Best Online Headshop: Top 21 Online Headshop Reviews for 2018

The best online headshop is a stoners best friend.

Let's face it.

A lot of us smoke cannabis on the low, and the last thing we want to do is have our neighbors see us walking out of the local headshop.

Ordering online also gives you a bigger selection of glass to choose from.

And it almost guaranteed to find what you want.

Today, we’ll be looking at the top online headshops, why you should start ordering your glass online and what you should look for before you give an online headshop your money.

Quick Top Five Online Headshops:

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Myths About Ordering Your Bongs Online

I know a lot of people have been really hesitant to order their glass online.

Rightfully so.

Hearing things like Tommy Chong went to jail for selling pipes online can make some ears perk.

I wanted to address some of the common misconceptions about ordering online.

#1. Online headshops are more expensive

I think this is starting to get dropped.

By now everyone knows that online companies don’t have the same overhead as a brick and mortar store does allowing them to lower their prices.

And, since their customer base is much larger they're able to make money from volume helping to lower their prices even more.

So, it’s not about tracking down a cheap online headshop that will beat your local headshops prices, because, chances are they all do.

#2. Ordering bongs online is against the law

Because these companies sell glass art or glass pieces for “tobacco use” you have nothing to work about.

No matter where you’re living in the United States, you can legally have glass shipped to you.

#3. Shipping will take too long, and the glass will break

Now, this one varies from headshop to headshop.

Some just suck.

It is what it is.

The best online headshops, however, offer great shipping options and completely guarantee their glass.

This means that as long as you can send them a picture showing it broke in shipment, they'll send you a new one no questions asked.

But, trust me when I say they do not package expensive glass with the intention of letting it break.

What Makes an Online Headshop the Best?

So, what did I look at when comparing online headshops?

First, I looked at the biggest objections of ordering online like shipping costs and return policies.

Shipping has to fast, safe, discreet and secure or we might as well go to our local headshop.

Then I wanted to see how big of a collection they offer.

No offense to the smaller fish, but the more options you can offer the larger the chance that they’ll have what you’re looking for.

Next, I looked at how they showed off their glass.

Headshops that show videos on how the bongs percolators work give you a better idea about how a piece will smoke, while headshops with crappy product pictures leave a lot to be desired.

The best online headshops make you feel like you don’t even need to hold the piece to know you’ll love it.

The Best Online Headshop




I first heard of Dank Stop a couple of years ago when I came across their story on Reddit.

A couple of friends who flipped $4000 into a company that is now doing millions in revenue per year.

Dank Stop does everything right, and get the nod from us as the best online smoke shop.

They offer free and discreet shipping, and, of course, hassle-free returns.

One of the largest and most diverse collections of glass online, they offer everything from $5 one-hitters to heady pieces of art that will set you back $1500+.

They also offer glass from the biggest brands in the game like Grav Labs, Empire and Chameleon.




Most of the top online headshops all have an extensive catalog and offer excellent customer service.

Smoke Cartel is one of the best online glass shop because it does this all while offering some of the best deals you’ll find online!

They always have flash deals going on with insane prices on quality glass.

They also have one of the most fleshed out knowledge bases—if there’s something you need to know that isn’t already on THCoverdose 🙂

What I love the most about Smoke Cartel though is there build a custom bong tool.

You get to choose the base, percs and any accessories you want to outfit your bong with.

As a reader of THC Overdose you can get 5% off with code TONY-GGVRJRE8L8.

If you want a bong, Smoke Cartel is your best bet because they are the best place to buy bongs online.




Dankgeek is one of the newer online headshops I’ve come across.

And, in my opinion, they’re the ones with the coolest branding—I mean just look at that logo!

But they’re so much more than that.

They offer some of the coolest incentives you’ll find including programs like their RIP program that offers you a huge discount if you send them a picture of your broken pipe.

I mean, how cool is that?

Plus, every order has free shipping AND a free gift.




I think Grasscity is one of the oldest online headshops there is.

At least, I remember buying a little glass zong from them almost ten years ago!

Anyways, Grasscity can get you any piece you’re looking for.

With a collection that carries the likes of Pax, ROOR and Medicali glass, plus, just about every other big name, there’s no way you won’t find what you’re looking for.

They also carry a lot of no name glass at great prices.

You can’t go wrong with a company that has over 30,000 reviews.

Grasscity has also created a HUGE community around their brand with the infamous Grasscity forums.

If I need a new piece of glass, Grasscity is the first place I look.




 Located out of Oregon, Brothers with Glass sells glass from the top American blown brands, plus, a ton of locally blown heady glass.

They also have a ton of great water pipes for sale.

Offering free and discreet same day shipping, you’ll be able to get whatever you want, quickly.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram too, cause they’re always doing glass giveaways!

You can feel confident buying from them online thanks to their hassle free return policy.

If you haven’t used the glass, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund no questions asked.

If you’re a glass snob, you’ll love their honest policy.

On every piece of glass they sell, they tell you the country of origin.

So, no more smoking mass produced Chinese glass if you would rather smoke American blown.




One of the oldest and most trusted online headshops, 420 Science made its rise from the idea of putting stickers on jars.

Now, here they are ten years later as one of the premiere online headshops.

Free shipping over $50 isn’t the best, but they do offer free returns backed up by their satisfaction guarantee.

They’re always doing giveaways or hosting great sales, and they’re one of the couple headshops that offer sweet bundle deals that save you a ton of money.

How’s their product line?

One of the best—which is why they rank as one of the best bong websites.

And their self-banded glass is hard-hitting, thick quality glass.




I love Kings Pipe Glass.

While I would come for their glass alone, their online headshop is fully fleshed out with any brand you could want—at GREAT prices too.

Free shipping on all orders and great customer service make Kings Pipe one of my favorite shops.

They also do a great job showing off their glass with high-quality product photos and great pictures on their Instagram.

I wish they would include videos on their pages, though, so we could see how their beautiful water pipes smoke.

Also, for making it this far take this:

Use the code THCOD for 10% off at Kings Pipe.




I just dig the vibe I get when I’m surfing the Toker Supply smoke shop.

Backed by their 420% satisfaction guarantee you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be happy with your piece.

And, if you’re not, they have a great easy return policy.

The boast tons of branded glass, and pages and pages of unbranded.

They also have any accessories you might be needing like carb caps, storage containers or dab torches.

Plus, they offer these kick-ass bundle backs that no one else is doing.

For a good price, you can get a rig and all kinds of dab tools or even glass cleaning bundles.




As we move down the list, it gets harder and harder to differentiate between these shops.

They’re all so good, and to have Aqualab outside of the top five almost seems like blasphemy.

Their collection is one of the best and, overall, they’re great to deal with.

But, they don’t offer the best shipping policies, which makes a huge difference when we're talking about ordering online.

No free shipping until your cart is over $200, and their return policy is also unfavorable.

If you get a piece of glass you don’t end up liking, you have to pay out of your pocket to return it.




But everyone does it, right?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

In all seriousness, though, this is a solid ass headshop.

Offering top-tier glass like RooR, Grav and even my favorite—Illadelph.

Not to mention all of the latest in vaporizer tech.

The only issue is that they are in the UK (unless you live there then that’s cool) so shipping might take a little longer than it would from an online headshop here.

That being said, their collection is huge, and the prices they offer are crazy.

They claim it’s because they’ve been in business so long, but I’m pretty sure it’s just magic. 




One of the biggest online headshops, Billowby, is stationed out of San Francisco, California.

They bring an artistic vibe to their glass like no one else does.

You’ll be able to appreciate the impressive pictures they use for their products, and they’re an awesome follow on Instagram.

They offer anything you could be looking for from all of the big brands, and even some more obscure glass.

Their fast and discreet shipping, plus their customer service, make them a great a choice.




With a name like Baddass Glass, you have to be badass, right?

Well, I’m not sure if you do, but these guys sure are!

Free shipping on all orders, none of that minimum order stuff most headshops have.

And, they have a lot of the top brands like Diamond and Empire all while offering a diverse selection of unbranded glass and great prices.




Stash Lab Technologies is a newer online headshop that first opened its doors in 2015.

The best thing they bring to the table is a HUGE selection of glass.

They offer everything from glass giants like Grav Labs and Empire Glassworks.

You might have a difficult time finding your way through their catalog, though.

The filters they offer to really nail down the type of glass you want just are not great to work with.

You will see that they offer free shipping on orders in the US, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected fees after you land on your new favorite bong.

Even though they have an awesome shipping policy, their return policy isn’t so customer friendly—they don’t offer refunds if you don’t end up liking the piece.

The glass is personal and it’s hard to feel comfortable buying online as is, and this doesn’t help.

They do try and make it up with all of the awesome coupons and discounts they offer through programs like their refer-a-friend and stash cash rewards programs.

Overall they have a great collection of glass, great prices, and rewards programs.




Smoke Day was created by some folks that were tired of paying top dollar for pipes at their local headshop.

So, you know their online headshop offers nothing but rock bottom prices.

They have a decent size collection too.

Last I checked they were offering just over 550 different bongs.

That’s a lot of bongs.

Free shipping on orders over $25 and it’s fast shipping too—only 2-3 days and your new piece will be delivering cannabinoids to your lungs.




My favorite thing to do on Smokea is browse their daily deals—they’re just always so good.

You’ll always see HUGE price cuts that make it hard to resist.

For good glass too like Mathematix and Grav Labs.

The only knock I have against them is their collection isn't as large as some of the big boys.

By the way, if you visit them through our link below you'll get $10 off your first order.




Smoking Outlet has a decent selection of glass and offers pretty quick shipping.

And, one of my favorite things they do is offer “as is” items.

You can get glass that has minor cosmetic issues like small cracks or chips for up to 50% off.

Smokes the same for half the dang price!

My only issue with them is that their shipping isn’t 100% discreet.

You have to contact them and request that they remove the Smokingoutlet.net from the shipping label.

Most headshops send their packages out with a shortened name or simply "Shipping Department". 




The best part of Thick Ass Glass is (their name) their own glass.

Which just so happens to take up the majority of their catalog.

They also offer 2nd, and 3rd quality pieces at a steep discount like Smoking Outlet does.

They don’t have a great shipping and return policy:

You have to pay to ship back returns your unsatisfied with.




As a local Texan myself, I hold a special place in my heart for headshopheadquarters.com.

Still a newcomer, but really coming on strong thanks to their awesome customer-centric policies.

They’ll price match their name brand glass to make sure you’ll always get the best deal.

Plus same day shipping, and it’s free!?

They carry glass like Grav, ZOB and PURR with a pretty wide selection, but not as wide as I like to see.

They do have their own HeadshopHQ glass that looks really promising.

I imagine next year these guys will be a lot higher on this list. 




One of Denver's favorite headshops online store is a great shop that you can find most anything you’ll be looking for.

Free shipping is offered but not returns, and you could get hit with a restocking fee.

If they offered a lot more brand name glass they would definitely find themselves higher on our list. 




Another great headshop that has an awesome collection of glass.

Unfortunately, they are brought way down this list thanks to their non-friendly customer policies.

Cancellation fees, forced to pay for returns with a steep restocking fee and then no free shipping until $300.

Aside from that, they’re a great shop.

You can tell their customers love them just by reading their reviews and seeing the pictures they take with their glass. 




They offer a wider range of products than most but not as wide of a glass choice.

You can pick up other headshop novelty items through them like air filters and nitrous.

Free shipping, a loyalty program plus a satisfaction guarantee policy. 




Bong Outlet claims to be the cheapest online headshop in the world.

Now, I’m not about to run the math to see if that’s true or not, I can, however, tell you that the prices are damn good.

With price matches and new sales every day, Bong Outlet is a great, cheap online headshop.


I will say this:

There are a TON more online headshops than I mention here.

Every single one of these shops, however, are brands that I recommend.

Just remember this when buying online:

  • Make sure you’re ordering from a shop in your own country. Glass doesn’t do international travel well.
  • The best online headshop will have a huge collection and policies that make you feel safe with buying glass without getting to put your hands on it. (This means free shipping and returns.)

Have you used any of these online glass shops?

What did you think?

Or, do you know of an online smoke shops we should check out?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Tony Hand

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