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The Best Clear Rolling Papers

If there’s one thing about the human race, we’re a curious bunch. We like to see how everything works and experience everything as up-close-and-personally as possible. This sort of wonder has bled over to the marijuana industry and led to a growth in the popularity of clear rolling papers. Gone are the days of rolling up non-transparent jays. Now […]

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How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car 2018

We love weed, but man it is stinky. Often compared to skunks, pot leaves a scent that lingers for days, even weeks on end. This is especially true in small spaces…like your car. Whether you lit up and toked or just picked up a fresh batch, the next person to get in your car knows what you’ve been […]

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The Best Bubble Hash Machine for Sale in 2018

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Or hash? So, together, who on earth wouldn’t show some love for bubble hash? With its high potency and solvent-free means of extraction, bubble hash is the easiest hash to make with the best return on investment. More THC and more flavor? While easy, making bubble hash can be a bit labor intensive. Thankfully, bubble hash machines have made […]

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