The Best Rolling Tray for Your Cannabis

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Rolling trays are your wingman when it comes to sparking up.

We’ve all put a bunch of herb in a grinder and spilled it onto the carpet below.

Or we’ve been rolled up on a wet blunt wrap and got our finger stuck to the wrap causing us to spill weed everywhere.

With a rolling tray, you can save your klutzy behind from wasting a lot of bud.

I’ll help you decide the best rolling tray for your needs.

Keep reading or jump straight to the reviews!

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Personalized Rolling Tray

Rolling trays cover a lot of ground.

Nuts and bolts, a rolling tray is a surface area to roll up on.

So, you can get something as simple as a rolling tray that resembles a cookie sheet.

However as the cannabis market continues to grow, so does the needs of the average smoker.

That’s why rolling trays have gotten smarter.

Now you can get yourself a personalized rolling tray or a rolling tray with compartments to keep up with your smoking demands.

Rolling Trays and Boxes

A lot of rolling trays sort of resemble stash boxes.

That’s because most companies sell rolling trays with a bunch of goodies and compartments.

Many start you off with rolling papers and tips.

Others have stations to hold your cones, tools, and lighters.

Some even have rolling stations.

That’s when the rolling tray comes equipped with a crevice in the middle big enough to hold a joint or blunt wrap.

These trays dip, making a canoe shape.

This makes filling the jay easier.

Now that you know the differences between rolling trays let's find the best rolling tray for you.

Best Rolling Tray

Need a bigger rolling tray that will house your baggies, scale, and bud?

Got you covered.

Want something small to fit into your bookbag?

Your wish is my command.

In this list, you will find the best rolling tray.

The Best Rolling Tray

This classic has it all.

The RAW Rolling Tray Combo gives you enough to get you started for a two joint smoke session (minus the weed).

You get two rolling papers and tips with this kit.

However, you also get a rolling machine and of course, the rolling tray.

Oh, and a DoobTube to keep the extra joint you roll while you enjoy the first one.

With that being said, the DoobTube is pretty small.

Seeing as the rolling papers you get with the RAW Rolling Tray are extremely thin, you might have trouble using the DoobTube with future roll-ups.

Speaking of things you will have trouble with in the future, the rolling machine doesn’t have the longest shelf life.

Many seem to report problems after about ten runs or so.

I guess beggars can’t be choosers when you get so many perks upfront.

With that being said, the only thing built to last is the rolling tray.

It’s big enough to hold whatever you need to roll up and small enough to take wherever you want to go.

RAW Rolling Tray is made out of metal, so it's extremely durable in transit.

That makes the RAW Rolling Tray near the top of the Best Rolling Tray list.

Another RAW Rolling Tray makes the list, and this one is perfect for video game lovers.

This rolling tray has the old school Nintendo video game controller as a design.

Like the RAW Rolling Tray Combo, this one comes with goodies...but even more.

You get a whole pack of RAW King Size Supreme wraps and a bag of 21 pre-rolled tips.

Not to mention, you get a Depot Kewl Tube that will accommodate much bigger on-the-go joints than the DoobTube with the RAW Rolling Tray.

Also, this is a 110mm roller.

The roller that comes with the Raw Rolling Tray comes at just 79mm.

In fact, the rolling machine that comes with the RAW King Size Supreme can even roll a blunt.

For the blunt to work, it must not be longer than the rolling machine.

A Philly would be ideal if this is what you choose to use the rolling machine for.

As for the tray, this thing has some depth.

You can fit all the extras they send you, plus your weed and a grinder.

After all that, you still have more room.

In terms of size and value (and nostalgia factor), the RAW King Size Supreme might be the best rolling tray yet!

This weed box is a stunning piece of woodwork.

Made from a sustainable source like bamboo, this sleek box has all the essentials for the best smoking experience.

The RAW Bamboo Limited Edition Rolling Tray is a rolling tray with compartments.

It has spots etched in to hold your 2.5-inch grinder, rolling station, broken up weed, and cones.

Little holes are a part of the design to hold cones in place while you stuff these annoying pre-rolls.

There is a God!

With that being said, the RAW Bamboo Limited Edition won’t close with bulky items such as your grinder inside.

So, it’s not the best rolling tray to use as a storage unit.

However, you can store thin items like scissors, wraps, and a small cleaning brush.

Once you get that bad boy closed, it’s smooth sailing from there.

These magnets clasps as tightly as a shark’s jaw.

Bring this thing wherever you want and never worry.

If vintage vibes and antique shops are your jam, then the Prescription Metal Rolling Tray might be the best rolling tray for you.

This rolling tray has an old-school prescription font with a new-school feel.

Instead of touting “Ibuprofen,” the reason why we are all here is etched across the front-- “Cannabis.”

If you’re proud to be a card-carrying member of the medical marijuana movement than roll up your medicine with pride on the Prescription Metal Rolling Tray.

This metal rolling tray is as durable as the cannabinoids that kick cancer cells’ rear.

The Prescription Metal Rolling Tray comes with raised sides that curve.

That way all the content on your metal rolling tray is in a little canoe.

If the bed you and the tray sit on gets rocked a bit, it won’t topple over.

The Prescription Metal Rolling Tray will ride the wave.

While the tray itself is durable, the design isn’t.

With time, the graphic might fade or rub off.

It also does come with any of the extras all the RAW rolling trays do.

However, as far as using the Prescription Metal Rolling Tray to roll your weed, it does the trick just fine.

This is truly a breathtaking piece.

The dark finish on this bamboo rolling tray makes this the most beautiful on the best rolling tray list.

For rolling trays with compartments, the Beamer has a one-size-fits-all take.

There are numerous sized holes placed to accommodate different-sized cones, lighters, tools, and dab tips.

What’s nice is how they embrace these differences.

Each compartment is set up in an artistic design.

It’s as if the many different ways to smoke weed is celebrated and compliments one another by how they are placed in the Beamer Val All-Natural Rolling Tray.

With that being said, the holes do tend to run a bit small.

So, if you are a fan of everything that came with the RAW King Size Supreme rolling tray, then the Beamer Val All-Natural Rolling Tray might not be the best rolling tray for your tastes.

However, if you believe that variety is the spice of life and have many interests when it comes to consuming cannabis, this might be the best rolling tray for you.

Everything about the Beamer Juju wreaks of a watered down version of the Beamer Val.

That doesn’t mean that the Beamer Juju is a bad rolling tray.

It's just that the Beamer Val set a high standard when it comes to the best rolling tray for this brand.

With that being said, this rolling tray has a lot fewer compartments.

You have a deep middle that's great for holding bags of weed and a grinder.

A long canoe-shaped area is etched out to act as your rolling station.

It’s a tight fit, with not a lot of room to roll, but it will suffice.

An added perk is the side has a discreet magnet that holds your lighter.

So, no losing that during a smoke session if your Beamer Juju is nearby.

There is also one other small compartment that can hold little items such as tips.

However, there isn’t much more of a use for it.

Concerning looks, it's not the prettiest bamboo rolling tray on the list.

However, it will fit in nicely with any decor and is a sufficient rolling tray for a person with minimal needs.

This particular rolling tray is on the lower end of the spectrum when you are looking for a rolling tray.

Truly, it's the best rolling tray for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on a rolling tray and needs a surface to roll up on.

For one, this tray is made out of plastic.

So, this product is nowhere near the quality of a RAW Rolling Tray, Beamer Val All-Natural Bamboo Tray, or even the Prescription Metal Rolling Tray

The Cookies Custom Rolling Tray does have a bunch of holes for cones or dab sticks, but they’re all uniform sizes.

The area to pack your joint is tight and deep.

Lastly, this isn’t the most attractive of the best rolling trays.

I suppose the “Cookies” is supposed to be a reference to old-school cookie jars?

Either way, the red color throws the whole vibe off.

I'm not sure what they're trying to convey.

However, if you’re looking for as many perks on a budget, then the Cookies SF Custom Rolling Tray is the best rolling tray for you.

This beaut looks straight out of wood shop class.

And the project got an A+.

You will notice right off the bat that this rolling tray has a litany of compartments.

Each cut out is thoughtfully designed to accommodate:

  • Dab Mat

  • Container

  • Weed

  • King Size Rolling Papers

  • Grinder

The cutouts are displayed in a unique design.

It’s like looking at the most organized artist pallet.

The Bamboo Rolling Tray is extremely sturdy.

Unlike the plastic Cookies Custom, you don’t need to worry about this rolling tray bending while rolling up.

The Cookies are back for another round.

I have to say that this is much more pleasant to look at then the red one.

Black is a huge upgrade over a vibrant punch in the eyes.

However, it doesn’t matter what color you change this thing.

It still does nothing to make me understand the whole cookies thing.

While this rolling tray is made of plastic, it is fire retardant.

That makes it a bit more durable.

The six holes on this rolling tray are for rolled cone cigarettes.

There are three other holes that are intended to hold cigarettes that have glass tips.

They even include space to hold a lighter.

On the side, you can use a removable area as either storage or an ashtray.

This is a nice perk also available in the Cookies SF Custom Rolling Tray 2.0 (Red).

If you do “bamboo rolling tray” and “plain jane” in the same Google Image search, Verdant Bamboo Rolling Tray needs to pop up.

This is a very bare-bones rolling tray that can also serve as a cutting board.

Seriously, it’s a slab of bamboo that slightly curves inward.

This curve is handy in managing your weed but doesn’t do much to keep it all in place if you were sitting on a bed and made a sudden movement.

However, if you are rolling up on a desk, the thing does come in clutch.

At the bottom of the Verdant Bamboo Rolling Tray are little no-slip pads.

They have a really good grip on desktops and tables.

The wood itself is beautiful.

It smells nice, is well-crafted, and has no rough edges.

This rolling tray is very compact and easy to travel around with.

Need the best rolling tray that has your back?

Say no more.

The Rollies is your backup.

Off the jump, Rollies supplies you with a nice looking hemp pouch to store your rolling tray.

It is made of high-quality and is giving back to the cause, so extra love for that perk.

Not to mention, if you don’t need to bring your rolling tray out, this is the perfect material to carry your glass.

The pouch is padded, so clumsy hands don’t have to worry about breaking their bowl if it’s wrapped up inside this hemp bag.

Even with glass inside, you still have plenty of room to stash a nug or two of bud as well.

Speaking of that little nug of bud, the hits keep on coming with the Rollies Pouch.

Inside of the Rollies Pouch, they supply you with a smell proof pouch to carry your bud discreetly.

While inside of your hemp bag of fun, you will see a hidden pocket.

This is where you stash your rolling tray.

Your rolling tray is the ideal size for a lap-rolled joint.

The corner of this rolling tray curves up with a lip on top that turns inward.

This is ideal for the shaky knee rollers out there who tend to bubble that bud out of the rolling tray like a percolating volcano.

When it comes to smoking on-the-go, this might be the best rolling tray for you.

There are a lot of extras that come in an otherwise compact system.

With that being said, this might not be the best rolling tray for you if you're chilling around the house and have the luxury of spreading out.

Unicorns do exist.

They’re on this rolling tray!

If you’re all about minimalism (and funny designs), then the CASE ON IT Folding Rolling Tray is the best rolling tray for you.

This rolling tray folds up to fit in your pocket.

What’s great about the way it folds up, is this product doubles as an envelope.

Due to the chromo paper and matte lamination used to make CASE ON IT, it creates a smell-proof barrier around you bud.

So, if you are going to be smoking on-the-go, grind up your weed ahead of time.

Then dump it in the middle of the CASE ON IT Folding Rolling Tray, and you can go about your everyday life without worrying about the cannabis sprinkling out.

Inside of the material lies a tiny magnet that holds the CASE ON IT Folding Rolling Tray securely shut.

While the main option is the unicorn (and it’s a solid choice), there are so many unique designs to choose from.

The people at CASE ON IT go a long way making this a personalized rolling tray.

This is the lightest and most compact rolling tray you will find.

So, if you’re a millennial who is always going and needs to carry as little as possible with them, then this is the best rolling tray for you.

If you need to roll up a joint and have to have all of your dentist tools near you before performing oral surgery, the Saloniture is your best rolling tray.

Jokes aside, this rolling tray is adjustable.

Having such a unique feature is ideal for someone who knows exactly the perfect height to roll up from their favorite chair.

It’s also handy for anyone who is in the middle of rolling up and gets told by their Apple Watch it’s been too long since they last stood.

The tray is easy to remove from the caddy, making clean up simple.

Keep in mind this does operate on a swivel and has wheels.

So, it can get away from you if you lean too hard on it.

While this might seem like the barest of the bare when it comes to picking out the best rolling tray, it’s certainly one of the most sturdy.

Made of premium borosilicate glass, you would need a jackhammer to destroy this rolling tray.

The Pulsar Glass Rolling Tray has a very sleek look and smooth exterior.

Other than that, there’s nothing special about it.

It’s a surface you can roll your weed on.

While pretty, a textbook can do the same job.

With all the other great rolling trays on this list, I can’t recommend the Pulsar as the best rolling tray.

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  1. We have worn out one (holes in the lid rim) and currently own 3 more Zen rolling trays, a polyethylene piece with a sloping bottom and compartmented for convenience. These have apparently gone through more than one owner of the dies and take some search on Amazon or eBay to locate but they are still straight up the best device of the type I have seen or used. Maybe not awesomely beautiful or expensive, just functionally really good.


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