The Best Temp for Volcano Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become very popular over the years. There are portable and desktop ones, but desktop vaporizers are most preferred. It’s a fabulous, trendy way to get all the benefits of cannabis. Most importantly, it’s healthy, and you’ll do your lungs a huge favor. Out of the hundreds of vaporizers flooding the market, the Volcano is perhaps the most preferred. However, very few people […]

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How to Weigh Weed: With & Without a Scale

Learning how to weigh weed accurately is important for three reasons. First, you won’t accidentally get shorted by your dispensary. Second, you’ll have a better understanding of the basic cannabis measurements. Thirdly, if needed, you’ll know how to make edibles and measure the amount of THC that’s in each piece. Common sense says that when weighing cannabis you need […]

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