The Best Kief Press: The Top Pollen Presses to Press Hash

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Are you using a kief catching grinder to collect your kief?

If so, you're smart because that stuff is AWESOME!

Did you know you can actually compress your kief into little potent pucks of hash?

Well, today, we'll show you not only why you need a kief press, but also what to look for when buying one and our review of the best kief press.


Quick Top 3 Best Pollen Presses

What is a Pollen Press Used For?

A kief press is used to press the trichomes formed in the herb grinders into hash pucks.

This allows you to store rolled cannabis for a long time or smoke it without wasting any powder.

Let’s face it.

Kief can be a hassle to handle, and we end up loosing so much to our fingers or the wind.

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Factors to consider when buying a kief press

Size and weight

The best kief press should be light-weight for portability and compact thus making it small in size.

The diameter should match that of a good-sized coin to be able to press a solid and high-grade hash.


A good kief press should be well-engineered such that its construction is solid and comes with a handle.

The materials should be durable to prolong the life of the kief press.

Ease of use

The best kief press is one that is easy to use, and the components are easy to insert or screw back after cleaning.

It, therefore, should be smooth to operate.

Cleaning and maintenance

The best kief press is one that is simple and tough so that minimal cleaning and maintenance is needed.

You should always wipe the kief press with alcohol and a piece of cloth after each use to keep it in good shape.

How to use a Kief Press

Step 1
Remove the bottom part of your herb grinder to access your kief.

Ensure that the kief you're pressing is dry enough or consider storing it in a place with a low to relative humidity of less than 40% before pressing.

Step 2
Remove the cap of the pollen press and the pin before standing it up with the section where the pin is supposed to be facing upwards.

Step 3
Put the hash powder in the pollen press using a funnel or something similar to avoid any wastage before inserting the pin back into its place.

Step 4
Screw the caps back as tightly as possible such that no air gets through, and the hash is under a high amount of pressure.

Leave the hash for about 8 hours before removing it from the kief press.

Below is a video of how to use a pollen press.

The Best Kief Press

Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Pollen Press

Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Press With 3 Metal Dowel Rods by...

This is one of the strongest and most durable pollen presses in the market due to its aluminum construction that forms a solid block.

It's designed with a black main hollow outer chamber and two black end caps that are put in a carrying bag to offer you convenience when carrying around.

You will rarely find a better kief press that comes with two varying dowel rod sizes.

The two dowel rod sizes increase your options when pressing the hash.

The two long rods are used when one intends to press small amounts of cannabis powder while the short and long rods are used for large amounts.


  • Durable aluminum forms a solid block of kief
  • Comes with convenient carrying bag
  • Has two dowel rod sizes


  • Not the easiest for beginners

T Press Toll 3.5 Inch Pollen Press

T Press Tool 3.5 Inches Engineered Brass Cylinder Heavy Duty Metal T...

This is a very stiff kief press thanks to its brass body that is suitable for maintaining items under high pressure.

This stiffness is helpful as it helps preserve the bearings while allowing the valves to be tightened as needed.

It's designed to be resistant to galling, and it comes with a tincture cap that needs to be cleaned before using for the first time.

It's the best kief press for you if you're looking to press your hash powder to about 3/4 of an inch pucks.


  • Galling (wear) resistant
  • Durable under high pressure
  • Comes with tincture cap


  • Pucks are hard to get out
  • Multiple cleanings prior to use is recommended

Pollen Press Tool Tough Aluminum CNC

Stash Safe, Spice Press Tool Pill Case Aluminum CNC 5 Piece 3.5 inch 2...

This equipment can be used three ways:

  • As a pollen press.
  • As a portable ashtray.
  • As a stash safe.


  • 3-in-1 product that serves as a press, safe, and ashtray
  • Discreet and looks like a flashlight


  • Only good for pressing a lot of kief

It comes with an aluminum silver polish that enhances its durability and makes it light and portable.

It's 3.5 inches tall, and it comes with two plastic dowels that are 1.55 inches tall each.


Learning how to use a kief press is easy.

Just make sure you don't cheat and release the pressure on the press to soon or it won't be as dense as you'll want.

Do you use a pollen press or prefer to just throw your kief on a bowl?

What do you think is the best kief press?

We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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