Bud Trimmer Salaries: Your Foot in the Door to the Cannabis Sector

We ALL want to work in the cannabis industry

And while a bud trimmer may be entry level, bud trimmer salaries are not.

Plus, with the legal marijuana industry projected to provide more jobs than the manufacturing industry by 2020, it’s no wonder that many are rushing to get a piece of the marijuana pie.

Trimming bud is your foot in the door.

Roles within the sector are becoming more sophisticated and attracting some of the best workers to cultivation jobs such as bud trimmers, but not at low cost.

The Vital Role of the Bud Trimmer

The role of a cannabis trimmer is crucial.

After all, buds just don’t grow that way.

They have to be clipped and trimmed so that the THC crystals, also known as trichomes, can be exposed on the flower.

This is where the trimmer comes in.

After the cannabis has dried for the proper amount of time and the leaves have curled around the buds, it’s important for those leaves to be removed.

If not, the integrity and potency of the strain will be compromised, leaving far too much leaf matter to smoke.

This makes for a harsher smoke.

There are a number of ways to trim marijuana and many different techniques and methods.

That’s where the learning comes into play, and there is a lot to learn!

You can trim wet or dry.

You can carefully clip, or you can mow it down.

Although the method is up to the grower, it is the trimmer’s job to execute it perfectly, as cannabis is a serious cash crop and must be handled as such.

Bud trimming is not an easy task and requires the skilled work of people who can efficiently trim bud while maintaining the integrity of the plant.

Bud trimming, while possibly considered a menial task in comparison to other industry jobs, involves:

  • Ensuring the levels of THC and CBDs present in the plant make it to the consumer through careful trimming;
  • Keeping the aesthetics of the bud appealing for the dispensary buyer;
  • Controlling the taste of the bud, ensuring no seeds or stems make it into the product

Thus, bud trimming, while repetitive at times, requires detail orientation, patience and dedication to quality control.

Remember, the quality of product ultimately determines the success of the dispensary.

Compensating Bud Trimmers

The average hourly rate for bud trimmers is $12-15 per hour, according to Cannarecruiter.com, one of the country’s leading marijuana-business recruiters.

While typically considered an entry-level job, it’s nothing to turn down one’s nose at. Some salaries for this role are reaching $50,000 annually.

Cultivators are also embracing different forms of compensation, such as paying by the pound, where bud trimmers can make up to $100 to $200 per pound trimmed.

Cultivators and dispensary owners who are hiring bud trimmers are advised to be aware of the competitive salaries being offered for this position and be prepared to pay generously.

An Opportunity for Career and Salary Growth

Getting the experience as a bud trimmer in the legal marijuana industry is a stepping stone to more profitable gigs.

Employees working within the business are making upwards of $90,000 annually, with bud trimming being a fundamental skill set that leads to these more profitable opportunities.

These jobs build on bud trimming knowledge to make concentrates or manufacture edibles.

The best part of a cannabis trimming job is the actual knowledge you gain through hands-on experience.

The medical and recreational cannabis industry needs skilled and knowledgeable workers to expand and thrive.

Starting at the bottom and working your way up is the most prudent thing to do because, by the time you're ready, it’s possible that you will find a job within the business as a gardener, tester or developer that can have a salary of anywhere from $40,000 to $90,000 per year.

Retaining Your Bud Trimmers

While many aspire to make more than $12-15 in their careers, those recruiting bud trimmers will want to create loyal employees with the promise of professional development and career movement.

Bud trimmers who truly have aspirations to move up in their careers within the industry will be eager to do the best job possible and ensure that quality control is paramount for your organization.

Perhaps pair bud trimmers with the concentrate makers or the edible manufacturers in your operation to give them a taste of their future responsibility as well as the lucrativeness of the business.

Showing appreciation for your employees goes a long way.

Making them feel invested in the success of your company will ensure that the money you spend on bud trimmer salaries is well spent.

This is an exciting time to be a part of this new and rapidly growing industry.

As far as it seems, the possibilities are endless.

No longer is a trimmer relegated to makeshift shade tents in the fields or stuck in dank basements for hours at a time.

Now that cannabis is getting it due in various state legislatures, these jobs that were previously thought of as low level and not very dignified are now being seen in a different light.

Now grab your pair of tiny trimming scissors and get going!

Tony Hand Jr

Tony Jr is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of THCoverdose.com. If he’s not smoking, writing or watching anime, then you can usually find him on the couch yelling over terrible play calling.

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