Cannabis Training University Reviews: How Credible is CTU?

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The world has come a long way in only a short period of time.

Not only is the cannabis-industry larger than ever, but it’s also increasingly an essential part to a region's economy.

But how can someone like you also take part in this booming industry, if you have no previous experience with weed?

Welcome to the Cannabis Training University.

Keep reading if you want to see how our Cannabis Training University reviews say it's worth the money or not.

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What is Cannabis Training University?

Started in 2009, long before any of the other marijuana training certificates began, Cannabis Training University is well-established and respected in the industry.

They have designed their courses for the busy entrepreneur, or full-time worker, who needs to study at their own pace.

With an extensive library of coursework, the University addresses all facets of the industry, from cooking to concentrates to cannabis law.

With over 200 videos and 100 ebooks, students get a deep dive into all things marijuana.

The program was designed to set its graduates up for success as they enter into the marijuana job market.

Why Study Marijuana Online?

The industry as a whole is still relatively new.

Brick and mortar universities and colleges aren’t offering cannabis certifications in the same way online training programs can.

It takes awhile for the slow-pace of academia to catch up with popular culture.

It’s, therefore, going to be a while before most universities develop a full curriculum about cannabis.

Plus, studying online reduces the usual costs of higher education.

Attending classes in person, at a physical campus, can cost thousands of dollars a year.

Not to mention you can’t complete the coursework on your own time and set your own pace of study.

Online university programs are the wave of the future as more people become location independent.

What Kind of Content Do They Offer?

Want to grow cannabis?

Want to start using cannabis in your cooking?

What about concentrates, medical marijuana or the low down on bud tending?

Each niche in the cannabis sector has a relevant certificate program, with specially tailored coursework.

Importantly, even if you struggle with traditional textbooks, much of the courses are structured around video content.

The rest is provided through over a hundred ebooks.

The formats make it easy to learn on the go, between all the other important events in your daily life.

Even after graduation, most of the 5500 pages of content are available for you to keep for future reference.

What is the Master of Marijuana Certification?

There are a number of smaller certificate programs provided through the Cannabis University Training Program, but they have also developed a highly-specialized Master’s program rolling everything into one.

The Master of Marijuana Certification isn’t just about one area of the industry—it covers them all.

If you sign up for the Master’s program, you’ll end up with seven separate certifications under your belt - including:

  • Cannabis Career Certificate
  • Marijuana Grower Certificate
  • Cannabis Cooking & Extractions Certificate
  • Budtending Certificate
  • Marijuana as Medicine Certificate
  • Cannabusiness Certificate
  • Dispensary & Delivery Operations Certificate

How Does it Work?

Unlike other university programs which have strict enrolment requirements and deadlines, you can enroll in Cannabis Training University at absolutely any time.

Once you’ve paid the $249 enrolment fee, you are provided with a unique login, and that's it.  

You are ready to start learning.

Because the entire program is self-paced, you get to choose when and where you learn.

No more attending classes, meeting overwhelming homework requirements and falling behind.

You set a pace that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

The only catch?

You'll have 365 days (one full year) to complete the work within a year of enrolment.

Let’s Hand it Over to the University to Explain

Cannabis Training University focuses on all areas of the industry.

Whether you want to grow marijuana yourself, learn about bud tending, or start your own dispensary, everyone can learn from the extensive catalog of courses.

Through easy to manage online coursework, every student finds their niche and hones their cannabis skill set.

The step-by-step enrolment process is quick, easy, and painless.

But What About the Exams?

After you’ve completed the necessary coursework for each certificate, there is a simple review process.

The review ensures you’ve gotten the crucial details from the certificate section, before starting the quiz.

After a quick quiz, it's on to the next certificate.

There are a total of six quizzes in total.

For the final stage, the Master’s of Marijuana Certification, there is, of course, a final exam.

Thankfully, if the first attempt is unsuccessful, you can rewrite the exam as many times as needed.

Cannabis Training University understands the first time isn’t always perfect, which is why they give all potential graduates more time and multiple chances to complete the final.

But Wait, Is It Legal to Study Marijuana Online?

If you can order a book on cannabis from Amazon, or watch weed related content on Youtube, you can study marijuana online.

While it's no secret that in the U.S. the federal government still opposes all things cannabis, it doesn’t mean it's illegal to learn about it.

Plus the majority of American states now provide some access to marijuana.

Canada is also about become fully recreational.

It’s a similar situation in other countries around the world.

If it remains illegal to grow and sell cannabis in your neck of the woods, most of the time it’s still perfectly legal to educate yourself about the processes.

How Do You Know the Cannabis Training University is Legitimate?

First, it’s the longest standing cannabis-focused university training program.

The University has honed its vision, content, and craft over nearly a decade.

Second, they are an accredited member of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

This association is dedicated to pursuing responsible and legitimate advancements across the marijuana industry.

Finally, they have teamed up with a well-known name in the California cannabis sector, Ed Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is the king of cannabis, and one of the most published cultivators on earth.

He has been the go-to cultivation resource for over two decades.

Students get temporary access to his library of works, and the opportunity learn from the absolute best in the industry.

What Happens After You Graduate?

After you’ve completed the necessary coursework, in your own time, and passed the final exam, the benefits of a Cannabis Training University certificate program doesn’t stop there.

All students learn how to fine tune their resume and craft a perfect cover letter.

Cannabis Training University also provides all graduates with access to their curated job’s database.

Trimming positions in Las Vegas, clinical consultants in Nova Scotia, to field sampler positions in Oakland.

With a certificate under your belt and access to the growing database of jobs, they set you up for success in the cannabis industry.

Is CTU Credible & Worth the Money?

Without a doubt, Cannabis Training University is the most-established name in the industry.

Most of the Cannabis Training University reviews you come across will assure you of that.

It’s their certificates which are accepted by employers across the industry and around the globe, while others are brushed off.

They are invested in the advancement of the industry as a whole, which is why they offer seven curated marijuana certificates for 1/5th of the price of other programs.

They care about where the industry is going and work hard to set their graduates up for success during the certification process and afterward in the job market.

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