The 18 Best Things to Do While High With Friends

You can pretty much do anything while stoned.

Of course, besides driving or going to work in a dangerous job.

But what if you’ve run out of ideas?

What if you are stoned and bored?

Shocking, but it does happen from time to time.

If you’re stuck in a rut, here are a few inspirational ideas of the best things to do while high.

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Go to Your Local Art Gallery

Get stoned, and get cultural.

Maybe you are a frequent attendee, or maybe you’ve never been before.

Either way, heading over to your local art gallery is a great way to find a new appreciation for art.

You never know what traveling exhibits may be on, or perhaps a few works from your favorite artist are now hanging on the walls.

Exploring the local art scene, while stoned, puts a new spin on even the most difficult to grasp pieces.

Modern art never looked so good as it does while baked.

Why Not Get Creative?

Maybe in conjunction with a visit to the art gallery, or maybe not, you might feel the need to get artsy.

Both creative and non-creative types can find quiet entertainment value within a zen-coloring book.

But, if you want to color outside the lines pick up a paintbrush, pencil or crayon, and start working through the rainbow of possibilities.

The internet is chock full of inspiration on creative projects, arts, and crafts, and other ideas to get you started - no matter what materials you have on hand.

Just check out the Inspiration Grid to get inspired.

Jumping into art is an excellent solo-stoned activity, but also works well with friends.

Visit the Zoo

The zoo is pretty spectacular, but nothing beats the zoo while high as a kite.

As you wander between the artic and the sahara, you’ll quickly notice that the animals, even the sleepy ones, take on entirely new human characteristics.

Like monkeys scratching the backs of their neighbors.

Or, giraffes looking deep into your soul while licking their lips.

Call up your buddies, smoke a few bowls, and head down to visit the animals.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning, the zoo usually comes with great snack options and a gift shop with awesome toys to entertain you long after you’ve left.

Journal Your Experience

If you feel the urge to get introspective, have you ever thought about journalizing your high?

You can follow a strict format - perhaps journaling the play-by-play of your experience.

Or, you can let it free flow.

Whatever thoughts, feelings, stories, come into your mind, put them down on paper.

It might not even make sense, but days, weeks, or years later, you’ll have a series of slow-motion memories to reflect on.

Journaling while baked is especially satisfying from a comfortable seat in a local cafe, with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

Leave a Strain Review

Ever looked up a strain review before, and wonder who writes them?

Its folks like you, who enjoy describing the experience for others.

It makes the most sense to leave strain reviews while high, as you’ve got a front row seat to the real-time sensations.

What should you talk about?

It’s helpful to talk about flavor profile and potency.

But also work in your experience.

Are you happy, relaxed or energized?

Has it cured your chronic pain or headaches?

The cannabis community appreciates the feedback, and people like you will use your information to make their own decisions on the strain.

Bake Some Cookies

There is absolutely nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven.

Even thinking about it should make your mouth water.

Imagine how good it's going to taste when the munchies sink in!

The only way you are going to make this dream-situation into a reality is to get baking, while baked.

You might need to head to the grocery store if you don’t have any ingredients on hand, but the journey will be worth it when you rip open a hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie.

Bonus points if you make weed-infused cookies.

Before Getting Started, Here’s a Little Inspiration

Baking cookies while high, makes such a good idea we are going to offer up a helpful video to show you the ropes.

Cannadish is an excellent resource for all things weed-infused, and their chocolate chip cookie recipe is off the hook.

Their step-by-step videos make even the worst cooks into cannabis chefs.

Netflix and Chill

After you’ve baked chocolate chip cookies, you’ll need to put up your feet, pat yourself on the back, and put on some Netflix.

Netflix is a stoners paradise because of the unlimited options.

Whether you want a thriller, a romance, or a cult classic, Netflix has you covered.

Even if you spend three hours deciding on what to watch (a common problem for stoners), it's still entertaining.

Bonus points if you’ve got someone available to help you Netflix and chill.

Binge Watch Your favorite TV Show

Nothing beats watching round after round of your favorite show.

Besides doing it while stoned.

Fall in love with the storyline and the lead characters, all while watching an entire season from start to finish.

It’s the best way to waste a few hours or a whole day.

We highly recommend having a stash of weed on hand so that you can maintain a continuous buzz.

We also recommend having a stash of snacks handy for when the munchies hit.

With the remote control in one hand and a bag of popcorn in another, it's a heavenly experience.

Play a Video Game

If you are a long time gamer, you’ve probably already thought about this.

But if you never play video games, you are in luck.

Download a game on your phone, your computer or iPad, and start wasting the hours away.

Two Dots, Candy Crush, or a riveting first-person shooter are all ideally suited to be played while baked.

If you are lucky enough to have an old school Sega Genesis, or Super Nintendo, even better!

A round of Mario Kart or Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the best ways to waste an afternoon with friends.

Call Your Crush

This suggestion might seem way out in left field, but it comes highly recommended.

Don’t be nervous about talking to that special someone, just get stoned beforehand.

Dialing while baked is a perfect way to break through the ice, and overcome your nerves.

Especially if you’ve been putting it off, now is the perfect time to make that call.

You’ll find yourself hours into a conversation, telling them your deepest secrets.

If they don’t like you stoned, will they like you at all?

Speaking of Your Crush, Why Not Get Sexy?

Whether or not you’ve tried it, you’ve probably heard the rumors about sex and weed.

Having sex, while great sober, is even better while high.

Combining weed and sex is fascinating, but super-fantastic scientific phenomena

All sensations are elevated, from head to toe.

You’ll feel higher, and better than you ever have before.

Turn off the lights, put on a romantic album, and enjoy.

If your partner is into it, get down and get dirty and enjoy the experience.

Schedule a Date With Yourself

Maybe you don’t have feelings for anyone right now, and that’s totally ok.

But, it doesn’t mean you are out of luck, because you can schedule a date with yourself!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, roll another joint and fill the tub with bubbles.

Maybe afterward, you can put on your favorite TV show, or make yourself the perfect meal.

This is your time to relax, show yourself some love, and feel great about it.

Plus, you don’t need to negotiate, you are in charge, and you make all the decisions.

Commit to a Yoga Practice

If you’ve got a membership for a yoga studio - great!

If not, there are thousands of free yoga routines online.

Yoga is a great activity while baked because it is slow, thoughtful, and relaxing.

The instructions are easy to follow, nobody is going to judge you, and you’ll end up feeling much better than you started.

They also often incorporate a session of quick meditation.

Yoga is an excellent activity for all experience levels - so why not try it for the first time while stoned?

Just don’t fall asleep during the final savasana!

Put on Your Favorite Record

Music is better with weed.

To get deeper into your favorite musical act, light up a blunt before putting on their record.

In fact, many records were made while under the influence.

Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, are some of the classics, but maybe you’re into Frank Ocean's new album - we aren’t here to judge.

As the music plays, you’ll experience it in all its glory.

You’ll notice parts of it that were never apparent while sober.

The notes and melodies will flow through the speakers and into your brain.

Sparking your imagination and perhaps even your creativity.

Go Explore the Great Outdoors

Put on your hiking shoes, throw on a sweater and get outside.

Whether that looks like the park down the street or the woods behind your house, nature goes hand-in-hand with a perfectly rolled joint or densely packed bowl.

Stoned nature-viewing elevates the most mundane landscape.

You notice the fantastic colors, the whisper of the wind, and the voices of the birds in a way that might not be possible while sober.

After all, THC is slightly psychoactive, so it does alter the way you see the world.

Might as well make the best of it.

Read a Book, Newspaper, or Magazine

Grab a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, find a cozy corner and snuggle up with a book for an afternoon.

But may we suggest a light-hearted book?

Light reads are better while baked, as you can quickly get bogged down in a dense, 500-page piece of non-fiction.

Quick reads, short pieces, and those with an easy-going approach make the best reads while high.

They’ll hold your attention, and you won’t need to read the same page multiple times to get through it.

Smoke More Weed

The last suggestion we’ll leave you with today is a simple one.

Smoke more weed.

If all else fails, and you’ve run through the entire list, but are still bored, there is nothing left to do but light up another bowl.

Why do we suggest this?

The higher you get, the more inspiration will come to you.

Lean into the experience, and you never know what ideas may become entertaining, even the ides you previously brushed aside.

Or so the theory goes.

Worst case scenario, you’ll just fall asleep, and then you’ll have your dreams to entertain you.

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