Best Dab Torch: Cheap Torches That Heat Your Nails The Perfect Temp Every Time

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Take your dabbing experience to the next level.

Didn’t know that was possible, did you?

Well, with the best dab torch you can!

A good wax torch not only helps you feel assured you won’t ever be left hanging with some new shatter and a busted torch but also helps your nails last longer.

If your wax torch burns hot, quickly it will put less strain on your nails.


Quick Top 5 Best Dab Torches:

How to Use a Dab Torch

Most require you to first turn on the gas to very low, then ignite it with a lighter or with a push button.

But some dab torches just require you to “click” down a button to turn the flame on.

Once you have the flame going, you’re going to want to heat up the dab nail on your dab rig.

Depending on the type of nail you have you’ll need to adjust the amount of time it takes to heat up properly.

  • Ceramic Nails take 30+ seconds to heat up
  • Titanium nails take about 15-25 seconds
  • Quartz nails heat up the fastest only taking 5-10 seconds

If you’re using a titanium nail, which is what I would recommend, you need to heat it up just long enough to where it starts to burn red.

Let the nail cool for about ten seconds, and then, using a dab tool, scrape off a hit onto the nail.

How to Fill a Butane Torch

Now, I’ll start by saying that not all concentrate torches are refillable.

The best dab torches, however, are.

After all, you don’t want to spend $20 every time you need a new one!

Before you start, you’ll have to pick up a ​refill can of butane for dab torches.

This can be dangerous, so make sure while you’re refilling your dab torch you make sure to put out any open flames.

You also want to make sure you have the gas nozzle completely shut on the torch.

Next, find the tip of the refill bottle and turn your concentrate  torch over.

On the bottom, you should find the refill hole, which is where you attach the refill bottle securely to the gas inlet valve.

Apply downward pressure on the refill bottom to release the butane into the torch’s chamber.

If you’re having any trouble, you can watch the video below for a good demonstration.

How to Fix a Butane Torch

There are two main issues that you’ll likely encounter with a butane torch.

Problems with the ignition and problems with the nozzle.

Many times the issue stems from using unapproved butane as the fuel.

If you are using a fuel which isn’t approved by the manufacturer, it may not be the appropriate consistency or grade.

The wrong grade of butane will clog up the inner workings of your torch, leading to problems during your next dab session.

If you are using the right fuel, it may be the ignition.

The ignition requires just the right level of pressure.

Too low, and the electronic ignition just won’t work.

Try tinkering with the level of butane released during ignition, turning it way up and then readjusting.

A secondary issue is with the nozzle.

With the torch fully cooled down, examine the interior to see if any particles are clogging up the flow.

Remove as required.

Compressed air is an excellent tool for cleaning out the nozzle.

When in doubt, check out this handy Youtube video for how to fix a butane torch for dabs.

Butane vs. Propane Torches

When shopping for a new dab torch, you’ll quickly find out that there are two options you can choose from.

Butane or propane.

Is one better, though?

And can you use a propane torch for dabs in the first place?

Well, yes, but...

To be honest, both have their flaws, but, personally, I would rather use a butane wax torch every time.

Here’s why:

  • Butane torches burn cleaner, producing less carbon monoxide.
  • They don't burn as hot as propane which can get so hot that it can crack your glass or ruin your nail.
  • They're easier and cheaper to refill.
  • Plus, they tend to be more portable and easier to use.

With propane torches, though, you can hook them up to rather large tanks.

Big tanks let you never worry about running out of fire when you’re trying to dab a little.

Interestingly enough, most butane torches aren’t made for dabbing but actually cooking creme brule.

This delicate flame, usually used for cooking, is perfect to heat up our nails.

Propane burns hot.

And it’s not just the temperature of the glass that you need to worry about.

Letting your nail get too hot also affects how harsh the dab smoke is.

And, as anyone who’s ever dabbed before knows, dabs can make you cough kinda bad.

Kinda real bad.

Well, the cooler the nail is, the cooler the smoke will be, in turn, making it easier on your lungs.

All of the torches that made our list are butane, so I added a special recommendation at the end for what I think is the best propane torch for dabs.

But, at the end of the day, you probably want to stick with a butane torch for dabs.

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How Hot Does Butane Burn?

Butane torches get very, very hot.

Users should be warned about the potential damages to your property and body if you mishandle the torch.


Because butane, in its purest format, can reach temperatures of up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is hot enough to melt many common metals.

Butane torches have a slightly different nozzle than propane ones, which emits a more direct flame than a propane torch.

This direct flame is perfect for dabbing.

But it’s also useful for soldering soft metals, and other around-the-house construction projects.

Butane torches are much smaller than propane torches as well.

Even pocket size - so you can dab on the go.

Despite is lower temperature (when compared to propane flames), it's still a dangerous tool and should be kept well out of reach of children.

How Hot Does Propane Burn?

This is a silly question because you should never use propane for dabbing.

Propane is a much dirtier and far less-refined fuel.

It contains many impurities when compared to butane.

Butane, therefore, is a cleaner smoking experience.

Propane does reach much higher temperatures, but the dabber needs to ask themselves if anything above 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit is actually needed to dab.

Propane is an extremely hot flame.

It can reach temperatures of 3,600 degrees!

It’s not only dirty for smoking with, but it's also excessive.

You could damage your dab rig and totally incinerate the product beyond recognition.

So if anyone tries to offer you a dab with their propane torch, even in desperation, turn the offer down.

Sticking with butane torches for dabbing saves your equipment, and saves your lungs from toxic fumes.

You and your friends will thank us later for this advice.

What’s The Perfect Temperature to Dab?

There are two ideas about the perfect temperature to dab.

The first theory is low temperature, usually targeting between 315 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The low temperature protects the most sensitive cannabinoids and terpenes.

Low-temperature dabbing is for the cannabis connoisseurs, who want to protect the flavor profile and minor cannabinoids from incineration.

Keeping the dab under 450 degrees also reduces the intensity of the high.

If you want to produce colossal vapor clouds, capable of smoking out the room, you’ll need to up the temperature.

Try to target 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures will burn off some of the lesser-cannabinoids and many of the tasty terpenes, but it will be an intense experience, to say the least.

The high temperature burns everything off quickly, sending a huge hit straight into your lungs.

It’s not about savoring the experience; it’s about getting as high as possible.

Of course, you can always target temperatures in the middle.

Between 450 and 600 degrees will find a perfect balance between tastiness and intensity.

You might also find that some cannabis products require slightly different temperatures.

Feel free to experiment.

How Long Should You Torch a Dab Nail?

Different types of nails cool down at different rates.

An electronic nail is the most precise and gives you perfect temperature control.

Many dabbers prefer a quartz nail, however, which means you need to know roughly how long to let it cool down before use.

Age, quality, and thickness can also alter the cooldown rate, and therefore the time it takes to reach the target temperature.

You’ll need a timer, and a heat gun to figure out the time required to reach ideal temperatures using your dab nail.

After heating your nail to red-hot temperature, set the timer and grab your heat gun.

Point the gun at the nail and wait until it reaches the right temperature for your product and preference.

Usually, it will take approximately a minute to cool down enough for dabbing.

Again, there are many factors which will influence the specific timing for your name.

Even the temperature of your room can change the timing.

Practice makes perfect though, so grab your heat gun and timer and get to dabbing.

Safety First When Dabbing With a Live Flame Torch

It should go without saying, but just in case it isn’t - always be careful operating a butane torch.

With a flame getting up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to be very careful handling it.

This is especially true because you are dabbing to get high, so your reaction time is going to get impaired.

Butane torches aren’t tricky to use, and they usually have safety features, but you never know when an accident can happen with a bit of inattention.

Store in a safe, child-proof location between sessions.

Keep it clean, and free of debris as well.

But enough about safety, let’s get to dabbing and where to buy dab torches.

Where to Buy A Torch For Dabs?

You can buy dab torches at both head shops and dispensaries, but because butane torches are actually a construction tool, you can find them many other places as well.

You might also find a good dabbing torch in a gourmet kitchen store because people use the very same tools for culinary purposes.

Torches at a dispensary are perfect because they are right there when you need it, found alongside the dab rigs, and the cannabis concentrates you’re also buying.

However, the dispensary likely has inflated prices, because they don’t specialize in this kind of equipment.

Instead, you’ll find a better selection and better prices at a hardware store.

For the most selection, and the best prices though - check out big names online.

Being the store that sells everything, Amazon is clearly the best place to start.

The Best Dab Torch

What makes a dab torch the best?

It’s got to be easy to use, and easy to refill.

Unless you exclusively use a dab rig at home, it must also be portable.

Many pocket size versions work just as well as the larger styles.

Also look for an electric ignition, which is usually a bit more reliable than their older styles.

Of course, some folks want a torch with style, but looks are minimally important.

Check out some of the below options, which are the best dab torches on the market today, and you’ll surely find one perfect for you and your dab rig.

The Best Dab Torch

Blazer GT8000 Shot Butane Torch

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

Now, this is easily the best torch for dabbing!

All kinds of features that make it perfect for burning wax including anti-flare and a brass-frame nozzle that helps with flame control.

This mini-flamethrower heats up at 2,500 degrees with a precise flame tip.

And the gas flow dial gives you complete control over the flame.

It’s a big, sturdy torch with an adjustable tabletop base.

It’s powerful and reliable and has a huge tank that lasts a long time even if you’re a daily smoker.

Turning your nails red will never be a problem either—the temperature is perfect for dabbing.

It can be a bit awkward to use since it requires two hands to start.

Also, make sure to empty the tank before you refill the torch completely.

JB Chef Culinary Micro Torch

JB Chef Culinary Butane Torch | Mini Torch Lighter Cooking Kitchen...

Like most of these “dab” torches, it’s intended to be used in the kitchen.

Luckily for us, though, we have resourceful stoners that got their hands on one and ever since they have become the standard for smoking dabs.

This BHO torch is refillable—lucky for us since it doesn't come preloaded with butane.

I love the continuous flame feature.

In fact, it's one of the main reasons it separates itself as one of the best dab torches.

Thanks to the locking mechanism, you can take your hands off while it continues to heat up your nail to the perfect temperature.

You would like to see a fuel gauge or at least some way to tell us once the tank was full.

Some user have reported problems with it leaking gas, but JB Chef does back up their product with a lifetime guarantee.

You can also adjust the level of flame, so you can get more heat for your titanium nail and lower it when you’re hitting a glass or quartz.

EurKitchen Culinary Torch

EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch - Butane Fuel Not Included -...

This is another rig torch that was definitely made for the kitchen, but it works awesome for dabs.

It feels good in your hand and is easy to use.

The flame is massive on this one—up to six inches.

And it’s 2370 degree flame has no problem getting your dab nails nice and toasty.

It’s got some pretty cool features too like it's burn-free finger guard, gas flow safety and the press button start.

It's light but doesn’t feel cheap (even though it is the best cheap dab torch).

Some users do report the safety mechanism is tough to use, though.

Kitchen Culinary Cooking Brulee

Kitchen {Culinary} Torch | Cooking Torch For Creme Brulee | Butane...

Now, who wants a bad ass torch for dabbing?

If you do, check this out.

This torch feels just as slick as it looks.

Fits great in hand and super easy to get a flame out of.

Thanks to the fuel gauge you don’t ever have to guess if the tank is empty before you refill it.

This helps add to the longevity of a torch.

Plus, the safety helps prevent it from going off when you don’t want it to.

You may experience a tough time refilling this torch.

Some have said the refill gas valve doesn’t fit with most refill butane cans, making the gas spray everywhere when you’re trying to refill.

R Series Mega Torch

R Series Mega Torch

Another awesome dab torch that’s designed just for dabs.

Hell, the torch has “This Thing Rips!” written all over it—literally.

It also spits a huge flame.

We're talking a massive 9” flame that will quickly heat up any type of nail (don’t worry, the flame is adjustable).

Its flame is also a perfect 2700°.

It’s also HUGE with a great sized tank that will last countless dabs in between fillings.

I will say, some users have reported a cheap ignition, but the vast majority of people love this dab torch!

Best Propane Torch for Dabs

For those of you that prefer to use propane, I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

Keep in mind, you can pick up a complete propane torch pretty cheap at your local hardware store, but if you want the best propane torch for dabs, check this out.

Bernzomatic TS8000

Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

A propane torch is going to hook directly into a separate tank.

This makes refilling easy because you just take the torch off of the empty tank and screw it into the new tank.

What makes this the best torch is its quality and all the features you get.

It has an easy auto-start plus lock buttons that lets you easily keep the flame going while you heat the nail up.

And its cast aluminum body will have this torch lasting for more dabs than you can handle 😛

It has a large flame that has this crazy swirl flame making it burn hotter and heat up nails faster.

It doesn’t include any propane, but you can pick up a cheap tank just about anywhere.

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So, today you learned that the best dab torch is one that will hold up for countless smoke sessions, is refillable and sturdy.

You also want to make sure to go with the cleaner burning butane instead of propane (Sorry, Hank).

Have you used any of these torches that we talked about, or maybe some we haven’t?

What do you think is the best torch for dabs?

Let us know in the comments below!

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