What Does 710 Mean? 710 Dabs Definition

What Does 710 Mean

In the world of stoners, there is no day as important as April 20th. But, recently a new day is making the rounds in weed-loving circles. July 10th has turned into the new marijuana centered holiday you never knew you needed. 710 is the new 420, at least if you love dabs. So, what does 710 mean? Well, keep … Read more

The Best 510 Battery for Oil Cartridges Reviews

Best 510 Battery

Vaping cannabis is quickly becoming the industry standard. With its rise in popularity, companies are scrambling to make the best battery possible. After all, the battery is about 90 percent of the whole pen, to begin with. Taking factors such as style and shelf life into consideration, the vaping experience has become a pretty customizable one. So, if you … Read more

The Best BHO Extractor for Making Wax, Shatter, Oil & Budder

Best BHO Extractor

Wax, shatter, budder, butane honey oil or whatever you prefer, smoking concentrates has blown up in popularity. With DIY culture growing through recent generations, people like to make everything at home from soap to beer to their own concentrates.  Making your own BHO has become increasingly common in the cannabis community. As cannabusiness continues to prosper, BHO extractors … Read more

How to Smoke Shatter in a Vape Pen Cleanly Without Waste

How to Smoke Shatter in a Vape Pen

Vaping has long since moved out of the realm of a passing fashion statement and is now fully entrenched in cannabis culture. In the not so distant past, cannabis vaporizers were large, stationary volcano style appliances.  Useful for flowers and buds, but pretty restrictive for everything else. Now, vaping technologies have exploded on to the market, including the … Read more

The Best Vacuum Pump for BHO for Awesome BHO Everytime

Best Vacuum Pump for BHO

Whether you’re making BHO through open blasting or a closed column extractor, there is one pivotal part of the process for your wax to become smokable. That critical step is called vacuuming purging. When you vacuum purge your final product, it helps to remove the solvents (namely butane) from your dabs. This makes for a purer product, and … Read more

Smoking Wax Side Effects: Are Concentrates Right for You?

Smoking Wax Side Effects

Gone are the days where smoking cannabis was as simple as rolling a joint. Today, people are obsessed with concentrates like wax, shatter, budder and rosin. For good reason too. Their potency helps you save money and they are flat out more effective. Marijuana concentrates can get you high faster, and you only need a little to get super high … Read more

The Complete Guide on How to Smoke Dabs

How to Smoke Dabs

Finally,  the legalization of marijuana is starting to gain traction in the United States. And different ways of smoking cannabis are being brought to light. One of the most popular (and potent) ways to enjoy marijuana is by smoking dabs. Today I’ll break down the A to Z’s on smoking dabs. It doesn’t matter if  you’ve never dabbed before … Read more

Wax vs Oil: How These Concentrates are Different From Each Other

Wax vs Oil

Now that you’ve got the taste of weed, do you want to up your game and try something more special? Ganja is amazing, period. But, cannabis concentrates? They are completely on another level! Of all the concentrates, marijuana wax and oil are the most popular, and this article will help you understand the difference between wax vs oil.Thrive Leads … Read more

Q&A: How Much THC Is In Wax, Dabs and Shatter

How Much THC Is In Wax

By now wax is old news. It’s no longer the newest, strongest or most controversial cannabis product on the market. When it entered the landscape close to a decade ago, it was quickly adopted by marijuana enthusiasts across the country. Although finding wax was difficult when it first appeared, it’s no longer the new kid on the block. Depending … Read more

How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig or Torch

How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig

We love smoking wax out of an oil rig, but it may not be the most portable or convenient way to enjoy your concentrates. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some dabs on-the-go. And if our rig breaks, we just have to sit on our wax until we visit a headshop. No, because today you’re going … Read more