The Best Temp for Volcano Vaporizers

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Vaporizers have become very popular over the years.

There are portable and desktop ones, but desktop vaporizers are most preferred.

It’s a fabulous, trendy way to get all the benefits of cannabis.

Most importantly, it's healthy, and you'll do your lungs a huge favor.

Out of the hundreds of vaporizers flooding the market, the Volcano is perhaps the most preferred.

However, very few people understand that vaporizing cannabis is useless if you don’t do it right.

Even a Volcano vape can help you only if you set it at the right temperature.

Today, I’ll talk about temperature requirements for the Volcano, and what is the best temp for volcano vaporizers.

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Why Is The Temperature So Important?

The very reason to vape cannabis is to prevent inhaling carcinogens.

When you light a bowl or a joint, you’re heating the herb.

Cannabis can help you a great deal if it’s heated enough only to release all the wonderful cannabinoids.

However, although cannabis is not harmful, combustion of the herb can produce unwanted substances.

Vaporizers were created to combat this problem.

When you heat the herb at lower temperatures, the vaporizer produces a vapor containing only the medical ingredients.

The key word is “temperature” here because you gain the benefits only if you don’t burn the herb.

Higher Temperatures vs. Lower Temperatures

When a user vapes cannabis at temperatures below 180°C or 356°F, he inhales only the terpenes.

This is because cannabinoids don’t evaporate at lower temperatures.

This temperature range is also perfect for someone who wants a mellow effect instead of a full-blown high.

On the other hand, higher temperatures emit more cannabinoids.

Studies have shown that the Volcano vaporizer released only 24% of the cannabinoids at low temps (338°F or 170°C).

At higher temperatures (446°F or 230°C), the yield increased to 77%.

As you can deduce, higher temps release more THC, but lower temps are healthier.

Important: Although higher temperatures provide a better high, remember to never vaporize above 455°F or 235°C as it can burn the herb.

This applies to any vaporizer you use.

There’s no point in buying a vaporizer only to burn the cannabis at the end of it all.

Not only will the herb turn black and look and smell charred, but it’s also unhealthy.

If the herb is charred, immediately discard it and decrease the temperature.

The best part of using a good vaporizer is that you can use the herb to do anything you please even after vaping it.

A good amount of THC and CBD is still present in the cannabis, and you can use it.

Make some Vaporizer butter or Tincture – get creative and play with it!  

Here’s a quick video that explains how to use a Volcano Digital Vaporizer:

What’s the Best Temp for a Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit are very similar to each other.

However, apart from the difference in price, there’s another key difference.

No prizes for guessing because it’s obvious; it’s the temperature.

The Volcano Digital is expensive, but it allows you to set the temperature accurately.

For instance, dial 1 reads 130°C, and dial 2 is at 142°C.

You can set it at exactly 135°C with the Volcano Digit.

But, with the Volcano Classic, you need to set the temperature between dial 1 and 2.

And, it could be anywhere in between.

A difference of 12 degrees may not be much, but it’s important for sensitive people.

Generally, THC is released when you vape cannabis at temperatures between 338 and 372 F.

Since it’s not that hot a temperature, other harmful substances are not released.

Also, many people assume that they can control the amount of THC or CBD released.

Unfortunately, you can’t.

It’s because the difference in the boiling points of both THC and CBD is very meager.

With only a difference of about 10 degrees, it’s difficult to set the temperature in a way where you inhale only CBD or THC.

If CBD or THC matters a lot to you, then you can grow your cannabis at home and achieve better results.

You can dial the temperature of the Volcano Classic anywhere from 4.25 to 6 to get a good hit of cannabinoids.

If you prefer vapor that’s not too dense, set it at 5.5 that gives you more fillings too.

Other users who want more THC can set it at 6 and above.

Even 6.5 will be perfect, but you won’t get many fillings.

Depending on our preference, you can dial it up to 8.

However, anything above 6.5 – 7 will be akin to smoking a joint.

If you’re not used to it, your lungs will bear the brunt of it.

But, if you get the hang of it, you can play around with the temperature settings.

The smoke even becomes tastier as you dial it up.

But, as mentioned above, do NOT go above 455°F.

You can stop vaping once the taste changes.

The density will also change, indicating that little flavor and vapor are remaining in your herb.

As you use the vaporizer for a while, you'll hit your sweet spot, and you can use the same setting whenever you vape in the future.

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