing to keep in mind when smoking clear rolling papers treated with glycerine is that just like your herb, this compound gets heated up by your lighter.

Anytime a chemical is under pressure it changes the composition of its chemical makeup.

Therefore, when glycerine combusts, a byproduct is Acrolein.

Acrolein toxicity is known to be a carcinogen.

With that being said, smoking increases your risk for cancer, so you are playing with fire anyway.

Therefore, the small traces of this chemical most likely won’t deter most from using these clear rolling papers.

Now that you know how they are made, why you should buy them, and what to look out for, let’s review the best clear rolling papers out there. 

The Best Clear Rolling Papers

Trip Clear 1​​​​.25 Cigarette Rolling Papers

Trip Clear 1.25 Cigarette Rolling Papers, 4 Packs

The Trip Clear 1.25 Cigarette Rolling Papers pride themselves on being tree-free.

That means that their cellulose derives strictly from Asiatic Cotton Mallow, saving trees for our environment.

These papers are extremely thin and perfect for rolling tight joints.

However, they are kind of hard to roll, so if you are looking to pack your papers full of bud, then these aren't the best clear rolling papers for you.  

With that being said, these papers are compatible with almost every rolling machine out there, so if they are giving you a tough time then try this option out for size.

Lastly, Trips don’t come with a tip.

When you smoke, these clear rolling papers tend to get hot toward the end.

So, you might want to invest in a glass filter tip if you plan on going with the clear rolling paper smoking experience going forward.

Glass All Natural 1.25 Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers

Glass All Natural 1.25 Clear Cigarette Rolling Papers, 3 Packs of 50

Glass Clear Rolling Papers are transparent and come in 4 packs of 50.

One quality that stands out about the Glass brand of clear rolling papers is their durability.

These papers don’t puncture easily.

So, if you are a little hard up and find yourself breaking up stems and throwing them in your pile of bud, you can still roll up without worry.

Do note that with this stiffness comes a bit of a struggle to roll.

Once you get to know how to manipulate the paper, it’s all smooth sailing from there.

The only downfall to this rolling paper, and perhaps all the best clear rolling papers, is you start to see all the resin and soot from your session gathering near the mouthpiece.

It’s an unpleasant reminder of what you’re inhaling into your body.

These clear rolling papers don’t contain any glycerine.

Therefore, don’t expect any sweet flavors.

This wrap is completely neutral in the flavor profile department, leaving the spotlight on the bud you are smoking.

Cyclones Strawberry Flavored Pre Rolled Cones Clear

Cyclones Strawberry Flavored Pre Rolled Cones Clear (4 Packs) with...

Do you want to smoke your cake and see it too?

Now’s your chance with the Cyclones Strawberry Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones Clear.

What’s great about the Cyclones is that all the work is already done for you.

The consensus on the previous wraps are that cellulose-based products are a bit harder to maneuver

With the Cyclones, you need to fill, spark, and puff.

Seeing as these are 2-packs, they come with a reusable Kewl Tube.

This is great for two reasons.

One, it keeps the unused pre-rolled cone fresh for your next use.

However, if you don't finish your cone, you can slip it in the Kewl Tube for safe keeping.

While it's not the greatest odor protector, these tubes do provide better coverage than just throwing your leftovers inside your jacket pocket.

Also, these pre-rolls come with really cool tips that you can see through the transparent wrap.

With that being said, the tip is also prone to falling out.

Other common complaints with these clear rolling papers are that they tend to unravel and not pack much of a punch in flavor strength.

However, what you don’t taste is made up for in smell.

The scent of strawberry filling the air is enough to cause your munchies to transform into a sweet tooth.

C-thru Clear Rolling Papers Blunt Size

C-thru Clear Rolling Papers Blunt Size 50 Leaves Per Pack 24 Books Per...

Need a little more room for all that bud?

Then roll it up in these blunt size clear rolling papers.

However, don’t go dumping in your whole gram.

Sure, these C-thrus are much bigger than a lot of the other best clear rolling papers on this list, but they still don’t hold that much bud.

You can uncomfortably fit about .7 grams in a best-case scenario.

However, you are pushing it and may have trouble closing up your joint.

Besides the size of these, let’s talk about the value.

Here you are getting a box of 24 packs of C-thru Clear Rolling Papers.

Each one of these 24 packs contains 50 clear rolling papers inside.

That means you are purchasing a whopping 1,200 blunt-size rolling papers when you get C-thru.

This fact alone makes this the greatest value out of the best clear rolling papers.

Math aside, the C-thru may be one of the worst concerning quality.

These blunt size clear rolling papers don’t stay lit during your session.

They also tend to facilitate a run.

aLeda aLedinha MINI Size Clear Cellulose Rolling Paper

aLeda 5 booklets aLedinha Mini Size Clear Cellulose Rolling Paper from...

These clear rolling papers may be the slowest burners.

They are completely void of any additives or gums.

It’s just strictly 100% cellulose.

Of the best clear rolling papers on this list, the aLeda aLeinha MINI has the least flavor or scent.

The aLeda aLedinha are from Brazil.

For future reference, when shopping with the company, if it just says aLeda, then that means you are purchasing king-size clear rolling papers.

When you see the word aLedinha in there, that is the mini version of these cellulose wraps.

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