What is the Best Way to Smoke Resin to Get High

When it comes to marijuana, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Once you have smoked up all your bud, what’s left behind in your bowl is tar and ash.

These substances become hardened and turn into resin.

Derived from the cannabis that got you high, resin contains a bit of THC.

So, if you are out of marijuana and need a quick fix, here is the best waysto smoke resin.

Plus, a few ways that are worth trying!

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Warnings about Resin

Before you start smoking resin, I need to point out that this is more dangerous than just smoking bud.

You are smoking tar.

The high that you will get will not be the same quality as smoking the actual flower.

However, in a pinch, this will do a decent enough trick to hold you over.

Dry Hitting

The easiest way to go about smoking resin is to do it in the bowl it was collected from.

Just put the butane lighter (whose fumes you are also inhaling) into the bowl as if there were cannabis there and inhale from the mouthpiece.

You can try to angle the lighter and bowl in different directions to get new life from any remaining resin pieces.

In a bigger pinch, you can also aim for the carb hole, as there is usually some resin buildup in that area as well.

Scraping the Resin

While dry hitting is natural, there's still more resin living inside of your bowl.

There are many ways to go about procuring that resin, but they all involve scraping.

The best around-the-house tool you can use is anything with wiring that you can manipulate.

A paper clip is probably your best option for a DIY resin scraper.

You can mold the clip's shape to get into the nooks and crannies.

A toothpick is also sufficient, but be careful.

If you break your toothpick inside the sea of resin, it might get stuck in your bowl.

Lastly, a bobby pin may also be a viable option.

Pre-Scrape Ritual

Whatever you do, try dry hitting first.

This will warm up the resin, making it easier to collect and scrape off.

Just know that this will be messy.

Resin is extremely sticky and can stain your counters and clothes.

Collect the resin that you find onto something like parchment or wax paper.

It's much easier to recollect off of these sorts of surfaces.

The Best Way to Smoke Resin

The best way to smoke this resin is to put it back where you got it in the first place.

In a bowl!

On the parchment paper, herd the resin into a mound and pick it up between your index and thumb fingers.

Lightly roll your fingers back and forth to create a resin ball.

Place this resin ball into a basin as if it were the bud it came from.

If you have a water filtration piece like a bong or bubbler, that might be an even better option than your run-of-the-mill bowl.  

Resin combusts at a higher heat than bud, so smoke comes out with serious heat.

The hotter the smoke is, the harsher it is for the smoker.

Bringing water into the mix can help cool down the cloud, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Rolling Up or Vaping Resin

I wouldn’t recommend rolling resin up in a joint or blunt unless you were mixing it in with weed.

Resin is sticky and only gets stickier as it gets hotter.

Therefore if you were to roll up a joint with all resin, no air would be able to circulate through, making it impossible to smoke.

Putting resin in a vape pen may work, but at what cost to your vape pen?

It'll leave a bigger mess behind than dabs would, and may ruin the apparatus altogether.

It’s not worth it for a cheap high.

Making Resin into a Tea

While cannabis tea is commonplace, and even cornerstones in some weed communities where recreational marijuana is legal, resin tea is not so lovely.

In a pinch, some stoners have seeped their resin in hot water and swore that it got them high.

Forewarning, a lot of those who made these claims also threw up when they finished drinking their tea.

It brings me back to the days where I accidentally drank the cigarette ash water bottle instead of the regular water bottle, and it makes me shudder.

Highly, highly not recommended.

Treating it Like a Dab

One last method that is also not as effective as smoking from a bowl is putting the resin on a hot knife.

Just take a butter knife and heat it up over the flame on a stove (a lighter could work too, it just might take a bit longer).

Once that sucker is sweet and hot, place your resin ball onto it.

It should combust and start smoking.

Hover over the smoke and inhale.

This happens rather quickly, so if you place all your resin onto the knife and miss the smoke, you might not get high at all.

It's best to catch the smoke by breathing through a water bottle with the bottom cut off.


So, the best way to smoke resin is pretty simple.

After you have scraped your pipe or bong clean, roll up the resin into little balls.

Then you are going to want to just place it right back in the bowl or your pipe—or a bong for a smoother hit.

Be careful if you choose to smoke resin.

It is not great for you because you will be inhaling all kinds of tar and a lot more butane then you are used to.

And be prepared for it to taste disgusting, because it does.

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