The Best HPS grow Lights for Cannabis in 2019

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A lot of growers still prefer to use HPS bulbs over LED grow lights.

When something has worked for years it becomes hard to change things up.

Grow lights generally last quite a long time (some up to 10,000 hours), but we do eventually need to replace them.

Today, we'll take a look at the best HPS grow lights as well as some advantages of still using HPS grow lights.


Quick Top ​​​3 HPS Grow Lights:

Using HPS Light to Grow Cannabis With

In the past, no body grew with anything other than high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Now a days there are CFL grow lights, T5s, MIDs, and the list goes on and on.

Why should you still go with an HPS?

HPS Bulbs are known for their brightness and providing a good spectrum of light to the plants.

During the vegetative phase of growing cannabis your plants need a lot of light.

During the flowering phase, however, things are a bit more complex.

Marijuana plants are much more susceptible to problems, and there isn't very much room for error and the plants' yield is at high risk.

HPS grow lights supply enough light to keep yields high during the flowering stage, and some growers even think they make for denser buds.

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How to Choose an HPS Bulb

Choosing the best bulb for your grow operation depends on the necessary light intensity, exact duration of lighting and the color of light used.

To find out the size of light you need, you can use our grow room wattage calculator here.

HPS grow lights for flowering come in a variety of color spectrums, wattages and other features.

There are literally multitudes of HPS grow light bulbs out there, on the market, today, however, the following list will help you narrow down the options, significantly.

The Best HPS Grow Lights

EyeHortilux HX66785 HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb

EyeHortilux 1000-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb, 6-Pack

This HPS grow bulb from Eye Hortilux features a full spectrum bulb and contains less mercury than typical HPS grow light bulbs.

Although most of the HPS lamps produced by Eye Hortilux provide efficient lighting throughout every stage of plant growth, the HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb covers a wider color spectrum than most other, traditional, sodium bulbs.

This bulb's color spectrum is perfect for growing cannabis.

The light bulb can sustain up to 24,000 hours of total use.

This number is equal to 1000 days of lighting, with the HPS bulb running non-stop, 24/7.

Furthermore, Eye Hortilux guarantees that every grow light bulb purchased from them will arrive brand new and will work with any HPS ballast.


  • Lead-free
  • Wide light coverage
  • Perfect color spectrum


  • The bulb is so bright it can be hard to work around

EyeHortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb

EyeHortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb, 6-Pack

The 600-Watt Super HPS Bulb, again, produced by Eye Hortilux is the best 600 watt HPS bulb you can buy.

Like the HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb, this bulb also contains less mercury than other grow lights and features a wide spectrum of colors to help promote more vigorous plant growth.

This HPS bulb puts off up to 25 percent more energy in violet, blue and green colors than standard high pressure sodium light bulbs.

This provides optimal spectral energy for flowering cannabis plants.

This bulb is guaranteed the same life expectancy as the 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb.

Be warned, however, both selections of Eye Hortilux HPS grow light bulbs can appear a bit too bright for the naked eye, so remain cautious when working with your growing and flowering plants in regard to using these powerfully efficient HPS bulbs.

And try to pick up a pair of grow room glasses to help keep your eyes protected.


  • Works in a ballast
  • Very wide color spectrum
  • Energy Efficient


  • This bulb, too, can get a bit too bright

Apollo GLBHPS400 HPS Grow Light Bulb

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 400 - Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb Lamp for...

Apollo Horticulture aims for the highest quality in grow lights, and this HPS bulb contributes to their goal.

The GLBHPS400 400-Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb emits a 2000K red-orange spectrum which helps promote better and more sufficient cannabis flowering.

This bulb is ideal for hydroponic growing and is compatible with both electronic or digital and magnetic ballasts.

A standard 400-watt ballast with capabilities of handling high-pressure sodium bulbs should suffice for Appolo's GLBHPS400 400-watt HPS grow bulb.

It's also compatible with dimmable ballasts, however, you should keep your ballast around the same amount of wattage as the actual bulb to prevent shortening your bulb's life expectancy.

The Apollo grow bulb should last a total of 24,000 accumulated hours.

And while it's ideal for hydroponic setups especially, it will work wonders for almost any type of cannabis growth—it's also the best HPS bulb for flowering.


  • Ideal for hydroponic growing
  • High lumen output
  • Great durability


  • Not the best lifespan

When You Should Go With a Different Style of Light

While all of these lights are awesome, they don't work well in every situation. Because of the heat an HPS emits for instance, they aren't the best light for cloning weed or growing in a closet. If plan on setting up in a closet, check out the lights we recommend here.


When it's time for your cannabis plants to begin flowering, you're going to want a good high-pressure sodium bulb to give your plants 12 hours of light, alternated with an equal 12 hours of darkness, every day.

This will emulate the winter season and "tell" plants to start flowering.

Every HPS grow light bulb is different though.

Each bulb comes with its own individual features and characteristics, so make sure to shop around a bit before deciding on the perfect HPS bulb for your flowering cannabis plants.

What do you think the best HPS grow light is? Have you used any of the ones we talked about?

Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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