The Best Ways to Smoke Weed: DIY & Glass

Like there is more than one way to eat a Reese's, there are many ways to smoke bud.

Whether you are looking to puff on the go or have the means to set up a full-on laboratory in the basement, getting your smoke-on has never been easier.

So, from the old faithful joint to culinary staples like the apple to even using gas masks, here’s the best ways to smoke weed.

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Aluminum Can/Plastic Bottle

While these are both not recommended as smoking from them will cause you to inhale hazardous materials directly into your lungs, the aluminum can and plastic bottle are classic go-tos for smokers who are in a pinch.

For a can, make a little indent and then stab a hole through it (for a plastic bottle, just stab. No need to bend).

This will be your bowl.

Place the weed in the rivet and light up.

Use the opening of the can or the bottle to be your mouthpiece.

Smoking out of a bottle can be a bit more fun/weed-friendly than a can.

That’s because you can see the smoke build up and close off the top with a cap.

So, you know how long you should keep inhaling for an optimal high.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away...especially when that apple is filled with some medical mary jane.

To make an apple pipe, remove the stem off the top and carve a bowl in the rivet with a sharp object.

Only go about halfway down with the object.

Now make a mouthpiece on the front of the apple, connecting it somewhere along the path you made the first hole.

With this hole in mind, keep pushing the tool through to make a carb hole.

Now, place the weed in the bowl, and light up.

While it may be simple, its versatility and ease of build makes it one of the best ways to smoke weed. 

Plus, it's biodegradable!

Baguette Pipe

Ever get high off of gluten?

Cut the baguette in half.

Take some chopsticks and poke through the fluffy middle all the way through to shish kabob your baguette.

Pieces of bread will fall out.

Save those.

Once through, stab a hole in the bottom that intersects with this pathway.

Place your downstem here.

With you downstem in place, start packing in some of the bread innards you pulled out at the beginning. Put the weed on top of the downstem, light up, and smoke out the hole on the other end of the baguette.


One of the most popular methods of smoking is a blunt.

All you need to do is buy a Dutch Master or a Game blunt filled with tobacco.

Feel out where the crease is and crack the blunt there, emptying out all the tobacco.

Roll up with weed, wrap it with the leaves from the blunt, and you are good to smoke.


Bubblers and bongs are great for smoking weed because they use water to cool down the intensity of inhaling smoke.

As the pot gets scorched by your lighter, that hot air goes into your mouth and down into your lungs.

This may prove harsh to beginning smokers.

However, adding water to the bottom of a bong or bubbler will cool down the air you inhale.

Therefore, you are less prone to coughing fits and sore throats.

The cool smoke and great THC transfer rate is why a bong is one of the best ways to smoke weed.


Now take a bubbler or a bong and remove the water aspect.

It’s a bowl.

A bowl works the same way, but there is no filtering system.

You place the weed in the basin, spark up, and inhale out of the mouthpiece, hot smoke and all.

Gas Mask

This is the most intense high out there.

With a gas mask, far more weed is coming into your system than another way to smoke, so be sure to start slow.

Essentially, you take a plastic tube and hook it onto the front of the gas mask.

The other end of the tube is going to hook up to a bong.

Light the weed like you normally would, inhaling through the gas mask.

Let the games begin!

Gravity Bong

Like the aluminum can situation, I don't recommend the gravity bong because it typically involves the use of plastic bottles.

However, a G-Bong will get you feeling good.

For a bucket gravity bong, cut the bottom off a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Place foil over the top of the mouthpiece of the remaining soda bottle and poke some holes in it.

Fill a bucket to the top with water.

Hold onto the top half of the soda bottle, and place it in the water.

Sprinkle herb over the foil.

Light the herb, and you will see smoke bubbling up inside of the bottle.

Remove the foil, and begin inhaling.

Herbal Vapes

You can vape your greens, but you need to make sure that you have the right pen for the job.

Not every pen is set up to take herbs.

You need a pen where the atomizer and the battery separate from one another.

If you have the right vaporizer, take off the atomizer to expose the coils.

Place your herb on the coils with a dabber.

Turn on the battery to start heating up the coils and bud.

Put the battery and atomizer back together and secure the mouthpiece.

Now you can puff and go.

You can also pick up a pen for dabs if you prefer concentrates..


This is one of the tried and true methods of smoking marijuana.

Just take your ground up weed, roll it up in some papers, and you are off to the races.

To step up your smoking experience, add a little wax to the tip.

This is called twaxing and will get you even higher.

Light Bulb

Want a bright idea?

Try smoking out of a light bulb.

First things first, you need just the glass.

So using a hammer and nail, carefully get rid of the black base and metal screw until the hollow bulb is just glass with a hole.

Take a cap from any bottle and poke a couple of holes next to one another.

One hole should be a bit larger than the other.

Grab a straw and push it about an inch through the larger hole.

Place weed into the bulb.

Now, screw your cap/straw concoction where the metal used to be on the light bulb.

Light a candle and hold it under the bulb, placing your finger over the straw hole and the additional hole you created next to it.

Once the insides of the light bulb get misty, toke away on the straw.

Mason Jar

Mason jars are for more than blackberry jam and Moonshine.

Make sure you are using a mason jar with a lid.

Take the lid and poke two holes at the top that are big enough for tubing to fit through.

Cut a piece of plastic tubing and poke it through a hole.

Seal off the rest of the hole with silicone so that the tube stays in place.

Place the socket on top of the other hole in the lid and seal that off as well.

You don’t want your smoke to escape!

Make a carb hole by either poking another hole in the top or drilling one through the glass on the side.

Be careful when doing this as the jar can easily break.

Now, partially fill the jar with water.

Attach the lid.

Place a screen over the socket and add some herb.

Light up and smoke out of the tubing.

N64 Controller

One’s trash is another’s smoking paraphernalia.

Unscrew the back of your controller and remove the motherboard.

Just leave the joystick unit because that’s where the bowl will end up.

The joystick area will have a bit too much plastic for your socket to fit.

Using a torch, widen the area.

Now, your bowl should fit perfectly in the middle.

Put the joystick with bowl in place back where it was in the controller, super gluing it down.

Let the glue dry.

To avoid smoking plastic, place aluminum foil (not that it’s that much better) over the bowl.

Put the controller back together.

Place the weed on the bowl, which is now in the middle of your controller.

Light it up, and smoke out of the hole that’s already at the top area of the controller.

Oil Rig

One of the most popular ways of smoking weed nowadays is dabs.

This is a highly concentrated form of marijuana that comes in an ear wax-like form.

Fill the pipe with water and attach the nail.

On the nail, there is a moat-like area.

This is where the dab sits.

Using a dabber, place the wax in the area without covering the hole next to it.

That’s where your smoke goes for you to inhale.

Heat the nail with a torch.

The wax will burst.

Once this happens, draw smoke up through the mouthpiece.

Dabs can also be enjoyed in vape pens, and also off the edge of a hot knife.


Is it too meta to smoke pineapple express...out of a pineapple?

First things first, cut the top part off of the pineapple.

Core it, and pull the flesh out of the fruit.

Stab a hole into the exterior of the pineapple.

At an angle, place a downstem through the hole.

On the other side, make a small slit that you can stick a plastic tube inside.

Fill with water and ice so that the downstem is submerged.

Place the pineapple top back on.

You can secure it down with electrical tape, or remove as you are smoking as if the top were a carb hole.

Now fill the downstem with weed.

Light up, and inhale out the opposite end.

Pizza Box

As if you didn’t love pizza enough, now you can use the box that it comes in to get high!

Some dude invented a pizza box that can be turned into a pipe.

Made by the mobile delivery company, Push for Pizza, with this particular box, all you need to do is pop out the perforated edges and fold accordingly.

The top will have a hole that you will smoke out of.

Meanwhile, the pizza stand that sits in the middle of the pie will serve as your bowl.

You can essentially do this yourself with any cardboard box.


This gives a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow.

Place the Starburst pieces in the microwave for a few seconds to soften them up.

As if you were building with Legos, stack the Starburst so that they make a pipe formation.

Seeing as the candy has softened, take a clean screwdriver and stab a hole through where you plan on putting the weed to make a bowl.

Do the same through the area that would be your mouthpiece.

Once you get all the way through, you will make a carb hole by default.

Now, your Starburst bowl is ready to be packed and smoked.

Volcano Vaporizer

Press the heat button on the vaporizer, and turn the dial to the right temp you want.

The control light will turn yellow to show you that it is heating up.

This will take around five minutes.

Place the herb into the filling chamber.

Put the chamber onto the exhaust vent located on the top of the Volcano.

Attach the valve balloon on top.

Press the green button to activate hot air.

The balloon will fill up with smoke.

Remove from the Volcano and add a mouthpiece.

Start to inhale.

Really, any desktop vaporizer is a great way to consume your cannabis.


Why should apples get all the credit?

Watermelons like to get high too.

Like it’s jack-o-lantern carving day, cut off the top part of the watermelon and start scooping out the fleshy insides.

Once empty, carve another hole near the top.

This will be your mouthpiece.

Next, carve a hole in the face of the watermelon that is large enough to stick a downstem into.

Angle it so that the stem touches the water that will fill the watermelon, and so that the weed doesn’t fall out.

Fill the watermelon with just enough water and ice to fill the stem.

Using electrical tape, fasten the top back onto the watermelon.

Sprinkle herb in the downstem, and you are ready to blaze.

The Best Way to Smoke Weed

So, after all of those choices what's the best way to smoke weed?

I know you will hate hearing this, but there isn't a clear cut answer, but rather a bunch of choices that work great!

The way that will allow you to take in the most THC and biggest hits will be a bong with multiple percs to cool down the smoke.

What's your favorite way to smoke your cannabis?

Tell everyone about it in the comments section below!

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