The Best Glass Blunt: Twisty Glass Blunts Review

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One of the tried and true methods of smoking marijuana is with a blunt.

Blunts are great for those who want to pack a lot of weed or are sharing with a bunch of friends.

They’re sturdier than joints, hold more than bowls, and are more portable than bongs.

The only downside?

Blunt wraps usually contain nicotine and other chemicals.

Not anymore!

Now, you can smoke your blunts out of glass. Keep reading to see which glass blunt is perfect for you.


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What is a Glass Blunt?

A glass blunt may seem impossible because a blunt burns down with the weed, and glass is impermeable to fire.

However, glass is more effective, easier to ash than paper blunts, and glass is reusable.

You fill broken up weed into the glass blunt chamber.

From there, you slide in a pusher mechanism.

This will be your asher.

Take the top off of the glass chamber to reveal the weed that you spark.

When you need to ash, you twist the pusher, and it knocks out the ash.

From there, light the remaining weed inside the glass blunt.

Are They also Healthy?

While inhaling smoke into your lungs can come with severe consequences, a glass blunt is a healthier option.

Studies found that one cigar wrap can have anywhere from 1.2 to 6.0 mg of nicotine.

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and may cause cancer.

Plus, many blunt wraps are flavored with other “ingredients.”

These synthetic flavors can alter the genetic profile of anything they come into contact with. This includes the marijuana you smoke and the butane you use to spark it.

Fire doesn’t chemically alter glass.

Therefore, you are not inhaling any extra known carcinogens.  

Can You Reuse Them?

The coolest feature of a glass blunt is that they are reusable.

No more need to run to a gas station in the middle of the night and get a half stale Dutch.

Oh, and you will save a ton of money in the long run.

Glass is very easy to wash as their tube is wide enough to fit a small scrubber.

Not to mention, there is sufficient spacing between the walls of the glass blunt, allowing it to air dry after cleaning far quicker than a bowl.

Their Environmental Impact

They are more environmentally-friendly than their blunt wrap counterparts.

You are not using a precious natural resource like trees to make them.

Buying a glass blunt means there’s less packaging being thrown out each time you buy a wrap.

That’s on top of the paper used to make the blunts wrap.

Not to mention, when you are burning weed in a blunt wrap, the foreign compounds from its artificial flavors drift with your second-hand smoke into the ozone layer.

When you are smoking from a glass blunt, you’re not adding extra pollutants to your carbon footprint.

The Glass Blunt Reviews

Twisty Glass Blunts

Twisty Glass Glass Blunt

If you like to switch up your smoke sessions, then the best glass bunt is the Twisty glass blunt.

That’s because this piece works as a traditional glass blunt but also is comparable with water bongs.

The Twisty glass blunt comes with two 18mm female joints that you can pair up with the glass blunt.

When it comes to durability, this glass blunt will last you a long time.

It’s made out of top-of-the-line borosilicate glass.

However, they also provide you with an extra glass tube just in case.

At first, it might be a bit tricky to load the Twisty, especially as you twist in the titanium nitride screw.

However, when it’s all said and done you should be able to pack two grams of bud into the chamber.

With the tight topper, you can bring this glass blunt anywhere you go without having to worry about spilling or smelling.

To keep all of your gadgets together, the Twisty Glass Blunt comes with a carrying bag.

Want a quality glass blunt but don’t need all the extra frills that come with the Twisty Glass?

Then the GRAV Glass Blunt might be the best fit for you.

This glass blunt has a lot thinner tube.

Not only will this make it harder to clean, but you also can pack less bud.

Another big difference you will notice is the slider inside of the glass blunt.

It’s a glass lever rather than a titanium screw.

Therefore, this glass blunt won’t aid you in breaking up the weed.

Not having a screw feature also makes the ashing a bit less uniform.

You run the risk of pushing more bud out along with the ash with this piece.

With that being said, the GRAV Glass Blunt is high-quality and makes for a smooth hit.

It’s a great glass blunt for a smoker on-the-go who is living on a budget. 

Did you love everything the Twisty Glass Blunt Kit had to offer?

Want even more?

Then the Toke Tek - Twisty Glass Blunt Kit is the glass blunt for you!

This glass blunt kit has all you need to have a customized smoking experience.

You can switch out the mouthpiece to be short or elongated as they give you both adapters inside of a velvet carrying bag.

Also in the velvet carrying bag is a metal grinder to break up the bud and four cotton filters to help smooth out the drag.

One of the best parts about this blunt is that they also have your cleaning needs in mind.

The glass blunt kit contains a cleaning brush and cleaning pin customized to fit into the glass tube.

As far as replacement pieces, you get two Pyrex Glass tubes with the Toke Tek.

However, the tubes are solid and won’t likely need replacing.

The the best part is they give you four rubber end caps.

Those are the annoying little things you misplace and will appreciate getting extra of!

The Two-In-One Ultimate Pipe has a variety of funky colors and patterns that can suit anyone's tastes.

Speaking of personal a dab head?

Then the Two-In-One Ultimate Pipe is hands-down the one for you!

This product is the first glass blunt that can be transformed into a dab straw.

All you need to do is place the stainless steel screen they provide you into the quartz tube.

From there, you slide the tube into a silicone sleeve.

This sleeve is resistant up to 550 Degree F heat.

While you can use glass in your oil rig, be aware that it is more susceptible to break than metal.

However, quartz glass can resist up to 1200 degree F.

What stands out the most about these glass blunts is the mouthpiece. It’s flared to contour your mouth.

This makes this the best for pulling power.

You can comfortably suck in your smoke through this glass blunt.

Simultaneously, the mouthpiece contouring to your lips creates a seal that doesn’t allow smoke to escape the blunt.

Little features like that add longevity to a smoke session.

Hence the name Sesh Supply, I suppose.

At three inches in length, I wouldn’t pack this glass blunt for too many heads.

This piece is a lot smaller than others on this list.

So, share this with the ones you like the most

The piece inside isn’t a screw, so you run the risk of losing a little bit of bud.

However, since the glass tube is so small, you might not need to light up often.

It might just burn through, which will save you more weed in the long run.

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