The Best Scale for Weed: Digital Scales Win in 2019

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The best scale for weed is a cannabis enthusiast's best friend.

We’ll get into the reason why you might need a scale in a bit, but just know that you don’t want to buy just any old scale.

You need one that makes sense for weighing cannabis.

Today, I’ll show you how to use and calibrate a scale, plus we’ll review the best herb scales and even take a look at weighing weed on a triple beam.

Quick Top 5 Best Scales for Weed:

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The Best Scale for Weed

The best scales for weed are affordable, discreet, and accurate.

You’ll want to look for scales that have a removable and tare-able container.

Cannabis is covered in crystals, which eventually lead to the build-up of a sticky residue.

You’ll definitely want a way to clean that off with soap and hot water.

You’ll want to look for a digital readout, with at least two decimal places as well.

Manual scales are a thing of the past, and sure to cause funny looks from friends if you whip one out and try to weigh out your ounce with it.

If you travel a lot, consider the size.

With those tips in mind, here are some of the best scales for weed - all affordable and accurate.

American Weigh Scales AWS-600

Best Digital Weed Scales Review

American Weigh Scales (AWS) has long been known as the best portable digital scale manufacturer.

If you ask me, though, the best model they offer is there AWS-600. (It's easily the best digital scale for weed!)

It’s the perfect size to carry in your backpack, car or pocket.

And it measures out to the .1g, which is all we need to weigh our cannabis.

What I like about this scale is its weight limit.

A lot of these pocket scales have a pretty small limit. 

Usually, around 100 grams is all they can weigh.

This beast can manage all the way up to 600 grams.

So if you’re looking to cook a huge batch off canna cookies, you don’t have to weigh smaller batches just because your scale can’t handle it.

I’m just kidding, you’ll never be weighing out 600 grams to cook with, but just know that if you ever needed too, that you could.

The scale comes pre-calibrated, but I like to calibrate my scales from time to time.

The fact that you have to go out and buy a weight to calibrate it isn’t a huge deal, but it is something you should be aware of.


  • Most popular digital scale for weed
  • Very lightweight and easily portable


  • Auto shut-off happens too quick
  • Doesn’t go back to zero on its own, must reset each time

Smart Weigh ZIP300 Scale

Best Digital Weed Scales Review

If you’re concerned with your scale being easy to carry around with you, then this is probably the scale you’ll want to try.

It’s around the size of a credit card, so travel is never an issue—this is important for the best weed scale.

It weighs out to .01g with reasonable accuracy, and it can weigh up to 300g.

300 isn’t quite as big as 600, but considering 99% of what you’ll be weighing is under 28 grams, so I think you’ll be alright.

If you’re trying to be as precise as possible with your edible doses, you’ll appreciate the .01g capabilities of this scale.

It’s easy to calibrate, but it doesn’t come with a weight.

The scale might not start showing anything until you get to .3g, and some users have reported the scale fluctuates.


  • Size of a credit card
  • Measures down to the 0.01g


  • While it is easy to calibrate, doesn’t have a weight to help

AWS-100 with Stainless Steel Calibration Scale

Top Best Digital Weed Scales Review

This is another excellent digital scale from AWS.

One that might look pretty familiar.

While it may look exactly like the AWS-600, the AWS-100 doesn’t have the weighing power of its doppelganger.

It can weigh 100g vs. the 600g you can get with AWS-600, but it does have one huge thing going for it.

A weight.

Finally, a digital scale that comes with a calibration scale to ensure you’re always weighing out your cannabis accurately.

And, it also weighs to the hundredth (.01g).

All of these AWS scales are backed by a 10-year manufacturers warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll probably lose it long before it breaks.

Just make sure you’re using it on a stable surface and trying to get the majority of what you’re weighing as centered as possible, and you can’t beat its accuracy.


  • Comes with a weight for calibration
  • Accurate readings
  • Attractive, sleek design
  • 10 year warranty


  • Needs to be on flat surface to work properly

Polder Portable Pocket Scale

Best Digital Weed Scales Review

Polder is another heavyweight in the digital scale market.

This is one of the best looking scales you'll find, and it’s incredibly comfortable to carry in your pocket thanks to its size.

This one is another monster—weighing all the way up to 500g.

I love the clear cover tray that comes with it.

Though it is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s awesome that it gives you more room to weigh out nugs, but it also means the cover is a separate piece of plastic that you have to keep track of.

If you’re looking for a cheap scale that can weigh out to the .1g, then this Polder Digital Scale will fit your needs just fine.


  • Nice clear cover tray allows more room to add nugs
  • Easy to travel with


  • Only measures up to 500g when most scales measure up to 600g

AWS BL-1KG-BLK-1000 Scale

Best Weed Scales

I understand that you’re probably tired of hearing about AWS, but they dominate this list for a reason.

They just don’t let you down.

And there is a  lot to love about this scale in particular.

They wanted to make a model that was even more compact and easier to carry, so they made the LCD screen retractable.

The scale comes with a lid that can be used as a tray, or you can weigh out directly on it.

You’re not going to guess how much weight this scale can handle, though.

1000g, seriously.

You can probably save all your weed for a year and still not have 1000g!

It weighs out to .1g, and if you want to calibrate it, you’ll have to buy a separate weight.


  • Vintage scale, reminds me of childhood
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Accurate measurements


  • Not the easiest, most discreet scale to travel with

Why Would you Need a Weed Scale?

With the advent of dispensaries, you might think you don’t even need a weed scale anymore.

Most of us no longer have to weigh out our eighths to make sure our dealer isn’t pinching points.

Instead, we get to watch it weighed out in the store right in front of us.

So, why do we need to weigh our cannabis then?

The biggest reason you’ll need to weigh is if you plan on making edibles, you’ll need to be accurately measuring the THC that you put in each serving.

You can use our calculator to help you out, but you’ll need to know the exact amount of flower you’re putting in a recipe.

Also, if you’re a grower, you’ll want to see how big your harvest was, as well as weighing out specific amounts while you tightvac the rest.

And, well, dealers are still pinching points for a lot of us, so...

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How to Weigh Weed on a Scale

Using a scale is pretty easy.

But for your reading pleasure, we’ll break it down in an easy to follow step-by-step approach.

Turn the scale on using the handy on-off button.

Calibrate the scale, also called setting the tare.

Usually, there is a button for this.

If you are weighing weed using a container, or a piece of paper, you’ll want to put it on the scale before pressing tare.

This essentially subtracts the weight of the container from whatever you end up weighing out.

Once everything is zeroed out, you’ll then want to switch over to imperial measurements.

The US and Canada always weigh weed in grams, ounces, and pounds.

Place the weed in the container, and the scale will read out the final weight.

Easy no?

If you want to see it in action, you can watch this video.

It shows cannabis is various forms being weighed.

How to Rig a Weed Scale?

First, you should probably ask yourself if this is a good idea at all.

Second, you should probably not rig a weed scale.

But, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you want to know how so you can prevent this in the future.


It basically comes down to calibration.

The dealer may adjust the calibration before he weighs out your weed.

They may also mess with the moisture content of the bud itself.

Which isn’t so much rigging the scale as rigging the bud.

Adding moisture, either by putting a fruit peel in the bag of bud beforehand, or even a light misting of water before the sale

If you are really concerned about getting ripped off from a rigged scale, before confronting your dealer, weigh the weed at home with your own scale.

If there is a discrepancy, ask the dealer to calibrate in front of you.

How to Weigh Dabs on a Scale

Weighing dabs on a scale is a little bit more challenging than straight flower.

Its messier for one, and usually is in much smaller amounts.

You’ll want to have a scale that is accurate down to at least two decimal points.

You’ll need parchment paper, a metal scraper tool, and a careful hand.

Place a piece of parchment paper over the flat surface of the scale.

Calibrate the scale to zero out the weight of the paper (more on calibration below)

Scrape the dab using the metal tool, and carefully plop the dab onto the parchment paper.

Even if the scale is calibrated, you can pick up the paper without messing with the weights.

You may need to scrap the dab off because it’s so sticky.

Do this on a table and not the scale to avoid damaging it or throwing it off.

Place the parchment paper, and dab back on the scale and there you are - a carefully and correctly weighed dab.

It depends on the original product, but a 25mg is a good place to start.

Bigger dabs for more experienced dabbers, and if you know the potency well.

How Much Does a Nickel Weigh?

A nickel is an outdated word for a measurement weed.

It originally comes from the old weed standard of one gram of weed for $10.

These days, legal markets have drastically changed the price of weed.

In some places on the West Coast, you can get dispensary grade weed for $5 or less a gram.

You can also get higher-end cannabis for over $15.

But if you are using a scale to weigh out your weed, its safe to assume you might live somewhere with a thriving black market.

In these areas,  weed is likely still around $10 per gram.

Therefore, a nickel which is half the amount of a dime is half the cost per gram.

So, a nickel of weed is only $5 or half a gram of cannabis.

Honestly, that’s not much product.

Likely only enough for a one-person session.

Maybe enough for a joint.

Or a blunt, if you are mixing with tobacco.

How Much Does a Dime Weigh?

Logically speaking, a dime is double a nickel of weed.

That means a dime is $10 worth of product.

In the black market regions, still scattered around the US, that is the equivalent of roughly one gram.

However, talking about dimes and nickels is going out of fashion these days.

Its language your dad may have used way-back-when, but today people are a bit more accurate about their cannabis purchase.

Nickels and dimes don’t really exist in California or Colorado, or other areas with recreational cannabis.

Most people talk about grams, quarters, halves, and ounces.


Because you’ll actually know what you are getting when you ask for four grams.

Instead of asking for a dime and hoping you get a full gram.

How to Weigh Weed Without a Scale?

Break out the arts and crafts, because trying to weigh cannabis without a real scale requires a bit of skill to pull off.

And notably it isn’t accurate, but it is a fun trick to do with friends.

Especially if you are stoned and bored.

It is not reliable enough to use during any buying and selling of weed.

So don’t whip this out during a transaction.

You’ll need the following things to get started:

One inch elastic waistband (you can find from an old pair of boxers or a craft store)

Three different straws, multiple sizes



Rolling papers

You’ll also need to follow the instructions from someone who has pulled this off before.

Because like we said, it’s more of an arts and craft project than anything else.

With all the tinkering you’ll have to do, its best just to follow along with this helpful video.

Mobile Weed Scales, Are They Worth it?

If you break down the capabilities of your mobile device, you’ll see it has a camera, a movement sensor,  a light sensor, maybe a fingerprint sensor, but it does not have a scale.

So, without a scale, any mobile apps claiming to weight weed must build in a technological workaround.

This workaround might provide a rough estimate of the amount of weed sitting on the screen.

But these apps do an abysmal job of weighing anything accurately.

If you are trying to go a business transaction, or check your latest purchase, do not use a mobile weed scale.

You’ll either rip someone off or make a fool of yourself.

The mobile scale is good for one thing, and one thing only - a neat party trick.

There are tons of free options out there, so download one before your next session with friends and test the accuracy for yourself.

What are Some Weed Scale Prices to Expect?

As with most things online, you’ll have the cheap products built to sell but not built for accuracy, and the high-end commercial options.

The prices vary wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other.

If you want something to throw into your pocket, and give you an accurate but not super-precise measurement - expect around $10 to $15.

If you want something accurate enough to use in business transactions, you may want to invest in a scale from a well-known company and capable of weighing a few ounces at a time.

This might set you back $50, or more.

Finally, if you are obsessed with precision and money is no object for accuracy, get a jewelry scale.

These are designed to weigh out gold, silver, and precious stones.

They can run hundreds of dollars but are the most accurate option.

Make Sure to Calibrate a Weed Scale

You can’t always take what a scale says at face value.

You MUST make sure your scale is calibrated before you go trusting it.

A lot of scales these days come with calibration weights, but not all do so you need to learn how to make sure your scale is accurate on your own.

The easiest way is to throw a nickel on your scale.

If it doesn’t weight 5.0g, then your scale is off.

You can also try a normal sized paper clip or a dollar bill—They'll both weigh a gram exactly.

Every scale will have a different process needed to re-calibrate it if it’s off, so make sure to refer to the owner's website for help.

Where to Buy a Scale for Weed?

While there are weed specific scales popping up now that weed is legal in Canada and increasingly across the US, you don’t need to worry about finding one.

Cannabis-specific scales, likely sold at dispensaries, are costly and a vanity item only.

Stick with the brands who have been selling scales for years, they know what they are doing.

This means looking for culinary and baking scales, jewelry scales, and maybe even scientific ones.

Check out culinary stores, hardware stores, and obviously places online.

Out of all the places on the internet, Amazon is the place to shop for selection, price point, and consumer reviews.

Looking through customer reviews, cross-comparing prices, and checking out the competition is how you’ll find the best digital scale for weed online.

Kick it Old School with a Triple-beam Scale

Let’s be real.

Digital scales are fantastic, but they run out of batteries or go bad.

If you want a scale that will last a lifetime, you need a triple-beam.

You remember, the ones the from 10th-grade science class, right?

They can measure up to .1g, which is exactly what we need, and they’re built to last.

Now, obviously, this scale is never going to be able to leave the house.

That’s the biggest advantage that a portable digital scale has over a triple beam.

But, in reliability, durability and cost of ownership triple-beam scales win every time.

The Best Triple-beam Weed Scale

Ohaus Specialty Mechanical Triple Beam Balance, with Stainless Steel...

  • Has a  weight capacity of 610g and an accuracy of 0.1g
  • Easy to use, and long lasting
  • An affordable triple-beam


So, just because you buy your cannabis from a dispensary, don’t think you don’t need a scale anymore.

You’ll need it if you ever want to cook any edibles.

From time to time you’ll want to calibrate your scale.

If you don’t have a weight, then you can check it with a nickel (5g) or a paper clip (1g)

There are a ton of good scales for weed out there, so it’s hard to tell what is the best digital scales for weed, and any of the scales on our list will work out great for you.

At the end of the day, we just need a scale that will weigh our weed accurately when we need it too.

Have you tried any of these? If so, what’d you think?

Let’s talk about what you’re weighing in the comments below!

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