The Best Way to Smoke Roaches Whether You Have a Clip or Not

If you smoke tons of marijuana, the best problem you can have is one of too many roaches.

It tells the world that you’ve smoked through your stash, with only crumbs remaining.

But what do you do with all the leftover roaches?

This is an especially important question if your stash has totally dried up.

Here are a few inspirational ideas about the best way to smoke roaches.

What is the Best Way the Smoke a Roach?

First, let's make it clear there is probably no “Best” way to smoke your roaches.

There is no right and no wrong way, so long as you don’t burn your fingers or your lips.

It’s all a matter of preference, and every weed smoker seems to have some very strong opinions on the matter

For some people, they might want to purchase a fancy new roach clip.

Others won’t care, they only want to use whatever is handy.

People keep it rolled in the paper, and others break it apart and into a pipe.

There are truly 101 different ways to make the most out of your old joint ends.

Most People Rely on Roach Clips - Here is Why

The problem with roaches is there challengingly short size.

Adult fingers can't grasp the end of a roach to inhale without burning either the tips of your fingers or your lips.

This is when roach clips come into play.

There are a million and one different types of clips out there, with the most common being some variation on the alligator clip.

An alligator clip is the original roach clip, long passed between friends in a smoke sesh.

Short or long, an alligator clip saves your fingers as you inhale the last dregs of a joint.

How to Make an Affordable Roach Clip at Home

But maybe you are in a pickle, and you’ve got a pile of roaches left in your ashtray and no clip readily available.

Thankfully, using your stoner resourcefulness, you’ve got everything you’ll need to make a clip of your own.

Try taking the pull tab off the lid of a drink, and pinching the ends into precision roach holder.

Next up, dig around in the bathroom drawer for a lost bobby pin, these have long been the go-to clip for girl stoners everywhere.

Finally, the clip from an old name tag from a work event is ideally suited to also holding your leftover roach.

A Few Other Helpful Do-it-Yourself Roach Clips

Leave it to a weed smoker to invent so many DIY roach clips from the leftover bits and bobs in your household junk drawer.

As another example, unfold a paperclip and reform it into a shape capable of holding your blunt.

Or, if you are careful, open a safety pin and poke the tip through the very end of the roach.

If you aren’t at home but have a few coins in your pocket, they can easily hold the tail end of a joint while protecting your fingers while inhaling.

And if all else fails, the last DIY roach clip on the list is a trusty pair of tweezers, pliers, or scissors.

Pack Your Roach into a Pipe or Bowl

The lazy man’s guide to smoking a roach is to pack it into a bowl.

It helps to either place it straight up and down, so the roach continues to maintain a bit of airflow into the pipe or bong.

You can also get your fingers a bit dirty and open up the paper to dump out the contents.

Either way works and requires little effort.

Pack one or two joints in, light up and take a deep breath.

Be warned; stale roaches tend to create a powerfully harsh smoke.

How to Roll a Roach Blunt

As you stare at the ashtray full of roaches, you might consider putting a bit more effort into your roach smoking experience.

If you’ve got four or five roaches leftover, you should have enough crumbs of cannabis to roll into a full-size joint.

Carefully cut or break open the roaches over a rolling mat or piece of clean paper.

Use latex gloves if you prefer to avoid the rank roach smell on your fingers afterward.

Collect the old bits of roach weed, re-grind if needed, and roll into a new blunt.

Again, the smoking experience won’t be as smooth as the fresh stuff, but people often report the high is more powerful.

How to Roll an Infinity Blunt

Never heard of an infinity blunt?

It’s the ultimate never-ending roach.

With five roaches, you can likely roll a roach blunt, as described above.

If you save the tale ends of five roach blunts, you can roll the next blunt, the third level of a roach blunt.

If you save the roaches from these third level blunts, you’ll eventually have enough for the forth.

This can continue as long as you can stand the increasing stale flavor.

Because it theoretically never ends, this is why it is called an infinity blunt.

How to Smoke a Roach Out of a Water Bottle

If you’ve got a bit of ingenuity flowing through your veins after a good smoke session, you might want to get a little creative.

Find an empty water or soda bottle, so long as its plastic, any size will work.

Using a lighter, burn a small hole at the bottom of the bottle, roughly the size of your roach.

Next, on the opposite side of the bottle, burn a larger hole which will act as the choke.

Plug your roach into the smaller side and light it up while placing your mouth on the opening of the bottle at the same time.

Using your thumb or finger on the choke, regulate the airflow to fill the chamber with smoke.

Release your choke and inhale.

Congrats, you’ve made a roach water bottle bong.

How to Avoid Roaches Altogether

The funny thing is, it’s entirely possible to avoid roaches altogether.

And yes, it’s easy for someone to start smoking bongs or pipes, but many people still love the everyday experience of smoking a joint.

If joints are your jam, do yourself a favor and invest in a package of quality filters.

Who is to say if they save your lungs, but if you buy the longer variety, it will save your fingers.

Instead of playing hot potato at the end of a joint, you’ll happily still be smoking by holding on to the long filter.

A filter is the easiest way to avoid the problem of roaches.

Is it Dangerous to Smoke a Roach?

Pretty much the only issue with smoking weed is the issue of smoke particulate entering into your lungs.

Smoking roaches may be more harmful to your respiratory health because it is smoke particulate compounded on smoke particulate.

It's a bit of cannabis, which has already filtered organic incinerated compounds.

There is clearly little research on the subject, but one can assume a roach versus fresh bud, is likely a bit more harmful to your lungs.

But, smoking roaches isn't an everyday occurrence for most people.

But, It is Dangerous to Smoke a Roach that is Moldy

Unfortunately, most people don’t properly care for leftover roach ends.

Roaches come from dirty ashtrays, under the couch and a host of other infested places.

Even if you store your leftover joints in a jar or container, it could still breed bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms.

Inhaling these living creatures can lead to some very serious infections.

Inspect the roach, for any signs of contamination, and keep in mind it may be very hard to tell with an old end of a blunt.

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