Best Way to Smoke Kief by Itself & with Hash

Cannabis is such a giving plant.

Even the little dustlings that come off your bud whenever you break it up or grind it can still get you high.

The little flakes left in its wake are known as kief.

If you collect the kief, there are many ways you can use it.

Let’s take a look at the best way to smoke kief and a bunch of other ways you can put kief to use!

What is Kief?

Also known as dry sift or pollen, kief is the tiny crystals you seeing sitting on top of a cannabis bud.

They form because the plant’s trichomes—the plants resin glands—secrete these little bulbous crytsals.

Without this resin sprouting up on the plant, cannabis wouldn’t have THC.

Even without kief, cannabis would still have the medicinal properties of because it would still have CBD and other cannabinoids.

However, the oils released by the trichomes are what makes pot psychoactive.

Why Save Kief?

Although you need to break up weed to smoke it, you end up losing precious trichomes on the grinder, the surface you are rolling up on, and your fingers.

Not to mention, each time you light up your bud, you are losing THC right off the bat.

Seeing as the trichomes are the outermost part of the bud in the bowl, they are the first to combust when the plant comes into contact with butane from the lighter.

So collecting kief is like getting a second chance at life with your cannabis.

How to Collect Kief with a Grinder

If you are rolling up on a table, it's as simple as swiping it with your pinky into a cupped hand and putting the kief into a box.

Be prepared to loose most of your kief with this method, though.

A more efficient way to collect as much kief as possible is to do it during the breaking up process.

Get a grinder with a kief catcher.

Like a typical grinder, you place the weed in the uppermost chamber.

As you grind, the kief will fall through a screen and are collected at the bottom of the device.

This is convenient because you can keep your kief all in one place for later use.

How to Collect Kief with a Kief Box

A kief box is like a rolling station meets pollen collection kit.

As you roll up in a kief box, you can set a screen underneath to sift your plant material and catch the kief on the bottom.

Kief boxes are better for more hardcore kief enthusiasts than someone with a grinder.

That's because most kief boxes come with more than one screen.

Buying Kief

Many cannabis dispensaries will also sell the kief they’ve collected while harvesting, packaging and rolling their product.

Therefore, if you don't feel like collecting your kief, you can buy theirs.

When you roll up in a dispensary looking for kief, you can tell the quality of the product just by looking at it.

The purer the kief is, the lighter the hue will be.

If you notice that the kief has a bright green color, that means they didn’t sift the product very well.

With a greener kief, you are getting a good amount of plant material.

The Best Way to Smoke Kief

The best way to smoke kief is a matter of opinion.

It’s like asking someone if they prefer to roll a joint or a blunt.

There are many ways to enjoy kief, and you'll need to find the right one for you.

In a Bowl

If this isn’t the best way to enjoy kief, it's surely the easiest.  

Sprinkle some kief on top of the bowl that you’ve packed into a bong, pipe or bowl.

I wouldn’t recommend packing a whole bowl of kief.

For one, you’ll use all your kief in an instant.

Secondly, the kief is so finely broken up and minuscule that you'll probably end up sucking a mouthful through the stem as you inhale.

As an extra precaution in maintaining your kief, break the smoke session into quarters.

Light up in different sections of the bowl, so you don't scorch all of your kief with the first hit.

This will go a long way at not only prolonging your smoke session but upping its psychoactive side effects as well.

Rolled Up in a Joint or Blunt

As it is, you are already using a lot more cannabis rolling up then you would put in a bowl.

While it's possible to do a full-on kief bowl, don’t even think about rolling up an all-kief joint.

Think about when you are breaking up cannabis.

Notice how your fingers get all sticky?

That’s the resin from the trichomes hard at work on your fingers.

It’s a nightmare to get off.

Now, imagine trying to roll a joint up with that sticky mess.

You wouldn’t be able to hit that thing if you sucked with the lungs of a vacuum cleaner.

Instead, place it into a grinder with some of the flower you intend on rolling up and mix it all up.

If you want to step up your kief game, get some wax.

Add the wax to the end of the joint.

Now sprinkle some kief on top of the wax.

Now you have a 3-for-1 joint.

Make Hash

A popular, albeit the most labor-intensive way to enjoy kief, is to make hash.

Hash is created when you apply pressure to kief.

Whether it be by pressing the dustings or applying heat to it, causing the little hairs to combust creates a brand new chemical composition for the kief.

In turn, it creates hash.

When kief turns into hash, it becomes a dark-greenish ball.

From there, you put it in your pipe and smoke it for an extra jolt of THC.

The Different Ways to Make Hash out of Kief

If you want to turn your kief into hash, there are a few ways to go about it.

The Hand Method

This is the oldest, cheapest and least labor-intensive way to turn kief into hash.

In fact, you’ve probably done it millions of times before and thought nothing of it.

All you need to do make hash is your hands and a little science.

Take the kief and roll it in between your hands.

It will create sticky, black soot.

Roll that soot into a ball with your fingers.

Our ancestors used to do this when they smoked hash and called these little kief-turned-hash balls “charas.”

While easier, this method creates the low-grade hash.

The oils on your hand are tainting the potency of the final product.

Therefore, you are smoking all the contaminants you came into contact with before making the hash, killing off cannabinoids in the hash.

Pollen Press

A pollen press is a great way to turn kief into hash because it’s cleaner than hand-rolling and still less labor intensive some of the other ways to make hash.

With a pollen press, you need to put a weight into the shaft of the contraption.

From there, you take your kief and place it on top of the weight.

Then, you put a second weight on top of the kief.

With your trichomes sitting in a kief sandwich, you grab the T-press and crank it down.

This creates pressure on the kief, changing its composure.

Open up to see the kief has become compacted.

You can add more kief onto until you have a puck that reaches the size you desire.

Making Hash with Heat and Pressure

While pressure does scientifically change the composition of the kief, some argue that using a pollen press doesn’t make true hash.

They feel heat needs to be involved with the process.

To make “true hash,” set the oven to 350 degrees F.

Wrap the kief tightly in cellophane, so the product remains dry.

Package the cellophaned kief in a paper towel and run under warm water.

Place in the oven for ten minutes.

After you remove from the oven, roll over the package with a rolling pin.

Take your flat, hot hash and put in the fridge to cool.

Roll into charas when ready.

Bubble Hash

This requires a lot of kief.

Place as many bubble bags as you are using into a 5-gallon bucket.

Take 200-400 grams of kief and mix with two bags of ice and 5 gallons of water.  

Pour the mixture into the bubble bags.

One by one, pull the materials out of the bag and place on a dry surface.

Now you have different grades of bubble hash.

Dry Ice Hash

Be sure to wear gloves, so you don't come in contact with dry ice.

Using the same bucket and amount of kief as bubble hash, pour the kief and 3 pounds of dry ice into a bucket.

Cover with a 73-micron bubble bag and shake for five minutes.

Flip the bucket over, so everything falls into the bag.

Take off the bag and put material on a dry surface to make your hash.

Collect by using an ice scraper.


The best way to smoke kief is going to come down to your favorite way to smoke cannabis.

If you like hitting pipes or bongs, load it on top of a bowl.

If you prefer to smoke joints or blunts, roll it up in one.

If smoking concentrates is your thing, roll it or press your kief into some hash.

There is no wrong way to smoke kief, just make sure to keep your hands off it as much as possible so you don't waste any!

What's your favorite way to smoke kief?

Tell us about it!

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