The Best Desktop Vaporizer: Smoke Cleaner & Get Higher

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Desktop vaporizers are simply perfect for cannabis.

They reduce the amount of cannabis you need.

And, they also cut the carcinogens in the smoke as much as possible.

Desktop Vaporizers are efficient and handy, but which one should you choose?

Today, I’ll show you how to choose the best desktop vaporizer among many others that are worth your money.


Quick Top Desktop Vaporizers:

Why Vape in the First Place?

There are many reports circulating that cannabis smoke contains more tar than cigarettes.

Yes, cannabis smoke does contain a few of the chemicals found in cigarettes.

Yet, studies have found no link between lung cancer and marijuana.

To top it off, even heavy cannabis users are not at risk of cancer according to this study.

If anything, THC is found to help cancer patients.

Cannabis is great, but it gives you additional benefits if you eliminate the tar—that’s where vaporizers come in.

Vaporizers remove the tar and produce clean smoke.

If you vape, you no longer need to worry about smoking.

Apart from that, vapor tastes impressive because the terpenes are preserved.

Just pure cannabis and no adulterants—that’s what’s vaping all about.

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How Do Desktop Vaporizers Function?

Vaporizers use two types of heating to function: Conduction and convection types of heating.

Convection is heating the chamber in which the herb or concentrate is placed.

And, conduction works by heating the herb directly through a coil.

This means that convection depends on some gas or liquid to transfer the heat.

Conduction, however, relies on a motionless transfer.

In other words, conduction heats the product directly and convection works indirectly.

Most people prefer convection heating because it doesn’t burn or combust the herb.

Convection units work by distributing the heat evenly.

This makes every pull of vapor is potent and full of flavor.

Cannabis flowers are full of terpenes that decide the flavor and aroma of each strain.

It’s important to preserve the terpenes.

Not only for the flavor but also for your health too,

Convection vaporizers heat the herb in such a way that the pungent oils or terpenes are enhanced.

Desktop vaporizers use convection heating that heats the herb indirectly to maintain the flavor.

It also eliminates toxins and provides only the medicinal benefits of the plant to the user.

Convection heating also uses very little product to derive the maximum output.

This means that you need a lot less herb to get high.

And the vaporizer unit that costs quite a bit of money initially proves to be an excellent investment at the end.

Features of a the Best Desktop Vape

If it’s your first time vaping, it can be difficult to find a good vaporizer that suits your needs.

There are so many vaporizers on the market now that it becomes incredibly confusing.

However, if you understand the features and know just what makes a good vaporizer tick, it becomes a bit easier.

Whip or Forced Air

The vapor produced by desktop vaporizers can be inhaled in two ways: whip and forced-air.

Whip vaporizers use a medical-grade tube to inhale vapor, and the hits are smooth and pleasant.

Although the vapor is inhaled through a whip, the desktop vape offer a hands-free experience where you do nothave to hold the whip in place.

Some of the best desktop vaporizers are so sophisticated that they offer a dual function where both styles are incorporated.

While whip-style vapes require the user to inhale the vapor, forced-air vaporizers produce vapor on their own, thereby making it healthier.

The forced-air vapes use a fan that disperses heat over the herb.

These vaporizers are the most modern and effective devices you’ll see today.

With convection heating, vapor steam is created.

It’s then drawn into a balloon or a whip, depending on the type of vaporizer.

The balloon stores the vapor for a good period, but it's best to inhale it immediately.

Temperature Control

Monitoring the temperature of the vaporizer is very important as you don’t want to inhale herb that’s burnt or overheated.

If your herb turns black or looks burnt or charred, the temperature should be adjusted.

Keep in mind that the herb should never turn to ash when vaping.

It means that the temperatures are too high.

While most desktop vaporizers use digital temperature features, some use analog temperatures controls.

If your herb turns black or looks burnt or charred, the temperature should be adjusted.

The digital feature is preferred because it allows for more precision.

With just the touch of a button, you can adjust the temperature of digital vapes.

With analog features, however, a knob or dial is used.

Analog vaporizers are not as precise as digital vapes.

But, vaporizers like the Volcano Classic, for example, provide markings to adjust the temperature.

Other vaporizers that don’t have markings should be avoided because you don’t want to burn the herb.

If you’re a beginner, it’s important to understand how to use your desktop vape.

Why Invest in a Desktop Vaporizer?

There are two types of vaporizers: portable and desktop vaporizers.

While the portable ones may seem like a better choice because you can carry them wherever you go, the desktop vapes have a slight edge compared to them.

Desktop Vaporizers are more expensive than portable ones.

So, why go for them, you ask?

Well, the best desktop dry herb vaporizer will pay for itself if you maintain it well.

They are not only healthier than smoking cannabis, but you’ll also save money because you won’t need as much herb to get the same level of high.

They don’t create tar or carcinogens that are produced while smoking.

Most importantly, vaporizers don’t smell as much as smoking.

And unlike smoking, the vapor produced by the vapes doesn't linger around.

Desktop vaporizers are stationary and more complex compared to the portable ones.

However, they ensure a longer life and prove to be a better investment.

Desktop or Portable Vapes?

Most people switch to Desktop vaporizers after using the portable vaporizers.

Portable vaporizers aren't bad.

In fact, they are awesome if you're traveling.

It's unfair to compare them to desktop vapes because each has its pros and cons

However, if you vape regularly, you need something that’s efficient and lasts a while.

Desktop vapes come with so many features that they're worth the money more often then not.

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about preserving the battery life when using desktop vapes.

Also, since they don’t rely on batteries and are connected to a strong power source, the vapor is more efficient.

You can see how this offers a better experience for cannabis users.

Desktop vaporizers are made with sophisticated technology.

Most manufacturers take extreme care to build a powerful unit with a lot of emphasis on the heating elements.

Portable vapes are smaller with small tanks.

The biggest hassle with them is that you need to refill the tank very frequently.

Since Desktop vapes are larger, they need fewer refills.

Vaporizers are used to derive the medicinal effects of the plant while removing all the toxins, so you need something that does the job well.

After all, what’s the point of investing in a vaporizer if it can’t remove the tar?

How to Use Vaporizers That Use Bags

Depending on the style of tabletop vaporizer you decide on it may come with a large plastic bag, a whip, or both.

While old-stoners may understand what the big plastic bag is for, new kids on the block like yourself might be a bit confused.

A bag to smoke weed?

You’ve got to be kidding right?

In fact, many prefer to use the bag over the whip because the whip while efficient, delivers super-hot and super-concentrated vapor straight into your lungs.

Sometimes it’s nice to let the vapor chill for a hot-second because you breathe it in.

Plus a bag is easily handed around the room between friends, while a whip isn’t always long enough to share comfortably.

For anyone out there unacquainted with the bag system - here is how it works:

  1. Set up the vaporizer as per the instructions, and your personal preferences for temperature and strain.
  2. Attach the nozzle and the brand-supplied bag if not already done for you.
  3. Attach the nozzle to the tabletop vaporizer, and turn the fan on.
  4. Allow the balloon bag to fill.
  5. Turn off the fan once the balloon is nearing capacity, detach from the device. Most nozzles have a stopper which prevents the vapor from escaping.
  6. Attach the mouthpiece to the nozzle, and draw in as needed.

Some bags are more significant than others, up to two feet in length.

The larger the bag, the more cannabis it uses, but the fewer times you have to refill.

If you require constant medication, a bag system may be worth your while!

The Best Desktop Vaporizer

So, now you know what to look for in a dry herb desktop vaporizer.

It should be efficient and serve the purpose of producing a cleaner, healthier vapor.

Take a look at these desktop vapes to see what appeals to you.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer suits any cannabis smoker. 

As it should, considering the Volcano Vaporizer is the brand to beat when it comes to tabletop vaping.

They have been around for decades and a long-serving member of elite stoner brands.

The digital version is an upgrade to the classic, as it gives the user a visible display of target temperature and current temperature.

Whether you’re a fan of concentrates such as BHO or simply want to vape dry herbs, this vaporizer performs to its fullest.

The Volcano Digital can withstand high temperatures.

Ranging between 104 to 446F, this vaporizer offers a 3-year warranty on its heating elements.

The instrument contains a balloon that can be filled to its maximum potential with the vapor.

As the balloon fills, it can be detached from the device, and the user can smoke at their leisure for the next eight hours.

The vaporizer is available with either the Solid Valve or the Easy Valve.

While the Easy Valve is simpler to use with less maintenance, it’s a tad more expensive than the Solid Valve that reduces the cost long term.

It might be worthwhile if you want ease of use, as the solid value requires assembly and is three pieces.

The stainless steel outside is super easy to clean.

And the easy valve is a one-step snap-in piece.

No matter what you choose, you will be rewarded with an experience that’s par excellence.

Plus, having a Volcano tabletop vaporizer is a right of passage for true cannabis-lovers out there.

You can’t call yourself a connoisseur of weed unless you’ve taken a big pull from a bag of volcano vapor.

Plenty Vaporizer

Sturdy and reliable, this is one of the best vapes.

It’s meant for medical grade dry herbs only, so if you want to vape concentrate keep looking!

The components used in the construction of this device are excellent.

To look at the Plenty, it seems more like a garden tool than a smoking tool.

It has a twisted coil leading to a mouthpiece, and a trigger.

The cooling coil made of stainless steel handles high temperatures.

The device boasts a double helix that ensures air heating and releases without hassles, so the temps range from 266˚F to 395˚F.

The heat exchanger releases smooth vapor while preserving the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

With an analog thermometer to check temperatures, you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

It also displays a shut-off feature that operates automatically for the user’s safety.

Turning the device on is as easy as pulling the trigger, literally.

Once pulled, the device heats the heating chamber to the target temperature.

If not in use, eventually it cools down making it safe for use no matter how stoned you get.

Priced very affordable, this vaporizer is durable.

Its excellent for frequent use without compromising the steamy clouds of vapor.

The manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing it will be replaced if it breaks.

As for the pull, it’s a great option for folks new-to-tabletop vaporizing.

Some brands require slow, careful and practiced draws in, but not so with Plenty.

No technique required, and it always delivers a smooth, delicious dose.

But, what makes the Plenty Vaporizer stand out is its precision and craftsmanship.

Vivape Version 2 by Vaporfection

Vivape by Vaporfection is one of the best desktop vaporizers meant for dry herbs.

If you are used to the classic Volcano shape, this device mimics an internet-TV device, like an Apple TV.

Who knows, it might be able to stream your favorite shows if you vape enough.

If a larger, antiquated vaporizer device doesn’t suit your living room, the Vivape is going to fit right in.

It is a technological advancement in home vaping technology.

With a sleek digital touch screen, it's the first vape to enable Vapor Sense technology.

It’s equipped with temperature sensors that detect the temperature.

Quality vaporizers always use glass, and ViVape is no exception.

The heating element consists of laboratory-grade hard ceramic.

ViVape produces a cleansed vapor that's made for cannabis users

The automatic shutoff feature switches off the device after a certain period.

You also don’t have to wait to vape because the vaporizer is ready to use within two minutes!

What more, you can even choose the type of delivery.

This means that you can inhale vapor through the wand or bags provided.

If you are old school, and prefer to share bags with your friends, or new-school and want to vape all by-yourself, the Vivape 2 gives you options.

With a digital microprocessor and an LED touchscreen, it's nothing short of an awesome machine.

The company behind the Vivape Version 2, Vaporfection, also offers a one-year limited warranty.

Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is meant for dry herbs only.

With a dual functionality, you can either inhale the vapor through the balloon bag or the whip.

The design controls the density of the vapor by the speed of the fan that has three settings.

And it's quiet!

You won’t find yourself annoyed with the quiet hum of the fan in the background.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is a whisper-quiet machine.

Arizer Extreme Q is made out of materials of only the highest quality.

The manufacturer exhibits so much confidence that the vape's electronics has a 3-year warranty along with a lifetime warranty for the heating elements!

The vape’s hits are clean and smooth, thanks to the Cyclone Bowl that distributes the air evenly.

With a digital LED display and heat sensors, it’s easy to adjust the temperature with the remote control.

The heating element is ceramic, which means you inhale pure, cleansed vapor.

One of the most significant benefits is the speed of vaping you’ll experience with this device.

No more sitting around waiting for your next hit.

Helpfully, this device heats up in seconds, and ready to deliver your next inhale of potent vapor.

As a bonus, as a user, you don't have to get up from your comfortable stupor to turn it on or off, as the Extreme Q comes with remote control.

Arizer Extreme Q is quick, user-friendly, and affordable, thereby making it one of the best desktop vaporizers available today.

Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

Arguably, this device is where it all happened.

Tabletop vaporizing entered into the modern age with the release of the Volcano Vaporizer Classic in 2000.

The Volcano Classic features the silver-cone shape you’ve come to expect from a Volcano device, and always delivers a smooth, satisfying hit.

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer can be used for vaping both concentrates and dry herbs, so dabbers - if you want to make the switch, this is the product for your collection!

It boasts a patented technology that increases the medicinal benefits of cannabis, protecting the terpenes and secondary cannabinoids from incineration with too much heat.

The Volcano stores pure cannabis vapor in a balloon that fills up through the Easy or the Solid Valve.

Just detach the valve from the balloon once it’s filled and enjoy the vapor for the next 8 hours!

Which means, fill it once, and take tiny little hits all day while you get work done around the house.

Or more realistically, play video games on the couch all day.

While the Easy valve is ready to be used with the mouthpiece and balloon, the Solid valve provides a “DIY” experience because you can replace the balloon yourself.

If you learn how to replace the balloon, you’ll save more money with the Solid valve.

The manufacturer offers a warranty for both the electronics and heating elements.

The Volcano Classic is a little more expensive compared to other desktop vapes, but since you can vape both concentrates and dry herbs, it’s all worth it.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Another vaping device from a trusted name in cannabis.

Arizer is at it again with the V-Tower.

We believe that the lower prices makes this vape a hair better than the Arizer Extreme.

It’s a more affordable, but still super-effective desktop vaporizing device, with reduced features to keep it on budget.

It’s made for the whip enthusiast, as it only comes with the tube and doesn’t offer a balloon option.

Like all modern devices, it also has a digital LCD screen to give the user complete control over the vaping experience.

Cater the temperature to your strain, to make sure you get the most out of your product.

It has a quick-heat ceramic heating element that also happens to come with a lifetime warranty.

A 3-year warranty covers all other parts (except the glass components).

Speaking of which, the glass is all top-quality and toxin free.

The Arizer also uses the Cyclone Bowl technology, distributing the heat and making sure the product ‘burns’ cleanly and evenly.

The Cyclone Bowl means no more wasted product with this innovative vaping technology.

If you used the older version of this device, the design is now completely revamped.

The engineers behind the device have made a series of significant improvements over the original:

The device is now much smaller than before.

The device now uses 50 percent less energy than before.

The old aesthetic is gone. Now enjoy a new midnight chrome finish.

It's enough to make you want to revisit the model, to check out these new improved features.

Plus, when you are not using this to get stoned, you can use it as an aromatherapy and oil diffusing device!

Just when you thought it was a one-use device, the V-Tower proves you wrong.

Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor

If the Buddha vaped, would he use a tabletop? 

It’s a safe bet he would, so he could sit quietly in one spot and continue meditating.

Da Buddha device has a beautiful exterior, which would look nice sitting on any coffee table, bedside stand, or under the Bodhi tree.

The Da Buddha vapes herb only, using a high quality ceramic heating element.

It boasts a 90-second heat up time, putting some of the other desktop vaporizers entirely out of the running in terms of speed.

The folks behind the Da Buddha analyzed the complaints made by users on whip-style vaping devices and designed their equipment to improve upon the industry standard.

Now, their extra-long whip is much easier to use, making screen removal and replacement smooth.

And just like Buddha would want to stay in one place and enjoy puffing away with minimal effort, the 3-foot long whip ensures you don’t have to move either.

It may not have a digital readout, but it is entirely hands-free.

You won’t need to hold the whip in place as you pull.

Sit back and get stoned with the least amount of effort possible.

Most users report that it uses much less product than other devices, but delivers an equally as powerful pull.

Buddha would likely enjoy the reduction of waste, without compromising the quality of toke.

It’s also backed by a 3-year warranty on all parts.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

It’s taken a while for many companies to catch up with the increasing popularity of concentrates. 

If you haven’t noticed from our list of the Best Vaporizers, there are many which completely ignore the concentrate market.

If you enjoy the more potent side of cannabis, including waxes, shatters, and more - where can you turn?

The answer: the Vapir Rise Vaporizer

To look at the device, it may appeal to the sci-fi fan or the star trek junkie.

It looks a bit like a new interpretation of a UFO.

It vapes both flower and concentrates, and heats up within 90 seconds.

But the Vapir Rise gives the user tons of options, way beyond what kind of product you want to vape.

Choose between a whip or the balloon.

Choose to share with friends using the multi-user adaptor.

Choose what temperature you are going to hit, to match the nuances of your favorite strain perfectly.

This device lets you personalize the desktop vaping experience from start to finish, all while sharing with friends!

Like all good products, it has a warranty, a digital display, and the bonus of a touch screen.

If you prefer a slower toking experience, you’ll also appreciate the ability to turn off the fan function.

It’s not only much quieter, but it also lets you enjoy slow draws instead of fan-forced draws.

As far as we know, this is the only vaporizer with this option.

A more casual approach to your afternoon of vaping with the Vapir Rise.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Ride the wave with the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor.

It stands out from the competition in its aesthetic.

There are many appealing color and pattern variations; you’ll surely find one to match the drapes.

It’s one of the only desktop varieties with beautiful multi-colored blown glass features.

A nice touch, and a reminder of how important glassware is to the history of cannabis consumption.

Every glass control has a unique multi-colored mixture, something which you do not see with other types of devices.

With the Surfer, you do not have to forget about your glassware collection just because you switched to vaping.

When not in use, it’s beautiful enough to stay on the coffee table, or it also packs up nicely into the sleek carrying case.

This makes it one of the few tabletop options which are easy to bring over to a friends house.

Bring a desktop to a friends house?

This used to be unheard of, as the units were so big they didn’t make moving them worthwhile.

Imagine trying to pack up your microwave to bring to a friends house!

The Silver Surfer is a portable version of the desktop device.

As with most of the best vaporizers on this list, it also has a three-year warranty on electronic parts.

It doesn’t take long to go from zero to sixty either; it only requires a short 90 seconds to reach ideal temperatures.

Unlike some of the other options listed here, it doesn’t come with a digital readout for precise temperature control.

It sacrifices a bit of function for aesthetic purposes.

But, in our opinion, it looks so good, that it doesn’t matter.

Next time your friends come over for a smoke session, the Silver Surfer is undoubtedly going to be the center of attention.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

The last option on the list is a doozy. 

The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer has made massive improvements on the standard desktop vaporizer, mainly catering to the bong smoker.

Instead of a whip, or an old balloon - it has a full bubbler attachment.

That’s right; you will not have to give up your favorite method of consumption just because you want to try vaping.

Enjoy both herb and flower - you do not have to choose.

It's arguably a cleaner and smoother experience than others on this list because the vapor flows through the attached bubbler!

What other vaporizer has a bubbler?

There are no other companies out there combining the two methods of consumption for an optimal experience.

While it doesn’t have a digital or touch screen display, it does have 25 different temperature settings.

Know what setting you are on by the soothing glow of the multi-colored glowing top.

The color of the glow also indicates if its ready to go or still heating up to the ideal temperature.

Once you are ready to go, it takes under four seconds to heat up.

Which might just be a record in the vaping world.

Did we mention its cordless?

On a full charge, you’ll have 150 pulls before you need to recharge.

Dr. Dabber has taken the idea if a tabletop vaporizer into the 21st century.

Moving away from cords, speeding up the heating time, and introducing a bubbler into the mix they have revolutionized what a desktop vaporizer could be.

You should also check out Dr. Dabber's best portable vaporizers.


So, do you think you're armed with all the information you need to finally invest in a desktop vaporizer?

Just remember not all of them are created equal and not all of them are the healthiest desktop vaporizer!

To be one on of the best desktop vaporizers, it needs to:

  • Give you clean and pure vapor off a material that doesn't produce toxins when it's heated up.
  • Give you compete control over the temperature.
  • Ideally, give you the option between whip and balloon plus dry herb and concentrates.

Did you end up getting one of the desktop vaporizers we reviewed?

Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

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