The Best e-Nail for Dabs: Ditch the Torch for a Better Smoke

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Don’t you want smoother and thicker hits?

See, wax comes with a bit of a Goldilocks complex.

The temperature needs to be juuust right.

If the dab is too cold, then the wax will pool at the nail’s base, giving you less vapor.

Whereas, if the wax is too hot, the dab becomes burnt, and THC levels deplete.

Not to mention it gives off the scent of scorched plastic behind.

Goldilocks says, "No thank you!"

Look, you NEED the best eNail for dabs or you’re leaving wax on the rig.


Quick Top 5 E-Nails

Butane Torch vs an E-Nail

In its infancy, the best way to control the heat for smoking wax was with the use of a butane torch.

While this is far more efficient than our forefathers rubbing two sticks together, we’ve come a long way since the invention of the torch.

Using butane or propane is perfectly fine for enjoying wax, but it’s very limited.

The problem with butane is that its temperature doesn’t change.

Therefore, to get the highest quality smoke, you’d have to torch the nail for the perfect amount each time.

That’s why e-nails are far better for someone who plans on smoking wax at least a few times per week.

It allows you a consistency in temperature that you can’t get with butane.

The Role of the E-Nail

The e-nail became a pivotal mechanism in cannabis consumption shortly after the advent of smoking wax.

It essentially allows you to enjoy dabbing without having to stockpile butane and gives you a more customized experience with your concentrates.

E-nails to the naked eye are essentially metal boxes.

However, inside these boxes, there is typically a PID controller inside.

PID controllers allow for three settings.

This is typically why most e-nails have three temperatures preset into their mechanism.

The controller delivers heat through a coil that can be manipulated to release consistent temperature. 


How to Use an E-Nail

First, unscrew the top of the nail that you attach to your rig.

Insert the top onto a coil.

Now screw the coil with the top attached back onto the base of the nail.

Insert the opposite end of the coil into the control box, and plug the box into an outlet if it’s not battery powered.

From there, you can control the temperature on the control box to ensure the perfect temperature.

Once the desired temp is reached, you’re free to dab an unlimited number of times without any variation in the heat.

Some do have limits to their lifespan and battery life, though.

The Different Types of Nails

What really makes the difference in your dabbing experience is the type of nail you’re using to smoke wax out of.

There are four different types of nails out there.

While they are all efficient, they’re also unique, which makes the whole dabbing experience that much more personal.

Here are the three different types of nails used for dabbing.

With an e-nail, you can expect the actual nail to be either titanium or quartz.

When to Use Quartz Nails

Quartz nails are good for those impatient dabbers.

They take 5 to 10 seconds to heat up to the right temp.

However, quartz nails blow their load in those 10 seconds.

Of the four types of nails, they have the poorest heat retention.

While quartz nails are food and medically safe, they’re prone to heat stress as well and may become damaged easily.

When to Use Titanium Nails

Titanium nails have a lot of redeeming qualities.

While they’re not as fast to heat up as quartz nails, titanium nails reach adequate heat temps in 15 to 25 seconds.

Where they fare better than quartz nails is in heat retention.

Titanium maintains heat for an extended period of time.

Unlike its other types of nails, no matter how hot it gets, how many times you use it, or even drop it, titanium doesn’t break.

This makes titanium nails a favorite.

However, titanium is the only material that is not approved for food and medical use.

So, while titanium may have everything going for it, there’s still that technical asterisk dangling over its head.

And, if you get a titanium nail, make sure to season it before you use it.

Why Use an E-Nail?

First and foremost, they are butane-free.

That makes for a safer smoking experience and prevents you from inhaling butane.

This is huge.

And, not only is it healthier for you, but it actually can end up making your wax taste better too.

I mean, if we cough up the money for some live resin, you don’t want to ruin the taste with gas!

While the e-nail still gets hot, you’re not coming into direct contact with an open flame that can burn the house down.

And this also helps to prevent injuries.

Plus, the biggest reason is portability.

E-nails let you take your wax rig with you on the go and not having to worry about lugging around a torch.

With the continued growth of marijuana legalization, dabbing’s popularity has grown.

In turn, the e-nail business has blossomed, allowing them to innovate and create a wonderful stoner tool! 

The Best E-Nails

Grav- Fire Button Portable E-Nail

If you want to talk about convenience, look no further than the Grav Fire Button Portable E-Nail.

First and foremost, this titanium e-nail fits almost any rig.

Well, technically as long as the rig has either a 10 mm, 14mm, or 19mm female joint, which covers almost all ground.

Another standout quality of this portable e-nail is its resilience.

If my phone is any indication, I am a bit of a klutz.

The Grav Fire Button Portable E-nail’s silicone cover will come in clutch when I inevitably drop it.

With a nail made of titanium, it heats up quickly and retains it's heat for awhile.

Lastly, at its fullest charge, this device lasts up to six hours, which is good for countless puffs.

Yocan Torch E-Nail

While high temps yield large clouds of vape, some people prefer lower temperature dabs.

If you’re in that category, then the Yocan Torch E-Nail is the ideal e-nail for you.  

The Yocan’s temperatures reach anywhere between the random temperatures of 482° F and 356° F.

The Yocan's quartz nail can deliver consistent result, but its inflexible temps are without a doubt the e-nail's biggest drawback.

While lower temps make for smaller clouds, you can still draw longer to make for bigger clouds.

Once the e-nail is done heating up, tap the button to draw more.

In turn, your cloud size will grow.

While temp and cloud size are not the most desirable, the flavor is never compromised.

Each hit draws in a robust flavor from wax that doesn’t vary by temperature or how long you inhale.

The Yocan Torch E-Nail is ideal for those on-the-go.

However, its lack of customization doesn’t allow this e-nail to measure up to the others on this list.

Source Nail XL Vaporizer

This is more than just an e-nail because the Source Nail XL Vaporizer is a whole kit.

When you purchase this e-nail, it comes along with a bubbler and wax glass pen attachment.

The most glowing feature of this e-nail is the bucket design where the wax sits.

The biggest drawback of smoking wax is how sticky it is.

With the design of the Source Nail XL Vaporizer’s bucket, it makes the sticky residue easier to clean and leaves the e-nail clog-free.

This e-nail also comes with three different types of nail atomizers.

That’s right.

You don’t have to choose between titanium, quartz, and ceramic.

This allows you to personalize your experience.

However, while this customization is awesome, it’s lack of temperature controls that serves as its biggest negative.

There are only three pre-saved temperatures that you can heat the e-nail up to.

While this is a drawback, the extremes are covered nicely for dabbers.

The lowest setting allows for a consistent flavor while the highest setting makes for some of the biggest clouds out there.

Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail

JaK Da’Rippa is an apropos name for this device because this e-nail is killing it.

While it’s not portable, this desktop e-nail comes with a unique wooden power box engraved with the words, “Possibilities Connect People, Fear Separates Them.”

This powerful little box makes up for this tool’s lack of portability.

The reason being is that the turn dial on the power box allows for complete temperature customizability.

With just a turn of the wheel, you can find the ideal temperature that will create your perfect compromise of intense flavor and puffy clouds.

It also works perfectly with whip-style vapes or water pipes.

JaK D’Rippa comes with two individual heating elements.

The Rip-Receiver is ideal for dabs.

This allows you to place your wax onto the heating surface before hitting the piece.

The rip-receiver lets you control the amount of wax that you use.

All you need to do is place your concentrate on the screen with the tool provided with the Jak D’Rippa.

The other heating element allows for dipstick vaping.

This attachment plugs directly into the e-nail’s heating component with its two-prong connection.

Dipstick vaping is much easier for those who have trouble moving the wax directly onto the heating surface.

You can just leave the wax in a bowl or jar and vape it up without wasting any of your dabs.


If you want to save wax, and get better hits, you can’t keep burning your wax with a torch.

Switch to a solution that heats the nail up perfectly every time.

And you don’t want to penny pinch when it comes to an e-nail.

The best e-nail for dabs may not be cheap, but you want it to last.

Do you prefer an e-nail or torch?

We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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