Bong Name Generator | Your New Bong Name is Just a Click Away!

Welcome to The Bong Name Generator!

Did you just pick up one of the bongs from our best beaker bong review guide? Use our bong name generator to pick the perfect name for your new bong!

Just click the “Generate My Bong Name” button and voila!

And, if you don’t like the name you got, then just click it again, there are hundreds of bong names in our database.

The bong name generator was made to help those in need of naming that new piece of glass that they just bought but can’t quite figure out a good name it!

The need to name a bong is more based on fun than anything else.

It might be a tradition dating back to your first piece or maybe something you want to try for the first time.

So why should you name your bong?

Well, there are a lot of reasons.

  1. If you name it something witty and funny, it can give your guests a good laugh when you invite them over to smoke.
  2. It helps to develop a personal attachment to your bong
  3. When you name a bong, you make it happy?

Are you're needing a new name for your bong because you just broke one?

If so, see if you can possibly fix your bong by reading our guide or shopping for a new one. You can see this post for the a cheap option.

What Bong Name Did You Get?

So whatever your reason for wanting to name your bong, we hope you love the name you got from our bong name generator, we would love to hear what you got in the comments section!

And if you have any ideas of bong names to add to the database, we would love to hear those too!

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