The Best Way to Store Weed: And the Science Behind it

Smoking dried up, brittle buds that crumble in your fingertips blows.

The weed burns way too fast, and I think we can all agree that it tastes nowhere near as good as a sweet n juicy, sticky bud. But what is that best way to store weed so that it doesn’t dry up on you? Today, I am going to teach you all about storing your marijuana so that it will stay fresh.

What’s the Best Place to Store Weed?

The quick answer is you want to store your bud in a place where it is dark, devoid of air, cool, and slightly humid. This isn’t an easy environment to create, though.

Studies have shown that “Exposure to light (not direct sunlight) was shown to be the greatest single factor in loss of cannabinoids.” To be specific, it’s the UV (Ultraviolet) rays that do the damage. This same study showed us that air oxidation led to massive decomposition. However, when oxidized in the dark, it resulted in an increase in CBN (cannabinol). CBN, though, is a weak psychoactive by nature, so what you are essentially doing is trading THC for CBN–which, will just make you sleepy.

You want there to be moisture, however, too much moisture and you’ll have a bigger nightmare on your hands than just some powdered weed. Mold; it can spread rapidly if you store your bud in an airtight container with too much moisture. 50-65% humidity is ideal for cannabis, it keeps the leaves and trichomes hydrated, keeping them nice and sticky.

Some people like to put fruit or damp paper towels in the container to help it from drying out. I would avoid this though if your bud as any moisture to it at all. Unless you have a humidor, moisture levels can be tricky, and you don’t want to mess around and smoke mold.

Speaking of a Humidor, you hear to learn the best way to store weed not all the science hoopla surrounding it! And that’s where the humidor comes into play. Specifically, the cannador—designed with cannabis in mind.

It works to keep your bud at the perfect humidity, protected from UV rays, and even helps keep the smell from leaking into your living room when you have mom and dad over.

What about the Best Way to Store Weed Long Term?

If you grow just for your personal use, then you might have enough bud to last at least a few months. You don’t want to leave all of that exposed, and rapidly depreciate in quality. The best way to store it till next harvest is to break it up into quarters or half ounces (or however much you smoke in a 1-2 week period) and then vacuum seal them. Once sealed, store them in a cool dark place and pop one open every couple of weeks.

What’s the Best Way to Store Weed Without Smell?

There are plenty of fancy “smell proof” storage containers out there, that claim they will hide the smell of marijuana. However, the cheapest and most efficient way is simply a glass mason jar. The odor isn’t able to penetrate through the glass like it can through materials like plastics, which are very porous in nature.

What’s the Best Container for Weed?


If you’re serious about storing your weed, then a humidor is what you need to invest in. Now, I say invest because they are quite a bit more expensive. However, they are worth it!

Humidors have always been used to keep cigars in the perfect condition. Cigars are best kept at 70% humidity, though, while cannabis is best 50-65%. So make sure you get a humidor that can adjust the level to what you need. If you just through your buds in at 70% you’re very likely to get mold.

If you’re running on a budget, you can make a homemade humidor with humidity packets and a glass jar or Tupperware. These humidity packets are rated at 63% humidity, which is perfect.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are probably a go to favorite for most smokers. They do a great job keeping your bud fresh, their portable, and affordable. The crowd favorite going to the mason jar. Glass jars help by preventing oxidization. This is because glass is impermeable inert–meaning, nothing comes in or out.

Glass jars aren’t enough by themselves to keep your weed as fresh as it can be. To help, you’ll want to keep the jar in a cabinet at room temperature.

If you are serious about keeping the oxygen off your bud, you can look into a jar like the budvac. You get everything you want from a glass storage container, with the added feature of a vacuum to fully remove the oxygen. This is especially great if you plan to store your bud for any extended period.

Storing Weed in a Pill Bottle

I remember back in school thinking that I was cool as crap carrying my buds around in a pill bottle… Little did I know I might as well have carried them around in a zip lock baggie.

You’d be better server storing your marijuana in Tupperware. Temporarily carrying a couple of buds around in a pill bottle is fine, but you should try to avoid plastics of all kind when you are storing any significant amount. Plastics have a static charge that just destroys trichomes; ya know, the good stuff. Also, it won’t help lock in the flavor of your bud like glass will. Yes, this even includes jars like tightvacs.

Storing Bud in the Fridge or Freezer

This is a complete MYTH!

If you read the study I mentioned earlier, you’ll know that bud can stay fresh–with minimal THC decomposition–when stored at room temperature for 1-2 years.

Anywhere from 50-70° is where your marijuana will thrive, which makes either of these options no good. Avoid the freezer at all costs.

Think about it:

We’re trying to keep our buds fresh and moist, not frozen…

In fact, the freezing temperatures will make the trichomes so brittle they can fall off the bud. Now I like kief as much as the next guy, but not at the cost of good smoke!

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