Best Hair Straightener for Rosin: Is Making Rosin Worth It?

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Rosin is an appealing extraction method for many cannabis lovers.

It's the only true solvent-free form of extraction on the market today.

Free from harsh petrochemicals, and easy to make at home, it’s gaining a dedicated following of concentrate lovers and dabbers alike.

Plus, it's easily made at home with a standard hair straightener!

Today, you'll see the best hair straightener for rosin, how to make rosin with a hair straightener, plus some rosin facts you won't want to miss!


Quick Top 5 Hair Straighteners for Rosin:

What is Rosin?

Rosin, as briefly touched on above, is the only real solventless extraction available.

It involves no butane, no CO2, and no other petrochemicals.

It uses the power of science, mainly high pressure and high heat, to extract the valuable compounds found in cannabis.

Depending on the various combinations of heat, pressure, and cannabinoids, the final product from a rosin extraction may be waxy, or more shatter like.

The most common input is raw, unprocessed marijuana, although some people also press kief or hash for slightly stronger results.

It's fun to experiment to find the sweet spot of each strain.

The Benefits of Rosin

Why are people flocking to rosin in huge numbers?

It's not just for the novelty of the product. There are a few compelling reasons why.

First, because it’s solventless, you're guaranteed to have 100% pure concentrate, free from any lingering petrochemicals.

Second, it's potent.

According to High Times, which tested rosin extractions over a few awards ceremonies,  the average rosin product is about 75% pure THC.

Finally, for someone who loves to dab, or who relies on concentrates for medicinal purposes, rosin is a do-it-yourself way to avoid the high dispensary prices.

Rosin is Safe to Make At Home

Unlike other extractions, which can be highly flammable and highly dangerous to make at home, rosin extractions are entirely safe.

In fact, many cannabis lovers simply make their own at home, in their rooms or at the dining room table.

All you need is a high-quality hair straightener.

The same tool you use to straighten hair your beautiful flowing hair, is the same device needed for a perfect at-home rosin extraction.

But, a good wipe down before switching back to hair is likely a good idea, as you wouldn’t want a sticky shatter melting into your perfectly coiffed locks.

How to Make Rosin at Home with a Straight Iron

With only a few basic tools, even the biggest burn out can learn to make their concentrates at home.

You're almost 100% guaranteed to get some oils extruded, even on your first press.  

Using the best hair straightener for rosin will help produce even more oil for you.

An incentive which makes the learning process both productive and fun.

Here is a short video from International High Life demonstrating the procedures, and as you can see it's much easier than you may expect for such a potent concentration.

Step 1: Collect the Tools

You’ll need a few tools to get started; to make sure the process from start to finish is smooth and painless.

You’ll need a square piece of parchment paper, roughly 10 inches by 10 inches.

The paper must be large enough to fold the cannabis into a small package inside.

Next, you’ll need a wide plated, temperature controlled straightener.

Up next, a small dabber or the end of a metal spoon to collect the extraction.

You'll finally need the cannabis itself.

Most people start with a full gram nug, but smaller sizes work as well.

If you want to step up the potency, try pressing a similar size chunk of kief or hash.

Step 2: Prepare the Package

Find a nug that safely fits between the edges of the flat iron blades without going over, even if pressed.

Usually, this means a nug about a gram in size.

Open up the sheet of parchment paper, and place the flower inside.

Fold so that the nug is deep inside the paper, and any oils extracted will not squirt out the sides and off the paper.

Some people package it into a neat little origami envelope, but any fold will do.

If you're using kief or hash, you’ll need to contain the cannabis a little better than a single fold down the middle, so be sure to fold up the sides, so nothing spills out before the process begins.

Step 3: Press to Extract

Place the little envelope of cannabis between the blades of a thoroughly heated straightener.

Start with a temperature setting around 300 to 325; you can always adjust as you go.

Slowly press down on the blades, with about 70 percent of your full strength.

Hold for a few seconds, and then put 100 percent of your strength into the press.

Some people stand up to get more leverage, use a heavy book, or carefully press on the flat iron with their foot.

Hold at full strength for five to seven seconds, then release.

Also, release if you hear a sizzle.

Step 5: Open, Inspect and Repeat

Chances are, with this do-it-yourself flat iron method of making rosin, you’ll need to repeat the process a few times.

Release the first pressing, and open the package.

You should see a compressed unappealing nug, and a few glistens of rosin around the edges.

Collect with a dabber, or push out of the way of the next pressing.

Smell the extraction, as this will be a good indicator of quality.

Refold the paper, careful to protect the rosin, and repeat Step 4.

Technically you can repeat as many times as you want, but experts often feel that the more you press, the lower the quality.

Before repeating the process, each time collect the extra rosin and smell the extraction.

If it starts to smell burnt, or bitter, it's time to stop.

Step 6: Enjoy your First Extraction

Once you’ve fully pressed the nug, there are few cannabinoids inside, feel free to discard.

From a quality one gram nug, you should have gathered a nice little ball of rosin.

Keep pressing more fresh produce to add to your collection, or get to smoking right away.

The nice thing about rosin extractions, are they are quick to do, and you can technically pump out dabs as you go.

Once you’ve got one down, its safe to take a break, heat up your nail and get to dabbing.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Extractions

When it comes to Rosin extractions, you’ll quickly notice that a run of the mill, budget hair straightener may not always produce amazing results.

It pays off in the product to invest in a professional hair straightener.

Not only is the temperature control better, but the plates also tend to have better temperature consistency between one area to another.

You may also find that clamps, may help improve the consistency of the pressure during the physical press.

Finally, a pro-tip for maximum yield is to freeze the fresh bud for at least 24 hours before pressing.

The Best Hair Straightener For Rosin

Yes, you too can make rosin at home, even with a second-hand flat iron stolen from your sister.

However, finding a better quality, professional hair straightener will not only improve the experience, but it will also strengthen your relationship with your sister.

Look for straighteners with large plates, either made from ceramic or titanium.

Also look for highly customizable temperature settings, covering a wide range, to make sure you can set the controls for each strain.

Some strains, with higher CBD levels, may need lower temperature pressings to protect the secondary cannabinoids.

Here are a few of our favorite hair straighteners for pressing rosin at home:

Remington S9130S T-Studio

A flat iron with a wide ceramic surface is exactly what you need to produce more rosin per pressing.

Advertised as straightening more hair than its competition, it will also extract more delicious oils than its competition making it the best hair straightener for rosin.

This hair straightener also has a quick-heating time, meaning you only need 15 seconds from turning it on to reach its full temperature potential.

Temperatures reach up to 455 degrees, but if you want a gentler extraction for a specific strain, you can set the temperature much lower to 300 degrees.

There is a helpful digital temperature display for easy temperature management.

If you start dabbing and forget to turn off your straightener, it will also turn off and cool down after 60 minutes of use.

Safety first!

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

This professional flat iron improves production capacity, with a 1.75-inch plate.

The plate is made from titanium, for better consistency and even heat distribution.

With easy temperature controls, you can specialize your rosin extraction process if you're trying to perfect the extraction for a special strain.

The straightener temperature range is from 170 to 450 degrees, and it comes with a large format, digital readout of temperature settings, ensuring you don’t overdo it on more sensitive strains.

The Kipozi comes with a soft, travel case, helpful for rosin extraction on the go.

It also has a gigantic eight foot, tangle free extension cord, giving you more room to set up a work area in your home or garage.

Kealive Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener, Kealive Flat Iron 2 Inch Extra Wide Infrared, MCH...

With a temperature range going from 265 to 450, perfecting your concentrate is made easy with the Kealive

A large ceramic plate, measuring 2 inches wide reduces the need to divide your weed into smaller pressings.

It also quickly heats up, so no one is waiting around for the next dab, and it comes with an automatic shut off after 60 minutes of use, in case that last dab hits you too hard.

All the most forgetful stoners will benefit from this feature.


This hair straightener works around the world with either a 110 or 240v.

Pack it into its accompanying storage bag, throw it in your suitcase and make rosin on the go.

Maybe the best part is the 36-month warranty offered from date of purchase, and nobody said it was a warranty for straightening hair.

Xtava Infrared

xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener - 2 Inch Ceramic Auto...

What’s better than a limited temperature setting?

10 separate temperature settings, designed for different types of hair, but now with applications for your at-home rosin production.

The ten settings cover 265 to 300, for the more sensitive cannabinoids, 300 to 380 degrees as a mid-range option, and 380 to 445 at the highest end.

As with most of the options in this review, the Xtava also has a wide plate to maximize the quantity you can press at once.

Need lots of extension cord, between the plugin and your workspace?

This device has over eight feet, and it also comes with 360 swivel, to make sure no annoying cord tangles as you work through the nugs.

By now a standard feature, the Xtava has an automatic shut off after 60 minutes.


A flat iron for those who prefer a more refined aesthetic and a few other tech innovations which will make the pressing process much more pleasing.

The AsaVea comes with the two-inch plate, and 360-degree cord swivel.

Big pressing sessions and no time spent unwinding the cord.

The big advancement is the microprocessor held within the flat iron, one which lets the user target ten different temperature settings.

Anywhere from 265 to 445 degrees lets, you optimize the rosin by strain and cannabinoid profile.

Don't forget the infrared heat and LCD display. These are also helpful features for pressing quality concentrate.

The AsaVea are finally dual-heating, meaning they heat from both sides, making for an even extraction of your weed.

Bonus, because it's bright, beautiful and pink.

Recommended Reading:

If you want to create higher grade rosin, and more of it quicker, then I suggest that you invest in a rosin press.

While the top end models can set you back quite a bit, starter models are pretty affordable.

You can check out our rosin press guide here.


The best hair straightener for rosin will have to have these features:

  • A wide flat iron to press more cannabis
  • Temperature settings that are changeable
  • And a comfortable grip 

Make sure you exercise safety when you're making rosin, because, while it's a fairly safe procedure, it can do some serious damage if taken lightly.

Well, did you do it? If so, tell us all about your first experience pressing rosin with a straightener in the comments below!

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