The Best Wax Atomizer for Box Mod 2019

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Replacement atomizers can save you money and provide you with vaping upgrades and customization.

Most atomizers come with a 510-thread connector, so it can fit almost any model vaporizer, giving you more options to mix and match with different brands, materials, and coils without purchasing an entirely new vape.

Today, we’ll teach you how to pick and set up an atomizer and what is the best wax atomizer for box mods.


Quick Top 5 Wax Atomizers

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What is a Wax Atomizer?

An atomizer acts as the source of heat for any vaporizer that uses coils wrapped around rods to quickly and completely melt your wax and turn it to vapor smoke.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Atomizer?

Three common materials are used for the inside of the atomizer: titanium, quartz and ceramic.

There are pros and cons to each as they will modify your heating speed and retention and the taste while controlling your ohm level (resistance to heat) and vape cloud size.

The number of coils regulates the distribution of heat, so low ohms require more coils to prevent battery damage.

How to Use an Atomizer?

This review of coiled atomizers gives you a simple demonstration of how to get the best out of your atomizer from choosing your material to producing the biggest dab-like hit.

The Best Wax Atomizer for Box Mod

Pulsar APX Wax Barb Coil Atomizer

Guaranteeing a 5-second hit, this atomizer features Kanthal (an alloy made of iron, aluminum and chromium) twisted coils around a quartz rod and chamber giving it high heat resistance.

It’s made specifically for Pulsar's APX wax vaporizer as a replacement coil.

The wide coils provide extra chamber coverage to give quick and flavorful rips.

Either heat up the coils and drop in your wax or load the chamber and once heated press or pulse the button and watch the chamber fill with smoke before inhaling.

Pulsar offers a one-year warranty on their APX vaporizers, batteries, and chargers, but the atomizers are meant to be replaced depending on the frequency of use.

The original APX wax vaporizers come with a three-coil atomizer, so this replacer is a cheaper option if you find yourself having to order a new one on occasion.

Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer

The design of this atomizer features extremely fast heating elements that offer powerful rips that compare to a conventional oil rig.

The double-layered twisted kanthal coil around a quartz rod with a low resistant sub-ohm of 0.2 to 0.3 ohms creates huge, flavorful clouds of vape.

A stainless-steel exterior covers a ceramic-insulated chamber keeping the heat inside until its ready to incinerate your wax.

The atomizer comes with four air flow adjustments ranging from 15w-25w to match your ohm current.

Another great feature is the chamber splash guard to ensure the intense heat will not cause wax leakage and residue from coming up through the mouthpiece.

Pulsar offers a lifetime warranty on this optimizer, so you know they have built a quality product.

Pulsar APX W Atomizer Tank

If you need the original replacement for your Pulsar APX wax vaporizer than this one comes with the three original quartz coil rods and a mouthpiece.

This version sustains the heat obtained from the power of three coils by being encased in a stolen jacket.

With a natural element like quartz in the chamber and robs, you get an authentic taste without losing the flavor of your wax.

The triple coils divide the heat throughout the chamber to limit overheating while creating large puffs of vape in just 5-seconds.

If your coils break, you can easily buy just the replacement coil section of this five-piece tank.

It also comes with a steel dabber for easy loading of wax onto the coils and two O-rings to secure and customizer your atomizer.

KandyPens Gravity Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

Get large puffs from this dual atomizer featuring two titanium coils wrapped around quartz rods.

The cavernous quartz-coated chamber evenly heats to vaporize dabs for a clean, organic taste quickly.

It also provides consistent airflow and less clogging with raised dual air holes for bigger hits and less cleaning.

This atomizer is compatible with KandyPens Gravity vape as well as their Galaxy and Donut models.

For optimum durability and longevity, it’s recommended to clean the atomizer by heating it and holding it upside down to remove any residue.

Also, soak it in alcohol for 15 minutes, blow in the air holes, and then heat the alcohol off before loading it again.

Kandypen, based in Santa Barbara, CA, is known for their lifetime battery warranty and a wide selection of premium vaporizers and accessories.


Building a good vape for wax can can seem daunting.

Way beyond the days of just some bud and papers, we need to know about batteries, boxes, heat levels, atomizers, cartridges, and the list goes on and on…

It can seem confusing, but once you’re smoking your wax from a vape you won’t ever want to go back.

The perfect heat for perfect hits, and no burnt wax!

What do you think the best wax atomizers for box mod is?

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