The Best Joint Filter: Never Inhale Chunks of Weed Again

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Joints are one of the most common forms of smoking Cannabis.

Something that many people enjoy using to make their smoking experience more pleasant is a crutch—aka a joint filter.

You can easily prevent yourself from getting little pieces of weed in your mouth during sessions with a the best joint filter.


Quick Top 5 Joint Filters:

What are joint filters?

Well, joint filters are a little piece of paper or glass that are placed at the mouthpiece of a joint.

The filter serves the purpose of making sure that you only inhale smoke.

Without a filter, you may find that you’ll begin to suck little pieces of weed into your mouth.

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Not only is this unpleasant tasting, it can be frustrating to constantly have to spit out these little pieces during a session.

While they’re not necessary, they can make the overall experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, they can be useful for people who enjoy smoking their joints all the way down to the end.

By holding onto the filter tip you will be able to smoke all the herb inside.

If you’re interested in seeing what a filter tip looks like or how to roll your own, check out the Youtube video below.

The Best Joint Filter

Raw Rolling Papers Unbleached Filter Tips

Raw Rolling Papers Unbleached Filter Tips 10 Pack = 500 Tips

Raw has established themselves as one of the most dominant Cannabis accessory companies in the industry.

These are their Raw Rolling Papers Unbleached Filter Tips.

It comes in a little book containing flat pieces of paper.

The papers have to be manually rolled into a filter tip by the consumer.

People tend to love using these with joint rollers.

Customers often say that the papers are perfect sized for rolling filter tips.

Raw Rolling filter tips are very simple and easy to use.

They allow for users to smoke their joint all the way down to the tip.

They also provide for a great filtration and a pleasant smoke as well.

Overall, these papers are quite reliable even though you will have to roll it yourself.


  • Leading name in cannabis products
  • Allow you to smoke joint all the way down to the tip
  • Great smoke filtration


  • Just flat papers, you have to roll the tips yourself

Raw Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

Raw Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Filter Tips 5 Pack (21 Per Box)

Once again, Raw provides another great filter tip product.

Like the previous product, people are often very satisfied with this product.

However, unlike the unbleached papers, these tips are already pre-rolled.

Which means you will not have to manually roll them yourself.

They’re already rolled into a perfect little filter.

All that you have to do is place them into your joint and roll it like normal.

The advantage of using these is that they will provide a better filtration if you do not know how to roll a crutch yourself.

They save a lot of time and hassle.

The only downfall though, is that you can not customize your filter tip.

Some people enjoy making personalized filter tips.

An example would be a star shaped tip which you can learn to do by clicking watching this.

If you use a pre-rolled filter, you can’t do this.


  • Just place in joint and roll
  • These tips are already rolled into optimal filter tip length


  • You can’t customize how long you want your tip to be

Danktips Glass Filter Tips

5 Ultra Premium Round-Mouth Quartz Glass Filter Tips by DankTips

Another form of filter tips is glass.

This is obviously different from paper tips as it’s glass and you don’t throw it away.

Also, glass filter tips often stick out of the end of a joint.

It almost feels like you are inhaling from a one hitter or a small pipe when you use a glass filter tip on a joint.

Everyone has their preferences for filter tips.

Some people love using paper tips and others prefer glass.

The advantage of using a glass filter tip is that you don’t have to continue purchasing new tips. A disadvantage, however, is that if you drop it then it may break.

Plus, they get clogged and you need to clean them like any other glass.

Overall, glass tips provide another way of filtering your joint smoke.

Glass tips are a little different to roll with—you can roll your joint, and then stick it in the open end of the filter.


  • Not disposable, so they will last a while
  • Joint won’t get wet at the end
  • Don’t need to roll with joint, just place in end


  • Can break
  • May get clogged

Elements Pre-Rolled Tips

Elements Pre-Rolled Tips, 4 Boxes, 21 Tips per Box Plus 2 Doob Tube...

The final product that will be reviewed is Elements pre-rolled tips.

Element is a company similar to Raw that sells cannabis products like rolling papers and tips. This product is very similar to Raw pre-rolled tips.

They too require minimal effort to use since they’re already rolled up.

All that you have to do is stick it in your joint and roll like normal.

People are often satisfied with this product just as they are with the Raw tips.

They allow you to smoke your joint all the way down without burning yourself or wasting any herb.

Consumers often comment on the fact that the filtration is very good and they rarely find themselves getting little pieces into their mouth.


  • Burn to tip without scorching fingers or lips
  • Won’t waste any herb


  • Since they’re pre-rolled, the filters can’t be customized


If you want to smoke joints without getting any marijuana in your mouth, you NEED the best joint filter.

They only come in a few different styles:

  • Non-rolled paper tips
  • Pre-rolled paper tips
  • & Glass tips

They all have their advantages and all have things they can improve on.

Do you use crutches when you roll?

What style do you prefer?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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