How to Make BHO & the Best Vacuum Oven for BHO

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BHO is great for dabbers.

These little gobs are extremely potent and produce a large yield.

The yearning for a large yield of high-quality BHO has led to a DIY movement of making BHO at home.

While making BHO may be dangerous, the rewards are some fine honey crystals.

To make BHO, you will need a vacuum oven.

Let’s discuss the best vacuum oven for BHO for your needs.


Quick Top 5 Best Vacuum Oven for BHO:

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Is BHO Safe?

Before you make BHO at home, you should consider the health risks and environmental dangers that come along with the process.

The B in BHO stands for butane.

Butane is a highly flammable substance and is hazardous to your health.

When you’re working with butane, that means vapors you can’t see or smell are entering the atmosphere.

Any spark such as static electricity or starting your stove can create combustion hours after you are done making BHO.

Therefore, be sure to work outside.

If for any reason you do work inside, please have a Class B Fire Extinguisher on-hand.

What is a Vacuum Oven?.

When using a BHO extractor, you mix butane with cannabis.

Cannabinoids are extracted from your bud as a reaction to the butane.

Together, they create a mixture of solvent and cannabis compounds.

However, you don’t want to smoke butane.

There are many health risks associated with the toxins in this solvent.

So, you want to purge the mixture to ensure as many harmful chemicals are eliminated from your wax as possible.

This why you need to get the best vacuum oven for BHO.

How the Best Vacuum Oven for BHO Works

To remove the solvent from the mixture, you need to "purge it" in a vacuum oven.

The conundrum of making BHO is you need to dry the mixture out, but you don’t want to burn off the terpenes.

Therefore, you can’t just put BHO in a regular oven because you will cook your shatter and kill your THC.

To lower the temperature, you need to decrease the temperature by decreasing the pressure.

To decrease the pressure, you need to create a vacuum.

How to Use a Purge Oven for BHO

Before you begin, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

Safety is of the utmost importance.

Set the vacuum oven for 90 degrees F.

This seems to be a sweet spot for BHO because it’s long past the temperature where butane begins to dissolve.

However, anything above 90 degrees F may result in losing cannabinoids.

If you are in a time crunch and need to speed the process up, you may turn the temperature up.

Just know you may compromise some of the cannabinoids in the final product.

Tips on the Best Vacuum Oven for BHO Outcomes

Place your solvent/cannabinoid mixture onto a shelf in the vacuum oven.

Set the vacuum to 27HG.

Keep a close eye on the wax.

You want your solvents to lightly bubble up but not boil.

If everything is going okay at 27 HG, release the vacuum.

Maintain the same temperature and turn the vacuum to 29 HG.

Now you should have an absolute vacuum.

How to Make BHO the Best Quality

Leave the BHO sitting for at least a half hour.

Depressurize your vacuum oven and then set it again for 29 HG.

Keep doing this until you are happy with the final product.

Be aware that this process may take up to two hours.

You know you’re done when the BHO looks like clear glass dipped in honey.

Now you know how to make BHO, let's find the best vacuum oven for BHO that meets your needs. 

The Best Vacuum Ovens for BHO

This is a great vacuum oven for making high-quality BHO.

What stands out about the Across International Vacuum Oven is that there are five heating pads in this mechanism.

Every nook and cranny of the BHO will be under pressure, allowing for more evaporation of butane.

Also, this amount of heat exposure speeds up the overall process.

The valve on the back allows you to control within 1 degree of your desired temperature.

Everything about this product is about the vacuum.

Each vacuum oven is put under a 24-hour vacuum test before leaving the facility.

Not to mention all of the tubings and valves are made of stainless steel.

This impermeable material will ensure the seal always remains tight.

You can also keep a watchful eye on your product thanks to the LED light strips inside.

While the LED lights add a lot of value to this as one of the best vacuum ovens for BHO, they are poorly made.

So, you’ll have to re-attach them after a few uses.

You may even have a complete blowout on your hands.

The OrangeA is a pretty bare bones vacuum oven for BHO.

It’s more suitable for someone who is just starting to make BHO or for anyone who needs to make BHO on a budget.

One of OrangeA Vacuum Drying Oven’s claims is they have the best PID parameter based on temperature.

A vacuum oven for BHO works much like a furnace in our house.

We set a temperature and expect the house to feel within a couple of degrees of what we tell the furnace.

While we can deal with a couple of degrees difference in our comfy home, cannabinoids inside the tight quarters of a vacuum oven for BHO are a much different story.

Therefore you need an oven that will regulate the temperature, or you will have to keep a keen eye on it yourself.

OrangeA insists you don’t need to double check the temperatures.

However, users beg to differ.

So, until you learn the nuances of this oven, spot check your temperature with this oven.

If you have a lot of BHO to purge than this is the oven for you.

The HFS Vacuum Oven boasts seven shelves.

While that’s a big step up from the four shelves in the Across International, this vacuum oven only has four heating pads.

Therefore, you are getting less thorough heating over more BHO.

This process will take longer and may not result in as pure BHO as the Across International.

In the perks department, the HFS Vacuum Oven boasts the largest viewing window of the best vacuum ovens for BHO.

That way you can catch every bubble and adjust accordingly.

The name doesn’t lie here as Best Value Vacs has five heating pads and eight shelves.

This is the most efficient oven for transforming the greatest quantities of solvent/cannabinoid mixture into the highest quality BHO.

Best Value Vacs guarantees a vacuum up to 24 hours before comprising pressure by 1 HG.

If you need to see inside this oven while it works its magic, there are LED lights galore.

These lights might be the only nitpick of a drawback for this vacuum oven.

They are blinding.

This is the same quality best vacuum oven for BHO as the first Across International product.

The only difference is that oven came with a 7 CFM pump and this one comes with a 9 CFM.

CFM stands for cubic foot per minute.

That means this oven can release the vacuum on your BHO a lot faster.

This is handy when you notice that the wax is starting to bubble too much.

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