Cannabis Cooking Calculator for Perfect Edibles

Cooking with cannabis can be so much fun.

Loading your brownies with so much THC you feel like you've taken a trip to space, though, is not always as much fun...

What if you could make edibles with the perfect dose every time?

Well, thanks to our cannabis cooking calculator, you can!

If you need help with the calculator, keep reading for the instructions and examples.​


It’s all about the THC Content!

When cooking with cannabis, landing on the perfect dose requires you to know the percentage of THC in your bud.

Thanks to the legality of cannabis in many states, this is now possible!

And if you’re growing your cannabis, as long as you buy your seeds from a good seed bank, you’ll be able to have a damn good idea as to how much THC is in your strain.

In case, for whatever reason, you don’t have access to how much THC is in your strain use this as a general rule of thumb:

  • Most strains test around 10% THC
  • Above average bud tests at 15-20%
  • The bests buds test at 21%+

If you’re not too sure, I’d say plug in somewhere in between 10-15%, and you’ll be golden.

How to use the Cannabis Cooking Calculator

One gram of bud equals 1,000mg.

So, let’s just say our bud has 15% THC.

Meaning, that one gram of cannabis has 150mg of THC.

Simple, right?

To find out how many mg of THC per serving your recipe makes, we just need to call upon a little algebraic formula and voila!

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The equation requires you to enter:

  • How many grams of cannabis you’ll be using in your butter, oil or milk
  • The number of servings the recipe makes
  • The approximate THC percentage of your bud

Now, when using this calculator, you can’t use cannabutter you’ve already prepared.

Instead, pick a recipe and then go from there.

For instance, if you have a recipe that requires 4 ounces of cannabutter, make just the amount of butter you need with the numbers you enter in the calculator.

So, let's say the recipe makes 30 servings, needs 4 ounces of butter and you want to use an eighth of bud (3.5 grams) that has 10% THC.

Plug in:

  • 3.5 in the "amount of bud" section
  • 30 in the "servings" section
  • 10 in the "THC percent" section

Using this recipe, each brownie, cookie or whatever it was that you made will have 11.66mg of THC.

Try using our calculator with our cannamilk recipe to see what you get.

How much THC Should be in each Serving?

If you’re new to edibles, you should probably start off at around 5-10mg per serving.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to over consume edibles than it is to smoke, and since it takes awhile to feel the effects, you can easily overeat.

Don’t worry, though.

You can’t overdose on THC no matter how much you eat.

But, eating too many edibles that are too strong will make for a very unenjoyable experience.

So, after you eat a serving wait at least 45 minutes before trying anymore to see how it will affect you.

Obviously, if you have a strong tolerance you can load up your edibles, but until you have a good understanding of how you react to edibles, we recommend you start slow!


Thanks to our cannabis cooking calculator you can create the perfect edibles every time.

Remember, when you’re just starting out with edibles make sure to take it slow at around 5-10mg of THC per servings.

Use a scale to help you weigh your flower to get the correct THC mg per serving.

And also let the first edible sink in for a good 45 minutes before eating another.

How do you like our edible dosage calculator?

Were you able to make better edibles thanks to it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great Tool. I’m making chocolate fudge with 1/2 OZ of White Widow in a cup of butter. Figuring a reasonable 12% THC content my batch of 40 pieces works out to 39.6 mg per piece. For the well seasoned only…


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