The Best Light for Cloning Cannabis: Start Your Plants off Right

Did you find a killer strain of cannabis and want the same genetics of the plant it came from for future harvests?

You may have heard about cloning but don't know where to start.

Today, we'll give you a brief lesson on cloning, how to take care of clones and, of course, the best light for cloning cannabis.

Quick Top 3 Best Lights for Cloning:

What is Cloning?

A clone is an exact copy of the female plant that a cutting is taken from.

The sex, the strain and the way they grow, smell and taste are all exactly identical.

A cutting is is taken from an established plant's stem.

Cloning is a method of growing cannabis without growing the plant from seed.

How Do You Grow Clones?

The first step is to find a young plant that hasn't flowered yet.

Choose a stem that has 3-6 nodes which are branches of the leaves from the stem you want to take a cutting from.

You should use a scalpel, razor, or sharp scissors that have been sterilized with rubbing alcohol.

It's important to sterilize your tools because bacteria could invade the cutting and kill it.

You want to cut the stem at a 45° angle because it provides better water uptake and keeps the cutting from drooping.

Good water flow is essential for root growth which is called rooting.

There are two ways to root from your cutting depending on your budget.

Rooting helpers are the recommended way because it helps the roots grow faster.

After using the gel or powder root helper, place the cutting in a starter cube that is moistened with water.

The low-cost method is to place the cutting in a cup of water and cover with a plastic baggie until roots appear and then place in the moist starter cube.

You want strong, healthy roots and it's recommended you wait until the roots are at least 3" long but no more than 6".

What is the Best Way to Care for Clones?

Your clones require special attention as they establish their root system in the soil.

It can take several weeks for the roots to grow enough to safely transplant.

There are three important steps to follow that will produce a healthy clone.

Moisture and Humidity for Clones

The first step is to create a moist and humid climate.

You can do this by placing a dome or clear plastic bag over the clone.

Make sure your plant container has suitable drainage to prevent over saturation.

To maintain a humid climate the clone needs to be kept at a temperature range of 72-77 degrees F.

You do not want to use any nutrients for the first week.

Use a diluted mix of nutrients and water until your clone is ready to be repotted.

Clone Ventilation

You will need to provide ventilation to prevent molding.

Ventilation helps your clone's root system grow too.

You can make sure you are getting good ventilation by placing holes in the top of the dome lid.

Alternatively, remove the bag or lid and fan the plants.

Make sure the humidity level does not fall below 80% with either method.

How Much Light for Clones

Lighting is what will help your clone grow into a vibrant and healthy mother plant.

Your clone will not need any light for the first two days.

The light cycle for clones is simple.

Clones need 18 hours of light to grow a strong stem and healthy leaves.

They'll also need 6 hours of darkness to help the roots grow.

There are two spectrums of light that plants need, but the best light spectrum for clones is red and blue.

Blue light helps the root system, and red light helps with plant growth and flowering.

You want to use more blue light initially to help with root growth.

Plants need red light too because it helps with photosynthesis which is required for growth.

You also need to watch out for heat and to make sure the light has enough distance from the leaves.

Yellowing and dried leaves happen if the light is too close or generates excessive heat.

You can use CFL lighting but pay careful attention to heat and distance.

Most growers choose an LED grow light for consistent growth, and they keep the area around your clones cool.

The Best Light for Cloning Cannabis

Lightimetunnel 45W LED Panel Grow Light

Lightimetunnel 45W LED Grow Light Panel, LED Plant Growing Light with Reflector Red Blue Bulbs Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg Seedling Growing and Flowering

The lighttimetunnel get our nod as the best light for clones.

The light emits very little heat while delivering the right amount of light.

You want a light that is cool to the touch to save energy and for long-term use.

The panel has a total of 169 LED's to provide the best balance of red and blue light. It creates the perfect environment to grow healthy clones and higher yields when mature.

This is a great grow light that's used by hobbyists and commercial growers.

Santaro 36W LED Plant Grow Light

VEPOWER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, White

Great light for indoor use and easy to install because it fits into 36w sockets.

Low energy output and high-efficiency lighting means it light will last a long time.

Ideal for various setups like hydroponics, greenhouses, and indoor growing setups.

Your clones will thrive because the LED lighting realistically mimics sunlight.

It offers the perfect spectrum of light that plants need during their lifecycle.

Heat from the light is spread out over an aluminum ribcage design.

TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb

TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb, Grow Lights Indoor Plants, Grow Lamp Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic, Plant Lights (E26 12w 3 Bands)

This grow light utilizes the right level of wavelengths to maximize efficiency and plant growth.

Excellent design and made to fit in small spaces.

It has three blue and nine red LEDs to provide consistent light coverage for all phases of plant growth.

The wavelengths and light spectrum produce strong and healthy plants.

Easy to use because it fits any 36w socket.

Well constructed design using quality materials.

This light has been known to help your clone grow faster.


If you're going to grow cannabis, learning how to clone is what it will take to take your harvests to the next level.

They allow you to have more harvests throughout the year and help you save money since you don't have to keep buying seeds.

Plus, once you find a strain that works perfect for you, it's awesome to be able to constantly replicate it.

If you are a serious grower, you'll want to grab one of the best lights for clones.

What do you think the best light for cloning cannabis is?

Let us know in the comments below!

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