The Best Hemp Wick for Smoking: Get More Out of Your Cannabis With Natural Wicks

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Tasting butane when you should be tasting a fresh, green hit sucks.

There's a reason hemp wicks are considered the best replacement for traditional butane lighters—they make your weed taste better.

And though hemp plant products have been around for centuries, hemp wicks have only just become popular fairly recently.

Keep reading to learn why you should use a hemp wick, how to choose the best hemp wick and our reviews of the top natural hemp wicks.


Quick Top 5 Hemp Wicks:

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Natural Hemp Wick vs Lighter

A lighter has always done the job just fine, so you might be thinking, "Why use a hemp wick?"

Unlike when you use a butane lighter, using hemp wick doesn't expose you to noxious butane gases.

Though you'll have to light your wick to get the flame on, none of the gases involved transfer to the wick, thereby, keeping you safe.

For a smoker, this translates to a smoother and healthier hit.

And one that just flat out tastes better.

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Compared to traditional butane lighters, natural hemp wicks are relatively cheap.

Plus, a roll of hemp wick will last long a long time even if you're a heavy smokers.

With a wick, you can control the flame, allowing you to corner your bowl with greater precision.

Hemp wick burning temperature isn't the high temperatures that butane is.

For smokers, this allows your bud to be relatively less harsh, and you can take intense hits without straining the lungs.

It doesn't only make the smoother, though.

This lower temperature actually allows you to inhale more activated cannabanoids and terpenes. 

So, does natural hemp wick get you higher?


A BIC lighters flame burns 4-7 times the temperature that they activate at, so you end up incinerating a good chunk of THC you could be putting to use.

When traveling, the wick can be wrapped around the lighter for easy use.

Hemp wicks have so many uses. Some of them include:

  • Smoking herbs and concentrates
  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Beeswax hemp wick used to attract bees
  • Lighting/making candles

How to Smoke With Natural Hemp Wick

If you want to use hemp wick, here is a quick easy guide on how to use hemp wick:

Unwrap a few inches of the hemp wick from the roll, or from the lighter, for those who carry it around on a lighter.

Seeing that the wick burns fast, be sure to unwrap it long enough to avoid burning yourself before lighting whatever you want to.

Light the tip of the wick with enough flame to ensure it doesn't go out.

During a windy day, you might want to shield the flame with your hand at a considerable distance to avoid burning.

Place the lit wick on your cannabis and toke away.

To be on the safe side, always blow out your wick before it gets close to your hand or your body to minimize chances of fire accidents.

How do you Choose a Good Hemp Wick?

All hemp wicks are nearly similar with a difference in quality, thickness, length, use of beeswax and packaging.

A thin wick will burn faster than a thick one; thick wicks are, therefore, preferred for candles.

Daily smokers and other people who use the wick frequently will need to buy a whole roll of hemp wick to last them a month or more.

The Best Hemp Wick

The Bee Wick Hemp Wick is a 420 feet wick designed to offer a temperature lower than butane lighters, for a smoother lighting experience and a better taste for smokers.

It is made from 100 percent natural hemp, making it safe for use at home and on the road.

When the wick is natural, it produces no smoke or produces fumes that may affect your health.

This handmade wick also features pharmaceutical grade beeswax; this, combined with natural hemp, makes the wick safe to use.

This is a 1.0mm wick that is designed to burn slow, which makes it long lasting.

Unlike other wicks that may spatter hot oil when you put them out, this wick is created with a significant amount of wax, but not enough to drip when in use.

Unless you put it out, the wick will continue burning slowly.

The length and the thickness of the wick match its price. It is only 5.6 ounces, making it ideal for travel.

The EricX Light 200FT Hemp Wick is a 1.0mm hemp wick designed from 100 percent organic hemp.

It is designed to offer a slow burning flame to enhance durability; even when you unwrap an inch or less, you will still have enough time to light a fire.

The wick is created by dipping it into organic beeswax.

According to the manufacturer, the wic is best used to light medicinal herbs, pipes, fine cigars and hand rolled tobacco.

The wick does not fray, spark or drip wax.

However, according to users, the wick could use a little more wax to burn smoothly.

The wick burns with a pleasant smell, translating to tasty hits for smokers.

If you need a thicker wick, EricX Light offers a 2.0mm hemp wick.

Twisted Bee promises that their hemp wicks are 100 percent organic.

The hemp fiber is coated with a significant amount of organic beeswax; the wax is only enough to keep the wick burning and does not drip when you light.

The hemp is undyed to retain the natural flavor of hemp; when combined with natural beeswax, the smell and the taste gets better.

The wick is 1.0mm thick, which is the standard size of wicks.

For safety, the wick produces a relatively low temperature.

It keeps burning, thanks to wax until you put it off.

The making of this wick is done in-house from the processing stage to creating the roll, to retain the purity of the hemp.

HempBees Organic Hemp W​​​​ick and Dispenser

430 Ft Organic Hemp Wick Spool Roll Waxed & Coated w/ Natural Beeswax...

This is a short hemp wick for those who don't use the wick often or who don't mind refilling frequently.

The best part of this buy is the hemp wick glass dispenser.

This dispenser is designed for fine and thick wicks; 5mm, 1mm and 2mm.

With the dispenser, the wick stays fresh with no dust and lint standing on top.

Better still, it ensures the wick does not tangle or fray.

The Los Angeles made hemp wick does offer tastier hits.

It burns relatively slow, allowing you to use it for long smoke sessions.

The dispenser gives off between 1 and 2 inches of wick for safe lighting.

The dispenser is designed to work with different brands of hemp wick.

However, its small size limits the length of wick that you can put in it.

Humboldt Hemp Wick

Humboldt Hemp Wick 250' Feet Made with Organic Hemp and Pure Beeswax

True to its name, this wick is made in Humboldt county of California.

It is a 1.0mm thick wick ideal for lighting products, fire, and for use in candles.

The 250ft wick is made of all-organic hemp and natural beeswax for a nice smell, resulting in tasty hits.

It is rolled in a manner that it feels easy to unwrap.

It is designed to burn slow and continue burning until the user puts it out.

Natural wax holds the hemp together, preventing fraying and sparking.

However, users feel like a relatively high amount of wax was used and it drips after lighting the wick for a prolonged time.

It weighs only 4.8 ounces, making it ideal for travel.

And it's a cheap hemp wick without being "cheap".

HempBees Large Hemp Wick

NEW Large Hemp Wick Dispenser + 50 Ft by HempBees

This is a dispenser for those who're always using hemp wick.

The glass dispenser is large enough to hold wick for a few months.

This dispenser is tightly sealed to enhance the freshness of the wick and keep dirt away.

Again, it can dispense different thicknesses of the wick.

It's offered with a 50ft hemp wick that with a standard 1.0mm thickness.

According to the manufacturer, the hemp and the beeswax are 100 percent natural for safe use.

Like other wicks in its category, the HempBees wick burns at a lower temperature and with natural smells, making it safe for use.

It burns slow and doesn't drip wax.

However, the wick results in a relatively high ash content.

You can use the dispenser with any other brand of hemp wick as long as it fits in the jar.


So, now that you know you should avoid destroying your cannabanoids and terpenes with a lighter, come and hop on the hemp wick band wagon.

I can assure you, you won't regret it.

Have you been using hemp wicks for awhile? If so, which do you think is the best hemp wick for smoking?

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