Best Joint Papers: The Slow Burning, No Running Top 10

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When it comes to finding the best joint paper, it is difficult to disseminate between the endless mix of rolling papers.

While smoker's preferences vary, most are looking for thin, durable paper that burns clean with minimal runs.

To make things easier, today we'll show you how to buy joint papers, what to avoid and also give you some of the best rolling paper reviews.


Quick Top 5 Joint Papers:

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What Makes a Good Rolling Paper

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince.

At least that’s the case when it comes to finding the right rolling papers.

Many factors go into making a good rolling paper.

From the materials its comprised of to the flavor of the wrap, I will give you an in-depth analysis on how to distinguish between greatness and garbage.

Keep reading to learn what makes a good rolling paper!

The Best Joint Papers

RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone 32 Pack

RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone 32 Pack (1 1/4 Size)

Raw's reputation for being one of the cleanest rolling paper companies is enhanced by their pre-rolled, pre-tipped conical joints.

Made from unbleached, GMO-free, unrefined, organic hemp, these papers produce a chemical-free, light smoke.

The eco-conscious smoker will take pleasure in these windmill-produced, vegan commodities.

Each cone is 83 mm long and features paper embossed with Raw's unique criss-cross watermark that promotes a slow, even burn from start to finish.

In fact, they are the slowest burning rolling papers you will find!

The pattern, which runs in every direction, also prevents frustrating runs.

Pro tip: Grind your weed better to prevent running!

For beginners or those who haven't mastered hand rolling, the cones are a hassle-free option.


  • Cleanest rolling paper, no additives
  • Criss-cross watermark promotes slow, even burns
  • Perfect for those who can’t roll joints


  • Cone may lead to weed falling out, so finely grind product

Juicy Jay's Mixed 1 1/4 Flavoured Cigarette papers

10 x Juicy Jay's Mixed 1 1/4 Flavoured Cigarette Papers

For the flavor enthusiast, Juicy Jays offer an abundance of flavor-enhanced papers, including variations such as Absynthe, watermelon, raspberry and green apple.

Hands down, they are the best flavored joint papers and everyone's go to.

Slightly sweet with a mellow aroma, these papers produce more smell than taste when burned.

Overall, these papers are of high quality.

However, the gum side occasionally struggles to stay stuck, causing the joint to unravel.

Nevertheless, unlike most flavored papers, Juicy Jays are fully dipped, three times over to ensure that every puff hits the taste buds.


  • Many flavors, including unique ones such as Absynthe
  • Produces pleasant smells
  • Three times dipped to ensure flavor in every puff


  • Adhesive gum isn’t too sticky, causes joint to unravel

ELEMENTS 300 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

ELEMENTS 300 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper 1.25 1 1/4 Size, 5 Pack =...

Elements ultra thin rice papers are fine tuned so that you can enjoy the quality of your fill material without overbearing paper smoke.

The paper is truly ultra thin and features a unique unrefined sugar gum that attaches with minimal moisture and produces a beautiful caramel as it burns.

This paper also features a cross-cross pattern similar to RAW's, that helps to eliminate uneven burns and lines.

The only downside is that the gum end of the paper has a tendency to curl, making it more difficult to load into a rolling machine.


  • Ultra-thin, so less paper to smoke
  • Rice papers are all-natural choice


  • Since they’re so thin, may be susceptible to tearing
  • Paper at end curls which is problematic for rolling machines

Raw 300 Organic 1.25 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers

RAW Organic 300 1.25 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers 1 Pack = 300 Leaves

Raw's 1 1/4 rolling papers are produced from all-natural, vegan hemp paper and hemp gum, making them one of the cleanest burns on the market.

Your fill material will set up nicely in these transparent sheets.

Though they are extremely thin, they don't rip easily.

The papers are packed in loosely and may not feature the convenient midway fold, but alls well when you finally get to burning and get a feel for the slow, even blaze and soft, tasty smoke of criss-cross enhanced hemp paper.

These thin papers have to be the best hemp rolling papers available.


  • Uses hemp gum, which is the cleanest option
  • Papers are loose for easier grab


  • Papers are loose for easier grab

Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers

Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers, 1 4 Size (24 Booklets...

There is something to be said of this tried and true convenient store staple.

After 130 years of making cigarette papers, it seems Zig Zag has finally pulled off the ultimate ultra thin rolling paper.

Keeping to their old school fashions, the papers feature natural gum arabic seals that are derived from the African acacia tree.

While durable and consistently rip-free, the strong materials don't interject with your smoke flavor.


  • Long-standing popular cannabis brand
  • Use natural gum arabic from the African acacia tree for joint seals


  • Ultra-thin, so may rip
  • Doesn’t add much flavor to your smoke session

Zig Zag Orange Rolling Papers 1 1/4

1 1/4 French Orange Rolling Papers

There is no paper more classic than the Zig Zag orange label.

Made with all-natural flax plant fibers and gum Arabic seals, you don't need to worry about inhaling foul chemicals and additives.

Like all Zig Zag papers, they have been enhanced with branded criss-cross watermarks that provide a smooth, even burn.

While it's hard to not be tempted by the countless contemporary products out there today, these time-honored papers are far from obsolete.


  • Classic all-natural rolling papers made from flax plant fibers
  • Time-tested material perfected to burn evenly


  • Same run-of-the-mill joint paper, no added flavors

OCB Premium Slim King Size

OCB Tobacco Paper Long Slim 50 x 32 Sheets Black

OCB has been doling out paper since the mid-1800s in France.

OCB stands for Odet Cascadet Bolloré, a sophisticated name for a brand that now generates worldwide attention for its premium paper.

Thin, yet durable enough to hand roll, modern OCBs have less than ideal seals, that lend themselves to premature unraveling.

They're also significantly thicker than other popular brands.

Still, the company has a dedicated customer base, so they must be doing something right.

If you want a bigger joint, these are the best king size rolling papers!


  • King-sized papers that hold more bud


  • Not the strongest seals, papers tend to unravel
  • Although they promote themselves as thin, they’re pretty thick

Wiz Khalifa Raw Connoisseur Papers

Wiz Khalifa Raw Connoisseur King Size Slim Rolling Papers With Tips 5...

The tattooed, super star rapper by the name of Wiz Khalifa has partnered with RAW to create this commemorative collection of all-natural rolling papers.

RAW has worked tirelessly to produce this ultra thin, transparent paper made from unrefined hemp with hemp gum seals.

Featuring signature criss-crossing watermarks, these papers burn super slow.

The kit includes hemp tips and a handy poking stick.

Whether you're a Khalifa fan or not, this all-natural rolling kit features everything you need to make the most out of your fill.


  • Great way to show your support for Whiz Khalifa
  • Has a poking stick
  • Comes with papers and tips


  • Only come in king size, so might be more paper than bud

Bob Marley 1 1/4 Cigarette Rolling Papers

Bob Marley 1 1/4 Cigarette Rolling Papers 6 Booklets

Yet another commemorative rolling pack, the Bob Marley rolling papers are made from premium Spain-sourced unbleached hemp with natural gum seals.

Each pack contains 50 papers, with a convenient low inventory warning slip when you get down to your last five. They produce a smooth, even burn, with minimal runs.

They don't seem to deter from the natural flavor of your fill either.

For reggae fans and rolling paper enthusiasts alike, these 1 and 1/4 rolls make for a snug, flavorful roll.


  • Comes with a warning slip between papers to let you know when there’s just five left
  • 50 papers per pack


  • Runs are minimal, but do happen

Lion Head 24K Gold Rolling Papers

24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack - Lionhead

Made from premium edible gold and all-natural hemp paper, these celebratory papers are perfect for special occasions.

Gold seems to be the icing on the cake when it comes to novelty papers.

Not to worry, these are also super easy to roll, coming with a secure glue line, and generate a smooth, clean smoke.

Treat your guests to an extra special treat with these metallic marvels.


  • Made from edible gold
  • Perfect for celebrations and holidays


  • Just comes with two gold papers
  • Not a strong glue strip
  • Doesn’t list what the glue is made of

Randys Wired 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Randy's Wired Rolling Papers 1 1/4'- 25 Units per Box

Dating back to 1975, Randy's wire rolling papers are U.S. made wire infused smoking papers.

They feature sturdy, rip-free paper with a steel wire glued on one side.

The wire serves as a handy, disposable roach clip, but it also makes the paper easier to roll.

On the downside, the paper has a tendency to run a bit.

While they may not be the best papers for joints, the wire makes them easily one of my favorites.


  • Stainless steel wire works as a tip, which allows you to smoke the whole joint
  • Easy to roll


  • Not the stickiest adhesive

What Materials Work Best?

Rolling papers are made from a variety of light rag fibers, such as the pulp of hemp, rice or flax.

Most papers are cut into smaller pieces and printed with a thin line of glue.

Oftentimes, the papers are bleached to give them a white appearance.

While wood pulp and rice papers once reigned in popularity, additive-free, unbleached hemp and flax papers are the consensus for health-minded, eco-conscious shoppers.

These also tend to burn a bit slower than the others.

Novelty joint paper may be dipped in flavors or image enhancing materials.

Some papers are even completely transparent and made from plant-based materials.

While the large variety may seem overwhelming, paper material is personal preference.

Beware of Additives

In January of 2011, the FDA issued an order that required all tobacco related products must submit their ingredient lists or risk being withdrawn from the U.S. market.

Still, many popular companies use additives that help to regulate the paper's burn.

Many of these additives cause adverse health and can spoil cannabis smoke.

Meanwhile, the market is flooded with countless natural and additive-free papers.

Stay Away From Extra Chemicals

You want rolling papers that have the least amount of chemicals added to the product.

Unfortunately, there's always going to be some chemicals involved in the process, so try to do a little research about a brand before committing.

Chemicals are added to control many factors about the rolling paper.

These include:

  • Flavor
  • Combustion Rate
  • How Long It Burns
  • Color

The addition of chemicals may make the wrap taste better or burn quicker.

The problem is the chemicals inside the rolling paper also have a chemical reaction with the compounds present in your cannabis.

Therefore, synthetic materials may have an adverse effect on essential aspects of smoking such as the potency levels of THC or the medicinal value of the cannabinoids.

While you should be looking out for harmful additives, don’t be turned off by infused rolling papers.

These are dipped in hash oils or CBD.

They will not only improve the taste quality, but they will add to the health benefits due to an extra dose of cannabinoids.

Run Far Away From Bleach

To make rolling papers shockingly white, manufacturers put their products through a bleaching process.

They add chlorine (the same chemical we use to clean our pools), into a product that we inhale into our lungs.

Overexposure to chlorine can lead to many defects, mainly occurring within the respiratory system.

Without a doubt, opt for an all-natural product

Luckily, all-natural products are readily available, thanks to the nation's growing concern about additives in consumer products.

Now, brand labels proudly tout that their rolling papers are unbleached.

Just be warned, these products tend to be a tad pricier than their bleached counterparts.

But what is the cost of your health?

Does the Gum Matter?

Paper adhesives vary almost as much as the pulp itself, yet they are often ignored or overlooked.

Many papers boast all-natural glues, such as 100% gum Arabic, rice or sugar.

Most adhesives can be activated with a little bit of moister, typically spit—making them easy to roll on the go.

Gum Arabic, according to the National Institute for Health, is a perfectly acceptable for human intake.

If a paper isn't sticking probably, you run the risk of losing precious filler. (p.s. that's cannabis!)

Occasionally, you'll find an un-gummed paper, but these can be frustrating for the average roller.

If you're feeling adventurous, this YouTube video gives the full rundown of how to hand-roll a joint without ungummed rolling papers.

Don't Kid Yourself, Size Matters.

When you look at rolling papers, you may see a set of dimensions on the label.

These are all based on personal preferences, such as how much cannabis you plan on smoking to how skilled you are at rolling.

Size dimensions included on labels include :

  • Single Wide: ~70 mm in length, ~36 in width, suitable for single smoker
  • 1 ¼: ~78mm in length, ~48mm in width, holds 25% more than Single Wide
  • 1 ½: ~78mm in length, ~62mm in width, suitable for parties up to 3
  • Double Wide: ~78mm in length, ~88mm in width, for 2 -5 people
  • King Size:  ~110mm in length, ~60 mm in width, for 2-5 people
  • Spool: Bigger than King, meant for a lot of heads or smoking games

Rule of thumb, a label brandishing the words “fine” or “thin” will burn much slower than a thicker rolling paper.

That’s because the thinness of the rolling paper makes it possible for air to circulate through the joint.

This will slow down the burning process, making for a more extended smoke session.

While that is a great attribute, being so thin makes it harder to roll.

The chances of tearing significantly become increased the thinner the papers are.

That is what makes thicker rolling papers are an excellent choice for everyone, especially beginners.

Thicker rolling papers may burn a little quicker, but they are pretty tough to tear.

Thinner papers also have less influence on the taste of the joint.

Thickness matters

According to Rolling Depot, rolling papers date all the way back to early 1700s, when the brand Pay-Pay dominated the Spanish market.

While these Napolian era merchants were using some of the same pulps to make their papers, they were no doubt far thicker and smoke-producing than those of today.

Traditionally, thicker papers provided the slow burn that smokers desired.

Today, thin papers, especially those with criss-cross watermarks, like that used by brands like Zig Zag and RAW, can provide a healthier version of that slow, even burn we all love.

Modern industrial feats allow companies to create ultra thin, partially transparent papers from purer, unrefined materials, such as hemp, flax and wood.

Still, some still find the thicker papers easier to hand roll and less likely to rip.

No matter what size, thickness, material, or gum you prefer, there is bound to be a rolling paper that will make the joint of your dreams.

The Taste Matters

If you ask me, what makes a good rolling paper is the taste.

Unless you have some real bottom of the bag shake, the cannabis itself is always going to taste great.

However, a bad paper around the bud can completely sour the whole experience.

If you are tasting more of the rolling paper than the marijuana, then you are smoking with a low-quality paper.

An excellent rolling paper will allow you to taste the bud without any interference.

However, a tremendous rolling paper can accentuate the flavor of the weed as well.

Once you find a brand that you trust, see if they have any papers naturally flavored.

Who wouldn’t like a strawberry hemp wrap around a lemon kush by the poolside on a summer day?

Keep an Eye on the Ashes

You can tell the quality of your rolling paper by the amount of ash that lies in each puff's wake.

If your weed is rolled up in a poor quality paper, you will quickly notice that an abundance of ash is produced as the joint continues to burn away.

When this happens, you are inhaling more ash than bud.

In turn, you are doing more damage to your lungs than you would be if you were to use a quality rolling paper.


So, what makes a good rolling paper?

You want a healthy paper that isn't laden with chemicals such as bleach.

Going with a healthy base material such as hemp also help to keep your joints healthy.

The size is going to depend on how much you plan on smoking.

But the thickness of your papers should be based on your rolling skills.

If rolling joints isn't like riding a bike yet, you might want to stick to thicker papers.

You can tell a lot of the tried and true rolling papers are at the top for a reason.

Companies like RAW and ZigZag are constantly putting out new and innovated rolling papers that are changing the way be smoke.

You also want to buy them at the cheapest price possible! You can check out different prices of papers buy checking out the headshops here:

Which do you think are the best rolling papers for joints?

Let me know in the comments below!

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