The Best Grow Light Reflector on the Market

When you’re growing weed indoors, you will want to invest in a grow light reflector.

These go a long way in saving your buds and improving your yield.

That’s because reflectors take the light emitted from a grow light that would be pointing directly on one plant and shine it elsewhere.

This saves some plants from burning while keeping other plants from being starved of light.

Want to know which is the best grow light reflector?Let’s find out!

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The Role of Light in Cannabis Growth

Whenever you set up your grow room lights, you will see so much of the brightness wasted on the ceiling.

A reflector hood diverts this light, increasing overall light efficiency by at least 40%.

That number only jumps up more if you pattern a reflector to overlap with other reflectors.

Setting Up Your Grow Lights

For optimal illumination, most cannabis cultivators place their grow lights right above the plants.

The goal is to get the grow lights as near the plant as humanly possible without causing the leaves to burn.

This is an ideal setup when your seedlings are still in the germination phase and need that extra light energy.

As they bathe in the light, these seedlings convert it into nutrients that causes them to grow.

Why Do You Need a Grow Light Reflector?

When a seedling grows, it creates a canopy.

The purpose of the canopy to block light from burning the plant.

However, it also casts a shadow on all the lower leaves and plants underneath them.

While this isn’t a problem for the sun up above for outdoor growers, it can become an issue for growing weed indoors.

Indoor setups need the light from a bulb to be dispersed more evenly.

This is why you need to get the best grow light reflector.

How to Make a Grow Light Reflector at Home

If you don’t want to go out and buy the best grow light reflector, you might be able to create one at home.

All you need to do is see where most of your light is falling off.

From there, place a material that has a reflective surface in that area in a way that it catches the light.

However, you also need to place this reflective surface somewhere facing the plants that are missing out on the nutrients.

Common Materials for a DIY Grow Light Reflector

Many materials will reflect light on your cannabis plants.

The most popular choice is aluminum foil.

That’s because aluminum foil is convenient and cheap.

However, it doesn’t bounce back the most light, with a 50 to 55% reflective rate.

Mirrors can work as well.

However, they can also become damaged and delime under moist conditions.

Best Materials for a DIY Grow Light Reflector

If you are looking to step you up your DIY grow light reflector game, paint your grow room white.

This will reflect any light back to everything inside of the room.

White paint from any local store can be up to 75% reflective (and even more).

Also, choose flat paint over glossy.

Lastly, do as the television professionals do and use mylar.

This is made of polyester film and can be up to 97% reflective.

Just keep in mind that mylar reflects heat and also maintains moisture.

It might cause plants to burn or mold to sprout.

Best Grow Light Reflector Reviews

Now that you know why you need to get one, let’s figure out which is the best grow light reflector for growing weed indoors. 

The Best Grow Light Reflector on the Market

The iPower 600 Watt is made in the style of the popular reflector known as a wing reflector.

They give a focused ray of light that spreads wide over the plant.

When light hits the multiple areas within the wing, it bounces back down on the plants and further.

Depending on how you move your wings, you can change how the light hits your cannabis.

If you give the wings a high arch, it creates more focus for the light.

Less of arch allows for a wider spread of rays.

iPower 600 watts is best in 4 X 4 areas.

It comes with dimmable options that allow you to choose between 50%, 75%, and 100%.

With that being said, to access this function, you must first turn the light off.

You then have to wait ten minutes before turning the switch to the desired setting.

Then you can turn it back on.

The ballast that comes with this product is very quiet, runs low heat, and doesn’t draw much electricity.

However, it does run a ton of RF interference.

Don’t be shocked if your TV, phone, or radio have adverse reactions when the ballast is running.

Big workaround aside, this is one of the most effective grow light reflectors on this list.

This is a bit of an umbrella reflector meets a hood reflector.

The VIVOSUN uses aluminum to create a 90% reflectivity rate with this product.

Hanging over the plants, the VIVOSUN shines directly down like the sun above.

While it won't get past anything directly underneath the canopy, the VIVOSUN can sneak light into the smallest openings between leaves that allows for stronger undergrowth.

A great perk about this grow light reflector is the timer.

You can set these things for a whole week and not have to worry about losing consistency.

The ballasts do tend to run a bit hot.

So, you might need to invest a fan to keep the heat down a tad.

With that being said, the bulbs are without a doubt the worst part of this setup.

They tend to break easily and don't last as long.

Once you get replacements, this might be the best grow light reflector for you.

The iPower six brings another quality grow light reflector to the dance.

If you’re worried about keeping your plants cool under all the excess heat, then this could be the best grow light reflector.

There is a 6-inch air duct on this grow light reflector that passes through both ends.

This is done to create an inline air cooling system.

Also inside is glass.

So, when the light hits the glass, the extra heat stays inside of the reflector hood, rather than pouring out into your grow room.

In turn, the ducts then guide the heat out.

Due to this feature, you can place a 100W bulb four to six inches within plants and not scorch your plants to death.

The biggest caveat is the fixtures that hold this bulb.

They are a bit flimsy and in fact, may lead to the bulb coming out.

When assembling, you are given these small brass tacks to fasten the wings.

Instead, use your nuts and bolts.

That way you can hang up your iPower 6 Inch Cool Tube Reflector Hood without any worries.

This is a bit difficult to put together.

However, the results are well worth it once everything in your grow room is in place.

This grow light reflector is an umbrella shape.

Once upon a time, umbrella reflectors were the most common in grow rooms.

However, as growing weed indoors has grown in popularity, grow rooms have gotten smaller.

Therefore, having such a massive reflector has almost become unnecessary.

If you need to hit a lot of plants with as much light as possible, then the Hydro Crunch Parabolic is the best grow light reflector for your setup.

What is so good about the Hydro Crunch in comparison to a more rectangular reflector like the VIVOSUN is that it distributes lights from one light source in multiple directions.  

The worst part about this grow light reflector is the assembly.

It takes a considerable amount of time to put one together.

Heaven help you if you have two.

For one, there are multiple sized screws involved in putting this grow light reflector together.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer throws them all in one bag.

You are left to sort them out.

Once you finally get the contraption together, it is a very effective grow light reflector.

This might be the best grow light reflector when it comes to covering a lot of grounds regarding indoor cannabis growing needs.

For one, the Growtent comes with an air cooling system put in place by the air ducts on the grower.

However, it also has wings so you can help direct the light with.

On top of the fact that the Growtent can cool itself off and disperse more light, but even the panels aid in the process.

The fixtures on each end are painted white to increase the reflectiveness.

Adding on top of that they implement German aluminum in the structure of the reflector, and the total amount of reflected light hits around 95%!

While that is impressive, this isn’t the best grow light reflector to use if you have a big room.

The Growtent has the same cool tube system that the iPower 6-Inch has.

Seeing as there is a layer of glass between the bulb and the plant, you will lose some of the light intensity.

That’s because the light is being hoarded inside so it can be discarded of later.

This will work perfectly during the germination stage, but when the plants grow, you might want to switch it up.

Instead, opt for an air-cooled hood, which will cover more area.

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