Bong vs Bubbler Difference & High

There have been many classic rivalries over time.

Frazier vs. Ali, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Bong vs. Bubbler.

I’m here to help settle these long debates over which is least in the bong vs. bubbler debate.

Comparing how they hit, the ease of using them, cleaning, and the costs, I have all the bases covered. So, let’s take a look at the differences of a bong vs. bubbler.

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Similarities Between a Bong and Bubbler

Instead of diving into what makes a bong and bubbler different, let's take a look at what makes them alike.

Many might not even know there's a difference between the two.

Nuts and bolts, they're both smoking devices made out of the glass that has a mouthpiece apparatus which connects to a basin of water.

A downstem lies in the basin of water. Attached to the downstem is a bowl that holds dry flower.

When it’s all said and done, both bongs and the best bubblers complete the same task efficiently, which is to get you high.

However, how you handle and care for a bong and a bubbler is a bit different.

Now that we know the similarities let's celebrate the differences between a bong vs. bubbler.

What is the Difference Between a Bong and Bubbler?

The biggest differences between bongs and bubblers lies in their anatomy.

Historically, bongs came first. These popular smoking tools were created with a heavy influence of hookahs from Middle Eastern countries serving as the prototype.

With their larger smoking chambers, a bong is the ideal smoking option for hosting parties.

While great for parties, bongs are much bigger than pipes, making them a bit harder to transport. This is where the bubbler steps in.

The Birth of the Bubbler

As smoking paranelphia evolved, the bubbler was created. A bubbler is a bit of a cross between a bong and a pipe. Like pipes, many best bubblers.

That similarity to pipes aside, their mouthpiece is separate from the downstem, making a bubbler more like a bong.

Further separating bubblers from bongs, the downstem of a bubbler is usually fixed to the piece.

This makes bubblers harder to clean. Bubblers are popular with younger smokers because they are a lot smaller than bongs.

In fact, most bubblers can be used single-handedly, which makes them an easily portable smoking option.

Types of Bubblers

There are many types of bubblers, but the most popular are hammers and Sherlocks.

Hammers got their name because they have a little stand at the end that when freestanding, may resemble a hammer.

Sherlocks are much like you would envision when thinking about the famous detective smoking a pipe.

These bubblers have an S shape mouthpiece that allows smoke to dance around, filtering the cloud as it journeys to your lips.

How to Use Bong vs. Bubbler

To operate a bong or bubbler is almost identical. You put your dry flower onto the bowl. From there, place your mouth over the mouthpiece.

If you are using a bubbler and it has a carb hole, cover it up. Light the herb and inhale. When smoking a bong, lift the downstem to add more oxygen rush if the inhale is too harsh.

Using a bubbler with a carb hole, lift the thumb. As the weed combusts, the smoke byproduct will hit the water.

This will filter the smoke of some contaminants, plus cool down the heat. Therefore, the rip will be much easier on the lungs.

What Hits Better, a Bong or Bubbler?

While both bongs and bubblers need water in the bowl to work, they both filter a bit different. Seeing as bubblers are smaller, smoke has a quicker journey to reach the water.

The fast pressure into the water basin causes bubbles to form. So, not just water, but bubbles become a part of the filtration process.

Many argue this extra movement helps filter the smoke, even more, making for a smoother hit. However, the long journey down the mouthpiece of a bong creates a sufficient heat buffer that also creates flavorful rips.

Which is Easier to Clean, a Bong or Bubbler?

Hands down, a bong is much easier to clean than a bubbler. With bongs, there are more removable parts.

Pulling out the downstem allows you to get out any collected gunk or possible contaminants from your apparatus.

Also, the bowl that holds your dry flower is a lot bigger on a bong.

Therefore, it takes longer for particles and resin to accumulate and hinder the optimal performance of your tool.

The bubbler’s bowl and downstem is affixed to the smoking apparatus and smaller than a bong. This means resins will clog up the area more frequently on a bubbler.

Regardless what you go with, you'll want to we have the best tips on cleaning your new piece right here:

Which is More Cost Efficient, A Bong or Bubbler?

Regarding purchasing the actual smoking apparatus, bubblers are cheaper than even the cheapest glass bongs (which you can find in this buying guide). You are buying far less real estate.

Also, a bubbler may be more effective for your wallet in the long run.

If you have an expensive weed habit, you might be better served packing a smaller bowl. It’s kind of like the science behind koi growing in accordance to the size of their environment.

When you have a bigger bowl to fill like you would on a bong, you might throw more weed than necessary in for your smoke session to fill the empty bowl up.

Whereas, if you need to continuously fill the basin with flower like when you use a bubbler, you might be more cognizant of just how much weed you are smoking.

Concerning hosting a party, go the extra mile for the bong. Packing the big bowl on a bong tightly before a smoke-a-thon is a good way to keep the party moving without having to repack.

Also, you won’t have to pull your weed out in front of others.

If everyone at your smoke session is aware of how much you have because you keep packing your bubbler, they might feel comfortable smoking more of your stash.

If you choose bong, don't miss this guide stuffed with beaker bong reviews.

What’s Better? Bong vs. Bubbler?

The answer to this pressing question comes down to preference.

For beginners, a bubbler might be the better option of the two. They are a lot easier to manipulate, a lot harder to break, and can be packed easily.

Unlike a bong, you don’t need any extra bong accessories like a downstem because everything is already intact.

However, if you are a veteran smoker, then a bong is the way to go.

Frequent smoking means frequent cleaning is necessary. Using a bong instead of a bubbler buys you time in between cleaning sessions.

Also, you can take much bigger rips on a bong than on a bubbler. So, if you have the lung capacity, then the bong is the right choice for you.

If you end up choosing a bong, check out this guide to see the top bong companies.

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